Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation Review – My Honest Opinion

I was not able to find a single legit review of 15-minute manifestation program when I was thinking of buying this product and so there was no way for me to know if it is a scam beforehand.

But unlike me, you will make your buying decision after knowing the truth about this product because you are reading a user review of it here.

Whenever I come across a new personal development product, I get a slight idea of what I will be getting if I buy the program but in this case, I was totally confused.

Few audio tracks that take your mind to theta frequency and reprograms it to think in a way that manifestation happens naturally, it is like saying you go to a magician and he gives you a magic wand…wooooo..and you become Harry Potter..sounds exactly like that doesn’t it?

How in the world can some sounds make you very good in achieving whatever you want from your life? I will try to answer it based on what I feel about this whole thing.

In truth, I reached to a conclusion that 15-minute manifestation program is a scam but my opinion changed after I tried the product, I will explain it to you later.

The Easiest Personal Development Program

I must say this was the easiest personal development program or the law of attraction product I have ever seen also one with the least number of materials, it is a complete lazy person stuff.

All you have to do is listen to these audio tracks just for 15 minutes each day for three weeks.

Any person in the world will doubt this product because it really is weird, so is what I thought but I liked the audios because they were like a daily reminder for me to perform all the law of attraction activities that I usually forget to do.

The program also made me use the creative visualization technique more frequently than what I was doing due to my busy schedule.

Inside the Package

I don’t have much to tell about what you are going to get in this program because you will be getting only 4 audios in this product, in which three audios are the part of the main program whereas the fourth one is a bonus.

The 3 main audio tracks that you will get in the 15-minute manifestation program are:-

Your Natural State – This particular audio is for altering limiting beliefs present in your inner mind that makes manifestation difficult for you.

It helps you to build an abundance mindset, in a way it is for programming your mind the way it was when you were born.

Your New Story – The audio lets you create a new story for yourself, you will learn that you can view your past differently from how it appears to you right now and change your story so that you could enjoy your present moment even more.

A short visualization is also included in this session.

Moving Towards Abundance– In this audio, you will learn how the law of attraction works, you will also get to know about the signs that tell you that LOA is working. In this session, you will be doing a short visualization related to what your desire.

Deep Sleep Now Bonus – Unlike the other audios this one is 30 minutes long, this is a beautiful guided meditation like audio that will help you sleep better.

My Experience with the Program

I was about to write a negative review in the first week because I was not able to understand how this stuff even works.

If you have any preconceived notion about this product then let me tell you, it is not a subliminal audio or a hypnosis-based one, it is something different from whatever I have ever tried before.

But I used it for exact 21 days regularly and I am happy that I did because even in the second week I was not that positive about the program.

Basically, the audios are like hypnosis audios with a lady’s voice speaking and relaxing music being played in the background. Though I am a bit against the brainwave entrainment, I liked this product because binaural beats didn’t annoy me like they usually do.

In the program, the voice does not say affirmation or something, instead it speaks to you directly about various things, so I guess you need to stay aware and listen to it, I liked what I learned from it but listening to the same story each day was boring so honestly, I was not able to focus on what was being said most of the time, I wonder if that was for my subconscious mind and whether it really mattered if I actively listened to what was being said.

I loved two things a lot about this program, one is a balloon exercise where you learn how to stop your negative mind chatter and the other was about changing your past, both were from the second audio “Your New Story”.

It was not too difficult for me to give 15-minutes daily, so I preferred doing it before I went to sleep.

There is a Deep Sleep Now audio, it is a beautiful hypnosis like audio listening to which I dozed off for a while but I only tried it once.

My experience with this program has been interesting, as I said before, I liked the program but I did not get a huge reason to recommend this product on this blog for about two weeks but in the third week a few things happened that really made my opinion change.

First of all, my online business’ sales touched the highest mark this month. That alone was enough for me to be satisfied with the product but apart from this, I have received some great project ideas and I am seeing a few things that I can do for the betterment of my blog which I was totally missing earlier.

That could be a coincidence, but I have crossed my previous highest sales mark after about 2 years so I won’t really think twice before trying it for another 21 days in the future.

As you know, my final advice for you will be to try it before you decide anything and please do regularly follow the program for three weeks if you are going to download these audios.

Update – Changes in the Product

I was receiving a few emails and comments where people reported that there is neither any voice over in their program nor any visualization as I have mentioned in this post.

So I dropped an email to the makers asking for the clarifications and here’s their reply regarding the change:-

“Yes, we have updated the program to a subliminal version where the voice over is not audible to the conscious mind.

The voice will, however, still be heard by the subconscious mind, as it is embedded in the subliminal layer.

This update was done after receiving feedback from users, as well as findings that the subliminal version works better; because there is no interference from the conscious mind, that might resist changes”

So unlike the program that I used, this updated one is just plain sounds with no efforts required from your side, that is more convenient because you don’t have to stay conscious while listening to the audio.

Though I am not certain about whether these changes are making the product better or not because I have not tried the new one, but since they have updated the product based on the feedbacks received, probably their subliminal audios work better.

To know more about this product, you can visit the product website here.


I have a lot of awesome personal development programs with me, I tried this one just for writing a user review, I will be very happy to know if you liked the content, so please do comment and inform me how you feel about this post. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can also use your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also send me your queries at hari@zerotoinfinitude.com, but if it is a question related to this particular product then kindly ask it in the comments section so that others could also benefit from it.

If this post was helpful to you then please spread the word by sharing it on your online social networks.

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70 thoughts on “Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation Review – My Honest Opinion

  1. Y.yunus

    Hi eddy

    My name is yunus.
    I been studying LOA for quite some time. Your explaination in youtube is make sense for me

    I try to order your product ‘ 15 minute manifestation ‘ but i can not get throught
    The massage from CLICKBANK is always can not approve even i already try 3 credit card that i used to uze for transaction.

    Can you help me how to get your product

    Best regards

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Yunus, I am not Eddy, my name is Hari and I am just a user of the product like you, I am providing this review after testing the program in order to help people with the buying decision. Kindly visit the product website (that’s mentioned in the post) and contact them.

      1. Yai

        Hello. I am using the program currently. Today is my sencond day. But I am very curious to know. What did the voice in the first version of the program say?

        1. HARI S NAIR Post author

          As I have mentioned in the post, the voice in the first version talked about energy and vibrations in the first part, the next two parts were short visualization based. I am inclined to believe that this version might be definitely better otherwise why would they keep it or they could have also offered the previous one as a bonus, but they don’t, which might imply that new version is better, I have not tried the new one though.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Well, you can say that the method used in this product is similar to what is used in hypnosis based products, however, I cannot compare hypnosis with a single product because that’s a whole methodology and this is just one product.

      What I can say is that within this price range, this product surely is far better than what you can get from a usual hypnosis based one.

  2. Jan

    I have read many reviews on this product and yours by far is the best.

    I am on my second week, but read in your review about visualization exercises? I think I’m missing something. Can you explain?



    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Well, the second audio makes you visualize your past from a different perspective and the third one is where you visualize your future. I don’t think you could have missed it if you are talking about the same product, that’s the most important part. Thank you for the appreciation BTW 🙂

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      That’s weird, for the second time I heard such comment. Well, I have bought the same product and there is no chance it can differ. There is no instruction to visualize anything in the manual and all you have to do is listen to the recordings.

      This works even if you are not conscious of what is being said, so I suggest you to not worry much and make complete use of it. When you will reach the third session you will know the voice guides you to imagine what you want. Try it and then let me know if you found what I mentioned or not.

      1. Steven Edwards


        Can you confirm that there is actual talking in either of the 3 downloads??

        The audios i have bought are just sounds no speaking?

        1. HARI S NAIR Post author

          Hi Steven,

          Thank you for informing me this, as you can see, I have received a lot of comments saying that the program differs from what I received.

          People are saying that there is no visualization exercise and now your comment says that there is no voice at all, there definitely is some confusion over here.

          I have sent an email to the makers regarding this, if they have made any change to the product then I will make the necessary changes in the review, however, I don’t know what they are offering now, but what I got earlier was pretty good.

          1. Zori

            Hi, I bought the program and there was difference between files i downloaded by PC and files i downloaded by my phone. These downloaded by PC has no voice added, only sound. These dowloaded by phone has very poor sound, more like a background and most hearing was the woman’s voice. Which one i should listen now? I myself like to listen more these with no voice, but i’m confused now lol.

          2. HARI S NAIR Post author

            That’s strange, they no more offer those audios with the woman’s voice (that’s the one I got). Since you have bought the program, you can access their customer service from the place you have downloaded the voice. They would be the right people to answer this question, I am just a user of the program like you.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Hi Martin,
      There is a contact page under the dashboard from where I downloaded the program and there I got the email id of the customer support. However, I don’t see their contact page without going to the download link, so it seems people who have not bought the program cannot contact the customer support.

  3. Kev

    Ive tried several other motivation programs but did not work for me.

    Would this be any different?

    Do you get a pdf manual at all.?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Yes, I got something called the jump start guide.

      Would this be any different? I don’t know what programs you have tried earlier and what do you exactly hope to achieve, all I can say is that if you find a review on my site that means the post reflects my honest opinions about the product, I cannot actually predict how this program would work for you, but I found it good.

  4. Marco

    Hi, I want to try this product but I’m still not sure.. have you had any further success from it? Also do you still have to use it after the 3 weeks??

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Honestly, I have not used it afterward, though I want to and I will soon but right now, I am in the process of exploring some other programs.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Actually, this is what bothered me a little when they told me that they have changed it to the subliminals, in the program I received you can actually hear what was being said. There is actually no way of knowing what is being said when it comes to the subliminals, but your feelings can help you to know what is happening.

  5. Jonathan Wong

    Do you happen to have the contact details?
    I’m trying to buy this, but unable to via ClickBank their payment system.
    I contacted ClickBank since last week, but all they did is giving me standard template reply which isn’t helping at all.
    I like to check whether there is any alternate way I can purchase this


    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      I do have the contact details as everyone gets it once they have bought the program but I cannot share it with you here because as a blogger it is my responsibility to keep both my reader’s as well as the maker’s contact details private here on my blog.

  6. Henki

    Hello Everyone 🙂

    I’m Henki from france. Yesterday i’ve bought the 15 minutes manifestation and the 15 minutes money magic. Since 7 years i’m deeply into the personnal development, Law of attraction, letting go etc.. And also business owner since 7 years.

    Since 1 years i’m using the Sedona Method to let go negative beliefs, negative emotion and it works very well but ask practice and regularity. So yesterday i was in youtube and i found the sale video about the 15 minutes manifestation. So the sale video is well done and sounds “magic”.

    Being in personal development since 7 years… “magical things doesn’t exist for me “but it’s true that when you practice a technique o upgrade your understanding of a concept you live “magic in your life”.

    So simples audios that will do the job for me… i was skeptical. But i’ve bought them and yesterday at night i’ve listen the bonus audio “Deep sleep now”. I have to admint that i sleep straight and didn’t wake up during the night as i use to do since several years. Let’s see what happens when i listen to it every nights 🙂

    Then this morning i woke up a little bit differently. I mean “in my mind” things was a little big different, like clearer, more fluid. A good sensation, i was able to think about my dreams “believe them more” without “mind interruptions or without negative thinkink”.

    Then i listend to the 1 st audio “Your Natural State” i have no voice over (i have the last version it think) and it was strange so i’ve wrote to the owner to ask them… if there is no voice how the audio will reprogram my editor HAHAHAH. but i’ve found the answer in this article! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    So i’ve listen to it 3 times today and i use to do meditation everyday and the sedona method. I have to admit that listening the audio makes me super easy to think/visualising my dreams and goal with more focus, more clarity and with much less “counter negatives thoughts”. Then during the day i’ve received a bad information in my letter box and was affects some minutes.

    Then automatically i was thinking positively again.

    So i ll do the 21 days program and keep updating here.

    What i ll add to that comment is this :

    I daily practice “redirecting thoughts” about my dreams and goal, doing meditation, and the sedona method as daily practice. So i’m quite trained on that side but what i want to add is this :

    I think those audios are great BUT it’s necesarry to define and focus our dreams. cause when you read well the sale page, it says that those audios help to clear your editor/reprogramming it to think in terms of abondance etc…

    But then and at the end it will Allow you to focus freely on your dreams and goals (it also say that in one of the pdf) so it means that those audios are done to “unblock” your potential.

    But then… if you don’t have goals and dreams and you don’t fo you consciencous job to focus on what you want… i think the results will be limited or not so HUGE and we could expect 🙂

    I add that because, many people wants things to be super easy but at the end, your job is to know what you want and to take pleasure to think about it and taking actions.

    All the audios in the world won’t make that for you but can help a lot. 🙂

    Have a great day
    Henki 🙂

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Hello Henki,

      Thanks for taking your time and sharing your views. Just like you I also do not buy the idea of any quick fix or magical programs, I believe personal development is a gradual progress. But there was something about this product that really caused some quick changes in my life.

      I completely agree with you that this is for the purpose of clearing beliefs that block the abundance thoughts for a person and that one needs to do form new positive beliefs by consistently practicing the obvious personal growth techniques. Like I prefer mindfulness, insight meditation, free flow visualization and energy clearing.

      However, as I have mentioned in the post, there were visualizations in the old product which kind of filled that gap too, I really do not know why they changed it to subliminals. I have not tried the new version so I am really willing to know how good it is, so please do update your progress. Would love to hear your story 🙂

  7. Anna

    Hi there,

    I am really stuck! I purchased 15 minute manifestation through watching the Youtube video by Eddie Sergey. I clicked the link below and followed all instructions and was really intrigued. He offered me more cd downloads deals such as 15 minute relationship magic etc, and I clicked next saying no as i didn’t want to purchase them right now. I did this order all through my phone and watching it on my iPhone.

    The last page where I had to watch a video about 15 Minute relationship magic left me with no next button to tap at all just done in the top left. Thats all i could press so i did and now I can’t find my purchase anywhere or know where to find my downloads of 15 minute manifestation.

    Where do I retrieve it? I paid through he secure system called CLCK or something? Please help me someone! I would love to start listening these 15 minute clips today.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Do you have the access to the dashboard? Check the email you provided for the purchase. You don’t really have to worry, you can always contact Clickbank with your transaction details for any such issues.

  8. karthi

    HI Hari,
    I tried buying this product for last one week but couldnt.
    I used my credit card and even debit card but i am getting the error card is not approved and use another card.even friends tried with their cards and got the same mesage,can you help me how to resolve the issues.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      I am just a user of the product, so it is not possible for me to help you with this issue. However, if you want I can contact the makers using the customer care facility provided by the makers and give your email to them, maybe they will assist you. I will not share your email with them without your concern, so let me know if you want me to proceed.

      1. karthi

        HI Hari,
        Thanks for your kind information.can you please share my email id to the customer care
        so that they can help in getting the product.

        Thanks a lot,

  9. Tiara

    Hi everyone, not sure if my first comment posted to the forum. However, I am a 25 year old recent college grad. I saw this product on Youtube and was astonished by the presentation, like everyone else. But, I also am very skeptical of this product. Like many of you have said, there is no quick fix. On the other hand, I do believe in the science behind this product. I really want to try it. But do not want to waste money, as I am just beginning my journey in a new career field and trying to start a business as well. Any recommendations as to whether I should try this product? Or any suggestions on maybe some better self help tools out there? I would really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Hi Tiara,

      You can see how positive I am about this product and how I believe how it can help others as well like it did to me, but I don’t want you to take this decision in a confused and rushed state.

      Why don’t you try things the way you know it and invest money on a personal development program when spending a few bucks on a personal development program won’t seem like a “waste of money”..that’s a block and you need to clear that before taking any action otherwise, nothing will work for you because you are not able to believe that’s possible.

      I suggest that you read some good books (here’s a list you may like) and clear your money limiting beliefs, there will come a time when spending on this program will not be that difficult or confusing to you like it is now.

  10. Lisa

    Would like to purchase, but like so many others, the clickbank says error. I have tried 3 times, it simply does not work. I have never had a problem with my card to order anything. You have my full consent to share my email with customer service of Eddy Sergys site so I can go ahead and order. Thank you Hari.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Hii Lisa,

      I have contacted them and shared your email id, they will soon get to you and further assist you with the buying process. Have a great day 🙂

      1. HARI S NAIR Post author

        Here’s what they told me about your issue, Lisa:-

        Clickbank has approved this purchase.
        So the decline must have come from this person’s Credit Card Provider.
        Can you ask her to try a different credit card, or try using PayPal?

  11. Mary

    So are the audios automatically going to be saved to my phone ? I don’t have much memory space left so would I need to get an external sd ?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      You will have to manually download them one by one from your dashboard, you can access it anytime online so you can delete it after using and download the next one.

  12. Muhammad Abubakar

    I have trying to buy this product for more than a month now, but like so many others, the clickbank returns an error. I have tried several times even with paypal account but it did not work. may be because my country Nigeria was not in the country list. I have never had a problem with my card to order anything. You have my full consent to share my email with customer service of Eddy Sergys site. please help me out. Thank you.

  13. Rich Williams

    Concerning the clickbank error, I tried to become an associate and got a Clickbank error message saying the site had been closed for a “vioation of terms”. Not accusing…just supposing…but that usually happens when
    the vendor (Eddie Sergey) doesn’t honor refunds, doesn’t pay affiliates’ commissions etc or any actions Clickbank doesn’t like.
    Also the comments about voice over and hidden commands/instructions, the hidden commands should work better because the conscious mind wants to analyze, argue, and reject any idea not in line with YOUR established way of thinking. Right or wrong they are your thoughts and the EDITOR doesn’t want anybody messing with them. The whole idea behind subliminal commands is they BYPASS the conscious mind-the part listening and hearing…and rejecting before they can impart change. It’s all about survival…
    you may be miserable but you’re alive. Some new idea or course of action might get you killed! So the EDITOR, thinking it is dutifully keeping you alive-albeit in misery- maintains status quo. But if our hero Eddie had, as he said, met with the top minds in the subliminal recording field he should have already known this. If so, why would he release the spoken word version.
    Lastly, about adding your own thoughts, we must have our goals in mind BEFORE we order this or any self help program. Would you set out on a journey without a destination in mind? No telling where you might end up! Spend 79 cents on a spiral note book-on the first page write the date you begin, and for 30 minutes straight WRITE DOWN everything you want to have, do, or be. Be specific…not More Money…write out “I intend to earn/create/experience $1000 dollars a week from my internet business”. Don’t be discouraged if you only receive 50 bucks the first week. Muster whatever feeling of joy, gratitude, appreciation and genuinely give thanks for this tremendous increase. Go back and read the goal YOU wrote down and instead of thinking to yourself “This ain’t workin’ ” Give yourself a pat on the back and say “Hey, I’m gettin’ there ! ” Jesus said Whatsoever you ask for when you pray, pray believing you have received it, and you shall have it. In the same book it is written FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. Just sitting in your easy chair with head phones on will rarely produce the results you desWriting down your goals is a start, re-reading your goals at least once a day is a small step (remember WORKS?),
    listening with head phones is re-inforcement, but we MUST take action daily that moves us toward our destination. Upon awakening, the first thought comes to mind should be “What action can I take today that moves me in the direction of my goal(s)? If your spiral notebook is by the bed, read your list.
    Continue this for one year and you will be amazed how many of your goals have been achieved as if by
    You will find new, bigger, better goals will pop into your head. Start a new page in that spiral notebook with a new date. When your immediate needs are met, more income, newer car, nicer home, you may find the goals popping into your head are along the lines of how can I help/improve/uplift my friends,
    family, community, town, state, country…the world. Write those in your goals list…with a date…and it won’t be that long before you find you are becoming the person you were sent here to be.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      As per my knowledge Clickbank handles all the returns, payments and affiliate commissions, the vendor does not have that control.

      Why would people trust Clickbank if any such controls were given to the vendors? No one has reported any fault with the refund process here yet, if I ever face such problem with any product, I will contact Clickbank directly.

      Many people are experiencing the problem in making payments, probably the reason is that their cards are not being accepted, and there are many others who are not experiencing any problem…I am personally in touch with the vendor to make them aware of this issue.

      The program is a subliminal message based one now, earlier it used a voice over and I liked that too because putting a person in the aplha state is all needed to lessen the resistance from conscious mind, you don’t always need a subliminal for that.

      I like the idea of writing your goals you have mentioned here, that really is an essential step but one should also work on the emotions associated with the goals, the inner work is very essential. Both sowing the seeds as well as pulling out the weeds has its role in the garden. Programs that work to alter our inner beliefs are helping us to pull out the weeds.

      I always prefer to try something and then decide whether it works or not, so I would suggest please try the product before making any judgements about it.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Sorry for late reply Ferdinand, I can only suggest you programs based on your requirement and purpose so, kindly email me and explain what exactly you are looking for.

  14. Tunahan

    If my main language is not english, will this program still be affective ?

    And is it able to buy from Turkey ?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Well, since you are able to speak and understand the language and also as they have changed the audios to the subliminal now (which means you will not hear any voice, only sounds), it should work for you in my opinion. I do not know if it is available in Turkey or not.

  15. Harry


    how do you use it? You listen to tape one for 15 minutes a day? And what are going to do with second and third tape? Do you listen to each on each day in a row?

  16. Tunahan

    Thanks for the fast reply. I’m gonna get this program as soon as possible, this was kinda the thing that I was looking for months and here it is. I believe its going to work.

    But I’m looking for another programs too in case of not being able to buy it from here. Do you have any suggestions ?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Well, in order to suggest you something I will first have to know what your exact requirements are and I cannot have that conversation in this comment area, shoot me an email if you wish to and let me know what is your current state and what are your goals.

  17. Deniz

    I really want to buy that program but it keeps giving this error, ” Your order was not approved. Please try another card. ” .

    What am I gonna do can you help me ? I’m trying to contact with Clickbank but nothing is working :/

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Well, Deniz, the only way I can help you with this problem is by bringing the issue to the attention of their customer care as I have done for some other people here but for doing that, I will need your consent to share your email id with them.

        1. HARI S NAIR Post author

          Deniz, I have removed the email part from the comment. I am sending them an email on your behalf, I hope the problem will be solved. I will email you if I get any response from their side.

          1. Deniz

            Thank you so much for taking care of my problem! I won’t forget your help because this program is very important for me.

            I talked to Clickbank support but they couldn’t help me. I was wondering if I can talk to Sergey himself if nothing works.

          2. HARI S NAIR Post author

            I don’t think it is that easy to contact Eddie Sergey, I have never been able to talk to him directly till now. But the good news is, I received a reply from their customer support (I am in constant touch with them since many people have needed this kind of help for a while here).

            They are looking into the matter and I am waiting for their reply. I wholeheartedly hope you will be able to buy this product.

  18. Deniz

    I appreciate it. You can’t even guess how much you made me happy 🙂

    Thank you so much for being such a helpful person. I’ll never forget this 🙂

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      I am more than happy to be able to help you, Deniz..lets see what they are going to do about the issue. I am looking forward to hearing from them or maybe they will contact you.

  19. Steve

    Hi Thanks for your assistance and review! I made the mistake of reading comments below the youtube video regarding dark or evil entities that appear while you sleep or are “out of body”. Any experiences in this regard? Any suggestions if this, in fact, occurs?

    Thank you.


    1. HARI S NAIR Post author


      Lol..I can only think that this might be something done by the competitors of the product.

      People have so many things to say and they believe in what they want..what they believe can even manifest to make their beliefs strong..you see.

      I have never had any such experience with this product. But for years I have attempted astral projection (out of body experience) without any success (now I have lost interest in such things, I have far more important things to focus on).

      However, I have many times faced sleep paralysis (which is similar to what you mentioned) and false awakenings since I used to love lucid dreaming. That’s a common thing and can happen to anyone you can read more on that here.

  20. Hrishikesh

    Hi Hari,

    I saw several reviews of this product which looked fake to me as they were nothing more than marketing gimmicks who wanted to promote the product. Yours was the only one I thought was based out of a first hand experience.
    However I want to mention here that I have been using this product for almost 30 days in succession. ( I already completed one 21 days cycle and started again) But I haven’t manifested anything significant or noteworthy as such. While I have made few determined attempts at starting few things which I didn’t do in the past, but I can attribute that to some other self help stuff as well that I have been using apart from this product.
    I was looking forward to manifesting few things that I wanted but guess I am still in the process of doing that and not accomplished yet.
    Hence I am not sure whether I should return this product or continue using it as it is even beyond two 21 days cycles. Your thoughts will be appreciated on that.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Funny that you have mentioned something similar to what I have mentioned in the post about using other programs along-with this and not entirely sure about what worked.

      See, according to my experience, I have manifested “money” seriously as I made more sales through my online business than usual but our experiences cannot be similar.

      What may work for me can prove out to be useless to you. Though I do not want to directly suggest you what to do, I will say that you must go according to what your hearts says.

      The best person who knows what will work for you is yourself, so trust your intuition and make a decision, all the best!

  21. Henry.J

    Hi Hari
    When U Say Theta Frequency Do U Mean Theta State Of Mind,cause Thats A Very Deep & Powerful State,where Anything Is Possible + How Do U Feel At The Exact Moment Of Usage?!

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Sorry, but I don’t think you have read my review because I have not mentioned experiencing any theta frequency here, but I have mentioned it in the beginning and that I have done to point out how the product is being marketed by the makers.

  22. Nyree

    Hi, could you please tell me if I will need to be online every time I listen to the audio’s even after they have been downloaded?

    I have limited wifi. The initial download wouldn’t be a issue, however, if I require wifi for each time I listen, unfortunately it’s going to be a deal breaking for me.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Nyree, you won’t have to come online to listen to these audios every time. They are downloadable and once you have downloaded it on your computer or mobile, you can use it anytime you want.


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