The Universal Law of Success – You Are Born to Thrive

You will feel empowered if you will understand the law of success which says that we are born to succeed and we all have within us all the qualities needed to accomplish our goals.

Expansion and growth are nature’s purpose, being a part of it, we also have within us the seeds of development.

At every movement, we have all the resources available to make our visions come true, but to make use of them we will have to work on improving ourselves in a way that it becomes possible for us to use our creative power to accomplish what we desire.

Mother Nature does not know failure because she attains her goals by being in complete harmony with the universal laws. I have talked about this in many other posts, the simplest way to achieve our goals is to replicate the actions of the nature.

What Is Success?

The meaning of success varies from person to person, for some, it is about becoming wealthy, for some, it is finding their soul mate, for others, it could be health, skills, fame, etc.

Even though we consider those people successful who have achieved their desired goals, but in truth, people find their lives incomplete even after accomplishing huge goals. Why?

It is because we set our goals believing that we will be happy when we reach there. But you cannot become a happier person by reaching somewhere in your life if you are not happy in the present moment.

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I am not talking about some impractical philosophical stuff that looks good in the books here, this is a fact.

You may have thought that I am saying that everything else is unnecessary. No, I do agree that money, health, love, etc. is very important, but they are like the cherry on top of the cake.

If you are incomplete right now, the chances are that you will remain the same even after getting everything that you desire.

So, the real meaning of success is becoming a happy person. How? Let’s see…

You Are One with the Universe

This is something very hard to believe since we all perceive ourselves as individuals who are separate and independent of everything else in the world. This is an illusion, we are all connected on a subtle level.

You can see it from either spiritual or scientific perspective; we are actually energies that have taken various forms in this world, so we are one with “all that is”.

Being a part of the universe, we all play a role in the bigger picture.

When our goals are of the highest nature, the power flows freely through us to not only manifest our desires but also to give the fulfillment that comes from the accomplishment of such goals, that joy is “real success”.

If you will take a look at the history, you will find that the biggest names who radiated pure joy in a way that it carved the path to betterment of the mankind are not essentially the ones who had the possessions that we usually aspire.

Let it be the enlightened ones like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and people who have dedicated their lives for others like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, they knew that the true source of joy is in making a positive change in the world that will have an effect on the bigger picture, which is all about growth.

This does not essentially mean that you should renounce everything else and dedicate the rest of your life to help people like they did, however, you can do that if that is your calling.

What I want to say here is that the “joy” for which we all are striving lies in what we give to the world through our work, if you are bringing joy in someone’s life or if your work will have even a small positive effect in the world, you are on the right track!

Anything is possible for us, but a broadminded person who wants to create some good change in the world (small or big) will be rewarded greatly, that’s what the spiritual laws say.

Your Biggest Enemy Is Fear

Fear has caused more destruction in the world than anything else, we are well aware of that. But what we don’t know is that fear has caused more destruction in the inner world of people than the outer world.

Millions of dreams have been shattered since countless people never acted on the great ideas that they received because of the fear of failure.

One main factor that separates winners from the masses is their ability to do what they want despite of being fearful.

Yes, winners also fear to take actions, but, they do it anyway. Success becomes inevitable for the one who is not afraid of failure.

Fear fails to stop someone who has a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe because they are well aware that the universe stands by their side as their intention is of a higher nature.

One Powerful Key

You are blessed with the same powers and resources that were given to any person who ever lived, but you are just not aware of it.

There is a simple key that will awaken the dormant powers that lies within you and thus it will enable you to reach your goals. It is the belief in your own abilities, that is the single most powerful thing which does all the magic.

Nothing is impossible for the one who believes, feels and says “I CAN” in all situations.

“I CAN” mindset is the secret of the most successful people. If you have that, you will naturally take the right decisions which will take you nearer to your goals.

People love to be in the company of those who believe in themselves and you will attract friends who think constructively if you could have that shift in your mindset.

Deeper understanding of these laws helps one to develop that type of mindset, but you can also use affirmations for doing that.

Use “I CAN” statement whenever fear stops you from doing something:-

I CAN do this. I CAN easily accomplish this goal. I CAN become successful.

Far better than that is to use “I AM” statements because “I CAN” refers to something that will happen in the future:-

I AM in process of succeeding in what I do. I AM capable of doing anything I want.

Move Forward

To be successful, one should stop looking back and learn to keep the focus on the goals.

Forward momentum is what you should have, otherwise you will either go backwards or stay stuck where you are.

So, how can one keep moving towards their goals? Through consistent daily efforts.

You must organize your day to day activities in a way that you take a baby step towards your goals everyday other than waiting for the right time.

It could be anything that is aimed towards your goals but these small steps will make the journey easier for you.


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