Advanced Law of Attraction Exercises to Manifest Wealth

After learning about their creative power, most people try to attract wealth but, there is a lot to understand about the universal laws in order to use them efficiently and that’s why I am going to discuss a few advanced law of attraction exercises to manifest wealth in this post.

Your relationship with money is decided by how you feel about it innately and that highly depends on your subconscious beliefs about it which is formed by your past experiences, especially childhood.

Everything we do to attract something in our life according to what the teachings of the law of attraction materials say is to alter these old beliefs and install new ones in our subconscious mind.

Since our feelings tell us about our beliefs with respect to something, we can also reverse this process to achieve what we want in our lives.

By talking about reversing the process what I mean is to deliberately generate good feelings about something and keeping it up using our imagination so that the process of altering those beliefs happens naturally.

The fastest way to attract wealth in your life is to feel its presence even before it gets manifested and all the exercises I am going to discuss here will help you to do that.

Exercise #1- Instant Mindset Changer

It takes a pretty long time to get rid of the beliefs that are ingrained in our subconscious mind and the reason behind it is that we don’t consciously know what these beliefs are so, we apply some mind tools to implant new beliefs that automatically replaces the old ones.

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But, if we could know those beliefs beforehand then we can make quick shifts in our mindset that can give us faster results.

This exercise which I call “the instant belief changer” helps you to detect your mind conditioning with respect to various money matters and thus you can change it instantly.

I have formulated this based on what I learned in T. Harv Eker’s book “the secrets of the millionaire mind“.

To do this, you will have to be very aware of your thoughts and feelings when you are handling money.

There are 3 three things that we do with money – Receiving, Spending and Saving.

Start to observe your natural behavior when you receive, spend and save.


Every time you receive money unexpectedly how do you feel?… Observe your thoughts when this happens, if you feel happy then it is perfectly alright but, there are people who have problem in receiving money.

If you feel confused and uncomfortable when unexpected wealth shows up then to clear the limiting beliefs which is associated to “receiving wealth”, you should detect such feelings and then actively change it by using affirmations or imagination, sometimes discerning such inner happenings naturally enables you to change your thoughts.


When you spend money if your mind gets disturbed then you should work on changing those feelings by consciously choosing better thoughts whenever you have to pay money.

Such opportunities are perfect for altering the major barrier in a person’s financial growth that is “the feelings of lack”.

So, spend money happily as if you have a continuous flow of money in your life.


Few people find it hard to save money and a few have a habit of hoarding it, both are stumbling blocks in the path of financial growth of a person.

Those who spend all the money are the ones who are unconsciously doing it to avoid the “worry” of managing finances. And people who keep on saving money without using it are driven by an unconscious “fear” that they may have to face scarcity in the future.

To change these saving related beliefs:-

If you fall in the first category then fix an amount every month (at least more than 10% of income) that you will save, be very stringent that you cannot touch that much amount from your earnings and you have to save it without exceptions.

And if you belong to the second category then you will have to go against your habitual behavior with efforts and spend every month a part of your income (again more than 10%) on something you love.

Exercise #2-Vibes of a Millionaire

Don’t worry you don’t have to actually do something with your finances for this exercise. This is a fun exercise which you can do to send out vibrations of financial abundance.

To perform this exercise you will have to put your logical thinking aside for some time and totally enjoy the feeling of being financially free by imagining it.

This process is not like creative visualization where you sit at a place and imagine but it is more like nevellizing.

To do this, just assume that you are a millionaire for few minutes at any place you want, act and think like a millionaire – “Like what would be your thoughts, decisions and actions if you had all the money ever needed?”

Suppose you are doing this in a shopping mall, change your body language to that of a confidant rich person. Now, go to shops and do a little window shopping of the expensive items, pretend as if you have all the money in your wallet to buy them.

Get involved in it as if it is real.

For example, think thoughts like “what would you gift to your friends and family?”, “what would you buy for yourself?”, “what would you buy for home?”, etc. (this is really interesting if you will actually do it)

You can do this anywhere, this process may seem totally irrational but, it makes a lot of sense to your subconscious mind.

Exercise #3- Piggy Bank Exercise

I came up with this exercise to get over the feelings of “lack” when I was not doing well financially and it worked well.

This exercise is especially helpful when you are struggling to attract wealth but, you can also use it when you are financially well.

To know this exercise read my post- The Piggy Bank Exercise.

Exercise #4- Financial Freedom Account

It doesn’t matter how much you earn, if you want to have a good relationship with money then, you must have a financial freedom account.

This is a process which is like tithing to yourself where you save 10% percent of your monthly income in a separate account from which you cannot withdraw cash ever.

It might sound a little crazy “an account from which you cannot withdraw money ever” but, you will get to know the importance of this exercise of happily donating to yourself when it will gradually grows large enough to make you feel financially abundant.

To know more about it read my post – Financial Freedom Account.

Here is a post which will show you some awesome methods to clear your limiting beliefs:- 3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks –Allow Your Abundance

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