The State of Flow-Living Your Life Purpose

There is a lot of information available these days on the law of attraction and the art of deliberate creation which offers you numerous tools to attract the life of your desire.

Undoubtedly you can achieve or have your dream life if you learn to use these tools properly and if you gain a good understanding of how the laws of universe works but, reaching anywhere in life won’t give you happiness until you learn to live in the present moment.

Yes, the law of attraction can bring you the desired car, house, wealth or ideal life partner, but it can’t bring you the “joy”.

The irony here is we are all looking for “joy” in the outside appearances of life without knowing that we are actually trying to find happiness in the mind made illusions when it is something which is related to our inner world.

In life, we all have the option to create our external reality and try to seek the “joy” in the life we have attracted or to find our “joy” first and then to create our external reality playfully.

To find the “joy”, one has to live his life purpose.

What Is Life Purpose and How to Find It?

If you have been thinking that we all have a unique life purpose to fulfill for which the god has sent us on this planet then let me tell you it is not at all true, god gave us our free will to decide our life purpose!

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So, if we have the option to choose our life purpose then we can choose anything right? Why is then that we should bother about finding our life purpose?

It’s because we have to find the place in this planet which truly gives us happiness, as Jose Campbell put it we have to “follow our bliss” and in order to do that we will have to find out what in this world does gives us our true happiness..this varies from person to person.

Finding Your Life Purpose

Our desires in life are usually motivated by the concepts or judgments that we have formed in our mind consciously or unconsciously.

For example- Movies or stories has wired our brain in a way that getting a perfect life partner will complete our life..we have been watching them since childhood.. “and they lived happily ever after”.

This is a deeply rooted unconscious belief which makes people to search a partner who can make them happy..!!

Similarly we have so many false ideas about what in life will give us happiness.

Finding our life purpose is however not that difficult, it is just what makes us happy…

It’s Not….

..Something which will earn us money..(People confuse earning money with their life purpose the most; there are tons of ways to make money)

..Something we will achieve in future (You can do it now)

..Something we can only do when the conditions are appropriate

..Something that will give us any kind of advantage in outside world

It is simply doing something which makes us to feel good. However, it can give us all other things listed above but that is secondary.

The State of Flow

When you find your life purpose and start to follow it you get into to a rare state of mind which is called as the state of flow.

The state of flow happens when you are happy with your current life doing whatever you are doing presently and you also have visions he future. In this state a person is in a meditation like condition where he completely enjoys what he is doing.

In such a state a person is totally in the present moment as a result of which manifestations of his desires happens with ease and the universe starts to arrange perfect happenings in order to fulfill his visions.

But, do you know what the best part of all this is?

It is that the person’s happiness does not anymore depends on what he is getting in the outside world, he of course enjoys what he has gained in his outside life but, it is all like a fun play for him which won’t affect his emotional state.


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