Physical Symptoms of Emotional Trauma

Your physical pain can be a result of an emotional trauma that you must have experienced in the past, many spiritual teachings have been talking about this for thousands of years but now science is also discovering the great connection between mind and body.

Our body reflects our mind’s state and when we are not emotionally healthy, our body’s immunity is reduced when we feel fear. This is a well-known phenomenon among people because getting the flu or fever right before school exams has been a common thing in the childhood days for many people.

However, some very serious life issues can cause a certain type of body pain. In spiritual terms, it is addressed as the physical symptom of emotional baggage we carry unknowingly.

It is also said that our inner-self communicates to us that way so as to remind us that we need to release some of the old memories, I really learned a lot of things about my mind and body connection while learning energy clearing from Jeffery Allen’s Duality program.

However, in this post, I am going to share how physical pain is caused by emotional issues in a way that it will make perfect sense to you even if you are a person with a dominating logical part of the brain.

The Mind and Body Connection

Our mind has the power to change the biological functions of our body, though with conscious thinking one can get some evidence to know the truth about that easily, this gets deeper and complex when we look into how the subconscious beliefs affect our health.

In my post on the connection between weight loss and mind conditioning, I have explained how our mind regulates our weight based on our psychology, likewise, any physical problem can be caused by a person’s psychological issues.

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The cause is not always something very logical because our subconscious mind is like a kid, but it is a powerful thing, I will explain that to you with an example of my own story later.

What happens is that we have formed various beliefs in our subconscious mind which control our unconscious actions/behavior and also many biological functions of our body, mostly these beliefs are formed during our childhood and the symptoms can show up anytime during our lifetime.

Since we have felt some intense emotions when we formed those beliefs, our body will react in a certain way to it and that can become significant when you experience it as some kind of a pain in your body.

People from all around the world have experienced incurable pain in various parts of their body which cannot be identified by any type of diagnosis, that’s because the pain is not generated in that particular body part but it exists strongly in a person’s mind.

Not only that, sometimes even a physical condition that can be diagnosed is indirectly caused by a person’s inner state.

Hypnotherapy for Pain Treatment

Nowadays therapists are using hypnotherapy to treat physical pain by communicating with people’s subconscious mind and that’s what now we are now going to look into.

We all have heard that the state of hypnosis can be used as an alternative to painkillers but when we can work on the cause of a physical problem using this method, we are actually working on finding a permanent solution.

I am not saying, one should completely depend on something that works on the mind, physical treatment is obviously essential, but side by side you should also do something to find a cause for your problems in your vast powerful subconscious mind.

Ancient energy healing practices give a clear idea about how our body stores emotions, for example, back pain, has been considered as a sign of deeply suppressed anger.

I met with a small accident a few years ago, which caused me back pains and though it was completely gone within a few months I started experiencing those back pains again a year later.

X-Rays showed no signs of any physical problem and doctors confirmed that it was some kind of muscle pain. I dealt with it for some time until in a hypnotherapy session from Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised program I found that I have suppressed a lot of anger that arose from a past event, I worked on releasing that anger especially using forgiveness and now I don’t feel that pain anymore.

You may have thought that someone might have caused me a lot of emotional pain to be so angry, actually, it was towards a friend of mine who made fun of me in front of other kids in my childhood, I was not even aware of that memory and this happens most of the time when I try to find a cause of a problem by communicating with my subconscious mind because as I have said earlier what matters a lot to our inner mind may not make any sense to us on the conscious level.

It was hard to believe for me initially, but when I realized how our mind can control our bodily functions, it became easy for me to use this for various other physical problems. Not everything got solved, but yes it worked well on a lot of stuff, whereas, in the areas I have not found any positive results, I believe that there is some more inner work needed to be done.

If you too have any physical pain that is causing a lot of trouble for you then along with whatever treatment you are preferring I would suggest you to also consider that it can be a result of some deep unresolved emotional problems and do something to work on your inner world.

You can try my energy healing methods if you believe that spiritual healing works or you can opt for a good hypnotherapy program as I did.


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