Induce Lucid Dreams without Keeping a Dream Journal-3 Alternatives

Writing my dreams after waking up was once a very difficult task for me and I know many of the lucid dreamers hate doing this because that early morning time is often a busy one that’s why I will provide you a few alternatives here that will enable you to have lucid dreams without a need to keep dream journal.

Before looking at the alternative methods allow me to explain it to you why we actually keep record of our dreams..

Purpose of the Dream Journal

Usually we only remember dreams that occurred a few minutes before waking up. Sometimes you may remember a little more but, till the time you take bath you probably would have forgotten them all unless you had an interesting dream.

There are people who say that they don’t get dreams at all but that’s not true, it is not that they are lying as they actually don’t know that they had dreams… why?.. it is because they forget their dreams even before they are fully awake.

This is why beginners in lucid dreaming are always advised to keep a dream journal beside them before sleeping since even if they had a lucid dream they won’t be able to remember it so that will mean that they never had one.

Another reason why keeping a dream journal becomes necessary for lucid dreaming is it sends a message to a person’s subconscious mind that they are interested in their dream world which will lead to more vivid dream experiences, hence it increases the probability of a conscious dream.

Experienced lucid dreamers keep a dream journal to relive their dream memories because like real life events it is not possible to recall dream memories that easily and sometimes they have very long lucid dreams so it becomes quite necessary.

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Too many reasons that makes it essential right?… That’s true keeping a dream journal becomes important if you want to master the lucid dreaming skill but, since I have promised to provide alternative methods I am now going illustrate some techniques that will fulfill all the purposes that I have discussed above:-

1- Voice Recorder

Writing in a paper just after waking up could be a tedious job and for busy people it becomes something that will eat up their early morning time so you can use your mobile’s voice recorder to do this.

It is not only an easy thing but also saves your time as you can do this along with the other tasks.

2- Dream Recall Ritual

While you brush your teeth or take shower you can choose to recall the dreams that you had last night and gradually this habit will make it easier for you to remember your dreams.

You can also stick a note at your bathroom mirror which reads “What did you dream last night?”… this will powerfully work to bring your recent dreams into you conscious awareness.

3- Discussing with People

I have many friends who like to discuss their dreams with me. You can find someone who is interested in this and share your dreams everyday.

If there are kids in your home then that gives you a very good opportunity to have an interesting talk with them, they love doing this plus it exercises your dream recall ability.

4- Dream Recall Ritual #2

If your mind gets too busy when you get up that it doesn’t allow you to think about anything else than your morning tasks then you can take quick short notes about your dreams immediately after you wake up.

It could be like..

Dream 1:-

In school with Jenny and other classmates…

Dream 2:-

Driving car, with family..

Dream 3:-

In the Oprah Winfrey show… ha ha you won’t forget that anyway!

What you can do is take a look at these notes later at your free time and try to recall that dream in detail. The longer the time interval after waking up the lesser you will be able to remember.

A good way to do this will be keeping the note in your pocket and read it when you commute to your workplace or college.

The above 4 techniques will solve two of the purposes for which lucid dreamers keep dream journal that is: A-To remember last night dreams B-To send the intention of having a conscious dream to the subconscious mind.

However, the third reason that makes experienced lucid dreamers to keep dream journal will not be fulfilled by these four and for that you will have to keep a dream journal.

Okay now don’t get mad at me for saying that I do have an advice here – Write your dream in a journal whenever you have a lucid dream… that’s it!… this way you won’t be missing anything.


If you are struggling to have lucid dreams then you might like to know the technique that I consider best for inducing lucid dreams.

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