Review of Sam Oakes’ Outsmart Insomnia Protocol

In this unbiased outsmart insomnia protocol review, we will see if this product delivers what it promises or if it is just a waste of money.

This product claims to have cured sleeping troubles for thousands of people and the makers say that you will be taught a technique in the e-book using which you can sleep in less than 15 minutes.

The program takes a quite different approach to provide the solutions for sleeping problems, it is very hard for us to think of any other remedy apart from those addictive drugs but, here you will be learning natural methods that are scientifically proven according to the author.

These remedies include various mind relaxing techniques that are aimed to restore your natural sleep cycles and yes, I forgot to mention a very exciting thing- the shake recipe.

The premise on which this product is created negates the commonly thought causes of insomnia like stress, hormone changes, etc. instead the theory says that one finds it hard to sleep because of the imbalance in the neural activity.

Hence, the information you will be receiving here is aimed to bring balance in your neural activities which will automatically help you to sleep properly once again, it will also alleviate the effects caused by sleeplessness like stress or anxiety.

About the Author

Sam Oakes is the author of this program and this book is a result of his findings about the root causes of insomnia and cures.

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The information that he has assembled in this e-book comes from the various learning and realizations he had in the quest of finding a solution to his own problem.

According to the author he found it hard to sleep since he was a teenager and he also explains how this problem took away his ability to enjoy his various hobbies as he lacked the stamina to do something after the day work. The trouble kept growing till it led to an adverse consequence where he almost lost his life.

The accidental intake of about 6 sleeping pills caused a near death situation for him; from there he realized how much insomnia has cost him health wise as he was informed that his heart has become very weak.

After trying a plethora of self help materials, the solution came to him from a guy named Ryan Harmon, who gave him a different perspective about insomnia, which he describes as looking at the brain as “wake center” and “sleep center”. So, the new explanation for this affliction was a battle between these two centers of the brain.

Ryan gave him 3 techniques which changed his whole life:-

1- A trick to fall asleep in 15 minutes.

2- Methods to start sleeping regularly.

3- Techniques for achieving deep sleep.

What methods? Lets take a look at that now.

Inside the Package

You will be getting a lot of information in this outsmart insomnia program that will help you to fall asleep early, have a deep sleep and make proper sleeps a permanent thing in your life.

The package comes with 4 modules that are as follows: –

Module 1 – Here you will be provided with the knowledge about insomnia where you will be alerted about various types of harmful effects that may result from sleep deprivation.

This module is especially prepared to make one realize the true nature of this affliction and how important it is to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Apart from this you will also get to know the difference between a healthy brain and an insomniac brain.

Here you will gain awareness of few mistakes that you must avoid before going to bed as these things causes the “wake center” of the brain to become active.

Module 2 – This part is an excellent guide for those who keep lying in their beds for hours before sleeping, as it teaches a lot of techniques to get an instant sleep.

This section will make you aware of about 15 tricks that will enable you to inform your brain that you are willing to sleep.

No words visualization technique is one the main methods that you will learn here, this is the same trick that allowed the author to sleep within the 15 minutes of going to bed.

You will also learn about the sleepy numbers breathing method which will fill your body with the oxygen that’s essential for a good sleep plus this module contains a “head to toe meditation” (quite similar to yogic sleep) that will relax your whole body.

Remember we talked about a shake earlier? In this module you get the recipe of this particular shake which boosts the production of chemicals that helps to calm down the mind.

I also learned about an interesting study here which says that one can make himself to fall asleep by breathing through the left nostril.

The content of this module is aimed for a short term purpose that allows one to sleep quickly, but the permanent solution is present in the last two modules.

Module 3 -This is a very important part of this whole program as it aims to provide you with a permanent remedy for your sleeplessness.

First the author focuses on finding out the causes of your insomnia based on which you will be able to know about the right thing that would work for you.

The section contains a main hypnosis related technique using which one will be able to program his inner mind for a proper sleep. This technique is called “relax your brainwaves and drift to sleep” which works to set your brainwaves frequency for a good slumber.

You will also get to learn about a trick to activate your brain’s “sleep center” that is called “the sleep schedule solution”.

Module 4 – This module focuses on shifting your sleep cycles back to normal. With a few lifestyle tips that you will be getting here, you will be able to have a healthy sleep that will energize you for the whole next day.

Generating NREM sleep is this module’s prime purpose which is considered as the most rejuvenating phase of a balanced sleep cycle, for achieving this you will be taught “the neuroscientist’s secrets to deep satisfying sleep”.

This part also consists of some awesome methods like:-

In the Moment Thinking – An exercise for mind to stop worrying about future or thinking of the past, which is one of the reasons why a person finds it hard to sleep.

Stress free protocol – Worry and stress are responsible for one’s inability to reach the deeper levels of sleep so, here you will learn to get rid of the stress that is blocking your healthy slumber.

5 Minute Workout for Better Sleep – Obviously, our mind’s state has a lot to do with our body’s mechanisms; this simple 5 minute workout will allow you to bring your body into a relaxed state.

Food and Atmosphere – Do you know there are snack items which can help you in sleeping? According to the makers the snack that they have mentioned in this section can do that. You will also get a few tips to make your bedtime atmosphere conducive for a deep long sleep.

Bonus Materials

As for now, this product comes with three additional materials that are:-

Aging No More – You will get to learn a few tips and techniques that will help you to slow down your aging process.

Accelerated Fat Burning – Get a few advises that will enable your body to burn fat fast and to increase its metabolism.

Reduce Your Blood Pressure Naturally – This is a guide for lowering the blood pressure using natural ways. (The bonus material may vary from time to time, check product website to see what’s available right now)

Final Advice

I know how difficult life becomes when one struggles to sleep at night as I have been there and I have also faced the consequences of ignoring this problem. So, I won’t say that opting for this program is a bad idea, especially considering the information you are getting for such a low price.

Tip: – Don’t buy the product directly, go to the page and then try to close the tab once, as they will then take you to the page which offers the bonuses I mentioned above plus discount, that’s what is happening till now and it may change in the future.

For more information, please visit the product website.

I have discussed a few methods that can help to cure constant sleep deprivation in this post:- How to Cure Insomnia in 9 Simple Steps


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