Binaural Beats – Workings and Benefits

Binaural means to listen with two ears. In 1839, a physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that a person hears the sound of continuous beats when waves of two different frequencies are introduced to their both ears simultaneously.

Since then binaural beats has kept gaining popularity. Especially, in the past few years a lot of people have become too interested in it due to the buzz created by some advertisers that it can help people to enhance their mind power.

Today, people are widely using binaural beats for meditation because of its utility in taking a person into deep relaxed states of mind and in causing the altered states of consciousness.

A plethora of self help products is available now that uses brainwave entertainment technology, which are the audio waves used to stimulate brain using binaural beats, they claim that a person can achieve various mind states which even includes the deeper levels of meditation reached by Zen monks.

How Does Binaural Beats Work?

Binaural beats are not real, it is an auditory illusion, so what you hear as beats is simply happening because of your brain’s response to these tones.

The third illusory tone that you will hear is a low frequency one which in most cases is pretty much close to the difference between the frequencies of the actual two tones.

The maximum frequencies of the two tones must not be greater than 1000 Hz for the beating to be evident. The difference between the frequencies of two tones must be less than or equal to 30 Hz for best results.

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If the above conditions are not met the two tones will be heard discretely without the person being able to sense the third low frequency tone.

Binaural beats requires the use of a good quality headphone or earphone, since two different frequency audios will be played in your both ears, this is not possible with the use of the regular speakers.

Advantages of Using Binaural Beats

Before I get to the points, I want you to understand that binaural beats have indeed proved to be very effective in changing one brain’s state to a great extent, still the benefits that I am going to write below are not research based, these are just some common advantages lot of people have had with the use of brainwave entrainment. But, there are chances that you may not experience any significant change.

  • Lowers the brain frequency, thus becomes soothing for your mind.
  • Helps you to meditate more easily by creating appropriate mind states for better concentration.
  • The brain frequency caused by the use of binaural beats kills stress.
  • Binaural beats is a quick way to enter the alpha state of mind (the one that occurs a few moments before sleep) from the beta state of mind(fully awake state).
  • It is a great tool for self hypnosis.
  • Modified tones are effective for lucid dreaming.
  • Helps you to experience altered states of consciousness.
  • Often capable of changing your emotional state.
  • Good for deep rejuvenating sleeps.


Even though I have seen the effects of binaural beats in the past and I have known many people who regularly use these audios for various purposes, I still am not in the favor of the use of these tones due to some not so good experiences that I have had with it, I have talked about this in more detail in this post – The Harmful Effects and Dangers of Using Binaural Beats.

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