5 Safety Measures for Using Binaural Beats – Avoid Side Effects

In this post, I will be discussing a few things with you using which you can make a proper use of brainwave entrainment tracks without having to face any possible side effect of using such audios.binaural beat safe

This is in continuation to my previous post on the harmful effects of binaural beats, I understand the urge, dependence, and curiosity many people might be having for brainwave entrainment audios, so I am providing a list of things a person can do to minimize the probability of the problems that may occur if they prefer to use these audio tracks for any specific purpose.

But before that I want you to understand that these audios are not that dangerous as some people assume it to be, though I am not someone who prefers to use them since it became a threat to my inner peace in the past, I still sometimes occasionally try and test programs that are based on binaural beats.

I must say, some brainwave entrainment products have impressed me to a great extent; however I believe that I can achieve the same things using conventional ways as well and that seems better to me, but that’s just my opinion.

A lot of people regularly use this technology to bring their brain to the desired frequency and I know some diehard fans of these audios, on the other side I also know people who have had some terrible experiences after using brainwave audios.

The post that I mentioned above contains some comments where people have shared how they got into trouble because of binaural beats, my story is nothing compared to theirs, but I don’t think that these audios can cause some serious problems unless you have not been careful with the warned conditions like pregnancy, epilepsy, heart diseases, seizures, etc, after all, they are just sounds basically.

Being a person who always warns people to take all the necessary precautions before trying anything that can have an impact on their minds, I want to share these few tips with you:-

1 Quality Matters

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The first thing that you must keep in mind before choosing any product based on brainwave entrainment is the quality.

Find out the reviews about the programs and how people who have tried it feel? You can always check Amazon for this purpose, like Deep Theta on amazon has got a lot of 5 stars and positive reviews, you can just explore the products there and find out what fits into your budget and is also used successfully by a lot of people.

One thing to be careful about here is to avoid using free random stuff you find on YouTube or less popular websites.

Based on my knowledge I believe some programs that use brainwave entrainment are good, but I will always suggest you do your own research.

2 Trial and Error

This is one thing people must do when they are curious about something, however, most people either get extremely involved in something by listening to other people’s opinions or they decide to avoid it entirely.

It is always best to form one’s own opinion based on personal experiences, different stuff works for different people and since there are enough evidences present on either side of the mixed responses received by the brainwave entrainment based materials, I suggest that you should experiment and find out whether it suits you or not.

The main reason why I found that I should avoid this particular technology is due to the headaches and restlessness I had with the extreme use of it. However, if I would have stopped when I felt the initial change in me, I would not have had those problems.

I learned my lesson, and even now when I have to review a brainwave entrainment based program or when I experiment with them out of curiosity, I stay very cautious.

So what you can do is, begin using these audios for a few days and see if you experience any discomfort on the mental or physical level, if it does not suit you then you can stop right away.

3 Don’t Go Overboardproperly use binaural beats

This is where the biggest mistake is made by people; if they find something good they just go on to make an extreme use of it without caring much about the consequences.

See, if a pill works for you that doesn’t mean that you will take 10 at once, even the safest prescribed ones will cause side effects if you do that right? Similarly, if you find a program or brainwave audio helpful that does not mean that you should go on playing it all day long.

There are a lot binaural beats available on the internet for the purposes like curing insomnia or lucid dreaming that people won’t care listening all night while they are asleep, I don’t think that is a good idea.

Start with short duration ones, like 10 or 20 minutes, then maybe when you feel that it is safe you can use the longer duration ones, but still, do not make yourself dependent on it with the overuse.

4 Brainwave Entrainment Based Products

Here is something I have found from my own experience, products that contain binaural beats based music along with a guiding voice for giving suggestions to our powerful subconscious mind, works better than the ones that contain plain beat like sounds.

I believe that brainwave entrainment can work because it can alter a person’s brainwave frequency which is a possible thing; however, doing that alone can only provide limited short-lived benefits.

But when this technology is used to bring one’s mind into a state where it gets easier for them to communicate with their subconscious mind, some very great things can be achieved. Like in this one program that I reviewed called the thought elevators system, the author uses positive suggestions for the subconscious mind while brings one’s mind to the theta state using binaural beats.

However, why I am putting this particular thing as a safety measure is because usually I find binaural beats very disturbing, but in one product called the 15-minute manifestation, I hardly felt any inconvenience; in fact, it took time for me to even realize that the program was using brainwave entrainment technology.

What happened is that they were using a soothing music and a beautiful guiding voice which cloaked the weird beats sound that usually annoys people like me. So if your inner peace is affected due to such noises then you can prefer these types of programs.

5 Self Analysisproperly use binaural beat

The best thing to do while using brainwave entrainment audios in order to stay safe is to listen to your body and mind.

This is something you must follow with the second step, however, this is an action step which needs you to actively observe and make notes about how this thing is affecting you.

No one in the world can tell you about how something is working for you better than yourself, so all you have to do is to keep a record of the changes occurring in you while using this particular technology.

Along with the trial and error records, note down the physical and mental changes that may occur in you after you have started using a program based on binaural beats. Give yourself enough time to gauge the effects and also take a break between two programs with which you are experimenting so that their effects may not get mixed up.

Also, make a note of what problems you had prior to using these audios in order to avoid confusion.


I am writing this to help you with the usage of brainwave entrainment audios only if you are willing to use them, this does not imply that I am encouraging you to use them, though the number of people who use it without any trouble is higher there are some who have found it problematic, I still recommend natural alternatives.


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