Your Creative Power-The Law of Attraction and Imagination

Today, I am going to talk about the law of attraction and imagination as I hope that by knowing this you will get a better picture of how you create your reality using your thoughts.

There is a reason why “the secret” went viral, it is because the message in that movie resonated with what people already knew somewhere in their heart.

The movie was lengthy enough to cover a lot of things and the information was delivered by people who are experts in the area of self growth, still there is a lot more left than that to know about our creative power.

Those who believe that they can alter their reality by doing the inner work required are often termed by the skeptics as the daydreamers or people who have their heads in the clouds.

What’s wrong with the skeptics is not that they don’t believe in it but, it is their assumption that they know better.

So, in this post my intention is to provide you with a deeper insight on the how your imagination affects your reality.

The Reality Bubble

That’s a catchy term I picked up from Christie Marie Sheldon’s love or above program, which represents everything that exists in a person’s world.

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See, I mentioned “a person’s world” not “everybody’s world” because we all have different worlds of our own and that is what I mean by the reality bubble.

How do we all have different worlds?

Everything in our external world is a reflection of our inner world hence we perceive, accept, reject, and judge everything according to what we believe deep inside.

A problem that is troublesome for one person might not be a problem at all for another person.

Similarly, what makes one person sad might make another happy-This means that we are not obligated to feel a certain way about any particular situation, instead we are “programmed” to behave in that manner.

Whatever we believe to be true becomes our reality.

You create your reality, if you don’t believe that then by the same law it will also become the truth in your reality bubble that you don’t create your reality.

Your Energy Body

The reality bubble we discussed above is your unique “reality field” and this particular bubble is sustained by your energy.

There is an invisible energy field that is present all around your body and in truth your physical body is present inside this energy body.

This life force (energy) is what shapes your life and if you could alter the frequency at which these energy particles are vibrating then you can simply create a new and completely different reality.

How can one alter these vibrations?

The vibrational frequency of your energy body is decided by your deep rooted subconscious beliefs.

Your thoughts and feelings are responsible for any particular state of your energy body. Based on the state of this energy field your life story unfolds.

Significance of the Law of Attraction in Your Life

To see how the universal laws operates you just have to become more aware of the various happenings around you.

Everyone’s life follows a particular “pattern” which keeps on repeating in the life of a person who is living unconsciously and believes that he has no control over his life.

These patterns are actually caused by the beliefs that an individual has accepted as the truth, if he chooses to discard that belief by doing some inner work then those patterns will vanish from his life.

In simple words, our energy’s vibrational state decides what the law of attraction will bring into our lives and to get into a new vibrational state all you have to do is to alter your beliefs.

How?..Using any mind tool that enables you to replace the old beliefs in your subconscious mind with the new ones.

One such awesome tool is imagination and now we will discuss how imagination helps you to change your inner beliefs that will further get reflected in your outer world.

The Powerful Mind Tool-Imagination

Imagination is a faculty of our mind which is a natural gift to us, we have used it consciously in our childhood and after we grow up we use it unconsciously (mostly in a negative way).

Every time you find yourself worrying or fearing you are imagining an unfavorable (often dreadful) future event.

In most of the cases what we fear or worry the most, happens- That’s the law of attraction at work.

When imagination used unconsciously could attract so many big problems in your life then just think how much you can benefit by using it consciously.

To replace your old set of beliefs with the new ones you will have to repeatedly focus on the new ideas, this process is boosted up when you imagine positive outcomes since, images and feelings are the language of your subconscious mind

You can deliberately change the vibrational frequency of your energy by imagining your dream life (as if it has already come true) with positive emotions.

When you practice creative visualization for a considerably long time, you will be able to change your inner beliefs which are the only barrier between you and your success.

You will find a lot of articles here on how you can use your imagination.


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