The Law of Attraction and Relationships-Form Loving Bonds

In this post, we will talk about the law of attraction and relationships, since we all want to have loving, caring and supporting people in our lives but, we fail to understand how our own inner state gets reflected through people with whom we make emotional connections.

It is very hard to accept that you are responsible for how you complicate your relationships but, once you take complete responsibility of your life then you will be able to form bonds of higher nature than the ones that engages you in love/hate drama.

Different Faces of Every Person

Usually we often complain about how this world is filled with two faced people. In real, the world is not filled with two faced people instead every person has as much faces depending upon how many people are associated with them.

Sounds absurd?

This might be hard for you to accept about yourself so, try to become more aware and observe how everyone behaves differently around different people.

One might be dominated by one single person and on the other side they would have influenced numerous other people.

Similarly, one might be confidant in front of the whole world but, seeks approval of a particular someone.

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Occasionally people become pretentious in front of others and that is a conscious action but, everyone is continuously changing their colors unconsciously.

So, what I am talking here is not about any deceptive trait present in us instead it is something very common, natural and essential.

We never get to notice this in others except in few situations because we are only concerned about “who they are” with respect to us.

From this perspective, the judgments we make about people from what we have known about them is a personal opinion even if we find hundreds of evidences to prove our point, they still would be viewed differently by different people.

I am not here to discuss about the complex process of how every person views the world and how they operates depending on their inner happenings and external factors. Why I am shedding light on this particular phenomenon is because by knowing this you can take necessary steps to change how people connect with you.

Attracting Relationships

Apart from our blood relations we attract people in our life based on the self-image we have formed in our minds. In other words, people enter in our lives to validate different opinions we have formed about ourselves in our subconscious mind.

It shatters us when we see people close to us changing into someone we would have never expected but, in such cases we must have formed some negative images about ourselves which resulted in either them behaving that way or we have attracted that kind of person especially to experience it.

This may seem ridiculous and it is very difficult to believe, I know how it feels when a close relationship suddenly changes but, we always have two options-

1- To blame god and play a victim like most people do – This leads to the same kind of circumstances appearing again and again in different forms.

2- To discern that what life is showing to us is our own inner world’s reflection and then take responsibility to change it.

I don’t have any complaint about people who have chosen the first option because there is nothing wrong in that either, some people like to play victim and that’s easier.

But, if you have chosen the second option then here is your next step:-


Everyone in our life, let it be our family members, relatives, friends, life partner or anyone with whom we share a loving bond is showing us a mirror by how they treat us.

I am not saying we can change a particular someone but, we can change how they behave with us to a great extent.

Sometimes, we don’t have any control over certain relationships. In truth, we don’t have complete control over the pre-existing relationships in our lives and that’s why our focus should not be to fix something outside us.

It is a very simple logic – If you want to be loved then love yourself first, if you want people to respect you then start respecting yourself, if you want to have good friends then start enjoying your own company first… I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

You cannot make someone to love you but, you can get someone who loves you.

You may not succeed in making someone specific to respect you but, you can earn respect of many others.

See, it is never about someone else, what you feel about yourself will be emitted like a radio signal which will be received by those who are at the same frequency.

Hence all you need is to develop self-love first in order to attract loving relationships.

Read my post “6 Common Myths about Self Love“ which debunks most of the myths associated to self-love and in doing so it will also teach you how to develop it.


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