20 Characteristics of Emotionally Healthy People

What are some characteristics of emotionally healthy people? I know you might already be having a few ideas in your mind to answer that question right now, but the chances are that those thoughts might be based on your current mindset rather than the actual truth.

We look at others from the perspective of our current state and that angle would change when we move on to a different state, so, our opinion of emotional wellness is often temporary.

Hence, it is first necessary to understand what it really means to be emotionally healthy because then only we could have a proper discussion on this subject.

The True Meaning of Emotional Wellness

The idea that defines a happy person is also a mental thing which has nothing to do with the reality, that is a conjecture we form by looking at our personal needs to which we have attached our happiness, that “happy person” thought is also an imaginary ever changing picture for every person in the planet.

I want you to understand that when I say “emotional wellness” I am not talking about the perfect state of “everlasting joy” instead it refers to a virtue which enables a person to be at peace with their own existence and everything else.

A happy person is someone who is in a temporary state of exaltation which obviously results from something that happens in the external world, whereas, an emotionally healthy person is the one who is not much affected by people, circumstances, situations, etc.

Higher the ability of a person to safeguard their inner peace the better they get emotionally. I am talking about true detachment, not the pretension.

20 Qualities of an Ideal Emotional Health

Now let us look at the characteristics of emotionally healthy people, I am not writing this so that you may read it to criticize yourself. No one is perfect and these are traits that you can acquire by taking care of your inner world.

1 – Full Responsibility: – They don’t blame others or God for what happens in their lives, instead they take complete responsibility of every situation.

2 – Open-Mindedness: – One very common symptom of emotional weakness is the difficulty to rise above one’s old beliefs and become receptive to the new ideas. This brings me to the next point.

3 – No Need to Be Right: – A content person knows that all our beliefs keep changing so, there is no use of trying to prove one’s views right.

4 – Unaffected by the Opinions of Others: – When you have no intention to be right, you have nothing to defend, thus other people lose their power over you. This makes you immune to the criticism, that’s another good indicator of a healthy mind.

5 – Never Get into Emotional Dramas or Power Games: – From the above points it becomes obvious that a person who is in a good emotional state knows how to shield themselves from the emotional dramas that drain one’s energy.

6 – Feeling the Connection: – A person who has inner peace knows that everything in this world is connected and this gets reflected in their actions as they treat everything in their outer world with love. Such people have the ability to treat others nicely, even when they are facing various difficulties in life.

7 – Comfortable in Both Crowd and Solitude: – Talking about feeling the connection, reminds me of this particular quality of a content person. Some people are extroverts and always need company on the other hand some prefer to stay alone, both are symptoms of a deep emotional need.

8- Highly Conscious and Aware: – We all have some strong beliefs present in our subconscious mind that produces unconscious reactions whenever we face unfavorable situations, this is the reason why we mess things up in such circumstances.

Being able to be conscious of one’s inner workings helps to avoid such reactions, it is one of the prime attributes of a good emotional health and it also gives the person a better self-control.

9 – A Good Listener and Communicator: – Not being able to speak your heart or to actively listen to others is a sign of emotional weakness.

A person who speaks mindfully and listens to others with total presence could be called emotionally fit.

10 – Healthy Relationships: – Content people form bonds based on love. Relationships built on the foundation of needs are the ones that create problems.

11 – Unstoppable by Fear: – Everyone is troubled by fear, but serenity of mind gives the self-confidence to act inspite of such fears (like fear of failure) which makes one indecisive.

12 – Perseverance: – If you are internally strong, you will persistently work towards your goals during hard times without giving up.

13 – Ability to Let Go: – We talked about not giving up and now we are talking about letting go, that might seem contrary, but it is not. To “let go” means to stop holding on to anything that creates an emotional turmoil.

14 – No Need of Outside Approval: – Mental fitness allows a person to be at total peace without the need of anyone’s approval.

15 Present Moment Awareness: – Most of the mental afflictions are born out of one’s habit of dwelling in the negative past or worrisome future. Present moment awareness is an act of bringing one’s attention completely into the present moment and that leads to a good mind-state.

One, who has gained the serenity of mind, lives more in the present moment rather than thinking of the past or future.

You can try meditation or mindfulness exercises for this purpose.

16 Capable of Shifting the Focus: – If you will ask me, I will declare a person totally emotionally fit if they can deliberately change their focus from the negative thoughts to the positive ones, because this one problem of not being able to bring ourselves out of various mind states is what makes us weak.

17 Positive Self-Talk: – The previous point reminds me of the self-talk. We all have this little background voice that engages us in various types of self-talks.

If one could train this voice in a way that it starts to motivate and encourage them, then they can avoid any type of inner conflict.

18 Accept What Is: – Man’s despair is caused by their efforts to control people and situations so, a person who is in total harmony with their life is capable of accepting everything as it is without trying to change anything outside of them.

19 Self-Love: – People often make a mistake in understanding this concept, self-love is not selfishness, it is a quality that enables one to be strong, optimistic and motivated.

You cannot spread happiness without being a happy person so, this is a very important attribute of an emotionally healthy person.

20 Intuitive Decisions: – Finally, I would like to mention this very essential factor that could be seen in the lives of those who have that inner peace. It’s the ability to listen to your heart and take decisions based on intuition.


Spiritually speaking, a good emotional state is a symptom of a healed heart chakra and I recommend the heart center awakening guided meditation by Christie for this purpose which she offers in her free energetic breakthrough kit.


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