Increasing Your Happiness Level-Spiritual Help for Depression

As humans, we all make this mistake of attaching our happiness with our desires. However, our happiness does not depend on any external factor, I know it is a bit difficult to accept, but that is the truth.

People who are happy most of the time have developed a very important state of mind where they don’t depend on other people’s opinions, any material possessions or circumstances to feel good.

Depression is a condition in which a person gets possessed by negative thoughts and it is often very difficult to overcome that state.

Spiritual practices have proved to be very efficient in curing anxiety and depression for a lot of people (including me) so, I am quite sure that what I am going to discuss with you here will equip you with some real working methods that could increase your happiness level.

Seeking spiritual help for depression is one of the best steps that anyone could ever take in order to come out of the trouble caused by the lower emotions, but I would suggest you continuing with the medications ( if you have been taking any) and to apply these spiritual methods regularly with a strong faith.

Any kind of emotional trouble indisputably has some kind of spiritual cause, it is often so subtle that the individual never gets to know it unless he takes the help of a therapist or gets involved in spiritual growth activities.

All kinds of suffering is a result of the person getting too far from his true nature or we can say that he gets away from his higher self (which is an illusion because you can never get away from your higher self), this causes a change of perception which makes him too see the lack of love all around him.

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So, all the methods that I am going to discuss below are the ways using which you could connect back to your higher self.

Generate the Feelings of Love for Yourself

Mostly, people get into such states due to toxic relationships, troubled childhood or unfulfilled desires. And behind these happenings, there is a very insidious belief operating that is “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy”.

With this belief ingrained in one’s subconscious, he unconsciously tries to get the approval of others continuously and when he fails- He becomes reluctant in allowing himself to be happy!

To bring the feelings of love for yourself, you should get engaged in activities that make you happy and should keep being in a happy state as your top priority.

Using positive affirmations like-“I am loved”, with joyful feelings can prove to be very effective here.

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Have Faith in the Higher Power

Here is the second most dangerous belief that could badly lower an individual’s self-esteem resulting into his inability to feel higher emotions- Victim Mentality.

Victim mentality is a consequence of the undesired events from a person’s past, especially childhood.

Those who blame others for their miseries are the ones who have this strong mind conditioning which makes them a victim.

People who have such convictions find themselves abandoned by God or Higher power, that’s why they have lost their hopes and when a person loses his hope he gets stuck in a particular unpleasant phase of life.

In the sessions of her unlimited abundance course, Christie Regularly performs the energy clearance on the “victim beliefs” as she highlights in her program that this is the block which makes most people to suffer.

In order to change these beliefs you will have to strengthen your faith in the higher power, you will have to trust that the greater power will support you always and to do that you will have to replace your old self image which was of “victim” with the new one that is of “winner”.

Use affirmations and visualization to change your old beliefs, read my post “Allow Your Abundance” to know more.


This is the most important process using which you could heal yourself spiritually and invite more good feelings in your life.

The process of meditation allows you to relax and connect with your higher self, doing it regularly will allow your mind to be at peace which will naturally bring you to the state of joy.

How to Meditate?

There are many ways to meditate, but a very simple technique is to sit in a relaxed position and take deep breaths, observing the thoughts and feelings, allowing them to come and go gently without any kind of resistance. Doing this for few minutes daily will have significant effects on your moods.


Mindfulness is a form of meditation,its simplicity and effectiveness makes it a perfect remedy for people suffering from emotional pain.

Not only for depression, but mindfulness is also very helpful in enabling people to experience greater inner peace and thus it makes their mind to perform better.

In simple terms, mindfulness is the process which brings your mind to the present moment. Since, depression is caused by the thoughts of past and anxiety is the result of worrisome thoughts of future, these two emotional issues can be successfully treated with the help of mindfulness meditation.

You just need to bring your attention to whatever you are doing at any particular moment whether let it be the action of eating, walking, working, or anything you just need to be completely present and watch your own actions as an observer.

You can read more about this in the post “Learn to Expand Your Consciousness with Simple Mindfulness Exercises”.

Heart Center Meditation:-

I recommend this to a lot of people especially to those who are new to meditation. Feeling lower emotions could be a symptom of a blocked heart chakra.

Christie Marie Sheldon’s heart center awakening meditation is a free audio which she offers for her subscribers so, just download it from here and listen to it every morning for best results.


This is the most underestimated process among people who have come to know about its role in affecting their emotional states.

Like meditation, gratitude is also a process which is backed up by research works that it can elevate your happiness level.

So, do keep a gratitude journal in which you can write daily about the things for which you are grateful in your life. I prefer to express my gratitude before having my meals, in this way it becomes a ritual.


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