You are not a sinner-Universal Law of Forgiveness!

As I have mentioned before one of the most inspirational books I find is Raymond Holiwell’s “Working with The Law“.

The author also recommends that you should read it as much as you can and he puts this in a very beautiful manner by saying “You don’t find something that was missing in the pages before, but you find something that you never saw in yourself before”!

I am reading over and over one of the chapters of this book from last few days because it has a deep meaning and every time it gives me a new insight.

The chapter is the one that teaches us the “Universal Law of Forgiveness”, and in this chapter, the author has explained it in a very nice manner how the impressions in our consciousness could be the cause of many physical diseases.

Forgiveness can solve many of the issues in our life….

Ever experienced the joy when you forgive someone on the emotional level?

This happens because when you forgive people, you allow the goodness to flow through you freely and that is how you get connected back with your own higher self.

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By forgiving people and situations you open up your mind and start using your precious energy towards something that is of greater importance.

You can feel a sense of relief when you forgive someone, it is like as if you have set yourself free from some kind of bondage.

Forgive yourself first!!

Most of the problems in our life do not occur because we don’t forgive others, we forgive people for their mistakes and ignorance with time, but, we don’t forgive ourselves from the self-perceived “sins” that we hold somewhere deep down inside our hearts.

Raymond Holliwell says that the feeling of “guilt” has a great ability to affect us both emotionally and physically.

The feeling of guilt is often present in our consciousness but we are not aware of it until we dig deep down inside our mind for the causes of our sufferings.

Something similar happened to me when I went through Christie’s energy block clearing sessions.

Raymond has also illustrated a real story in the book where a person was suffering from a disease which got cured when he confronted his brother for the betrayal in past.

Many of our physical diseases could be cured by finding the reason for its cause in our own inner world and by making the law of forgiveness to work for our own good.

Thank you so much for reading, I would like to hear if you have any experience that has shown you the importance of forgiveness, your views, and comments on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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