The Universal Law of Increase-Focus on the Good

Be in a state of joy thinking of what is good in your life and you will have more of it by the universal law of increase.

If you are a spiritual person then you might already know the benefits of being grateful because when you are ungrateful and you constantly think of what is unpleasant in your life by the same law you will get more of it, there is no exception to it.

Have you seen people cry when they pray?

Of course, you would have because that is how most people do it. Some of them even believe that the more you shed tears the more is the chance of your prayer getting answered but do they really get what they want?

They see God as some person with superpowers in front of whom they have to beg and cry to get what they want.

But that is a false thinking. If you will cry, you will get more reasons to cry. If prayer is an act of faith then why should one be mournful?

Always remember – What you believe, feel and expect, that will happen, so, in your prayer be grateful and by the law you will attract more situations to say “thanks” to “all that is”.


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Let us consider the image of god that people usually have in their minds, the cliché old man with white hair and beard sitting in the heaven. Don’t you think if that was the case, then also it would have been better to praise him rather than nagging him every time by doing pitiful stuff to get his sympathy?

What if you were given the power for a day like in the movie Bruce Almighty. Would you do well for people who keep begging for a better life or will you bless those who are genuinely happy knowing that you know better? Obviously, the latter one might be your answer.

God is not a person, but like everything else, universe also responds to praise by blessing you with more of what you love. You are not pleasing the higher power here, but you are simply being in harmony with the laws.

Appreciation and the Attitude of Gratitude

These two are great keys to live a joyful life because where your focus goes energy flows, which attracts more alike life situations.

This is why similar patterns keep on repeating in a person’s life because once something happens, a person forms a belief that this is what is always going to happen and that’s what they get.

So, one wise thing that you can do to live a life of your desire is to be grateful about the things in your life that makes you happy.

Research works have shown that attitude of gratitude can make you a more cheerful person by increasing your happiness level.

You can do this by keeping a gratitude journal in which you can daily write about the things that made you happy that day or about everything in your life that you love.

To be in harmony with this law in relation to some particular thing, you can choose to appreciate its present condition and you will see it getting better. Just focus towards good stuff that’s all you have to do, writing makes it more effective.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Reversing the Process

When the talk is about being thankful, people readily make a few false assumptions that are not going to give them a positive result because in such cases, they are using the law to move in the opposite direction from their goals.

Here are two common myths about the attitude of gratitude:-

1- You MUST be grateful

Can you see what I am trying to say? “MUST”…

We are not supposed to flatter GOD by doing this. We do it to make a change in ourselves so, please don’t do it superficially.

If you cannot be happy about something in your life, then forget about it altogether and shift your focus towards something for which you are genuinely happy.

2- You should be grateful about the past

I know many of you would have already thought about this, making a list about joyful past events or to think about them to feel grateful.

Sometimes, thinking of past to feel good is okay, but it hardly ever happens that a good memory will not cause the feelings of “lack”, you will miss the good old times and that is contrary to our purpose.

Be grateful in the present moment that’s what should be done. Instead of looking at the past, look towards what is good right now.

If you can be grateful for the future, then that is like a magical formula for manifestation but, to develop that much faith you need a few successful experiences. However, your aim should be to strengthen your faith to that level.

It Is All about “You”

Quality of being grateful has nothing to do with anything outside of you. It brings a change in you which allows you to see the world from a new perspective.

It fills you with the power to attract favorable outcomes.

Even though we think that when a person is not happy with their life or when they take things for granted, they are being rude to the universe. However, in reality they are simply making a decision of descending to a lower version of themselves.

Our thoughts have the power to make biological changes in our bodies. Our body cells respond to thoughts and emotions.

When we are joyful about life the mind starts to work in a way that we can then spot the right opportunities, get inspirations and the confidence needed to achieve our goals.

The law can also be used to influence others, like you can start to appreciate your kids for their accomplishments and they will try to get better. This does not actually happen because you have changed them, it happens as they notice the change in “You”. Who in the world won’t like to do things better when someone cares enough to appreciate their efforts?

Yes, there are cynical people who will never believe in you but such people will gradually disappear from your life because they cannot stand a person filled with so much love.

So, it all boils down to the fact that by being in harmony with the law of increase you make the change in yourself that is essential to get more of what you want from your life.


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