My Favorite Lucid Dream Mask Review

In this lucid dream mask review, I am going to tell you about the one sleep mask that I use which is the best one available in the stores right now according to lucid dream masks work

See, when I was a beginner lucid dreamer, I believed in many crappy products that claimed to induce lucid dreams with the help of REM detection, you know what I am talking about right?

Such devices may have worked for people, but I prefer natural ways, I don’t want my body to be uncomfortable in any way while sleeping and I will never suggest you messing up your natural sleep cycles because your mind states depend on it.

What I want people to understand is that lucid dreaming is all about practice and knowing your mind better, especially by becoming more conscious in the waking life.

However, a sound sleep matters a lot for lucid dreaming which requires that you sleep in complete darkness. No matter how hard you try a little light is always present in the room, that’s why sleep masks are very helpful not only for a sound sleep but also for having vivid dreams that conscious dreamers always desire.

Trust me, I can promote any lucid dream mask here, but to be honest, all you need is a good regular sleep mask and I am going to tell you about the one that I use.

Dream Essentials Escape Sleep Mask

I ordered this sleep mask after reading some very positive dream essentials reviews on amazon and now it has become a must for me to sleep.

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I won’t say I am addicted to it, I can sleep well without it, but, I have had some very memorable lucid dream experiences after using this mask and it also helps me to sleep better.

The mask is very comfortable, I hardly feel any inconvenience wearing it and it blocks light very efficiently, you can wear it and see for yourself that not a little amount of light passes through it even on the bright sunny days.

I also got earplugs and carry pouch with it, feels good to get something for free, but I have never used it. Sounds has never been a problem for me, I have had lucid dreams even during times when I dozed off for a while listening to songs on my phone.
lucid dreaming mask reviews

What I like the most about this product is that it has very comfortably built eyecups, which allows normal eye moments, it means that you can actually open your eyes while wearing it.

Many times while having conscious dreams, I have unwillingly opened my eyes to find myself fully awake because of the light in the environment, but with this mask,  I believe that I would have surely continued many dreams if that happened because I have never woke up in the middle of a dream while wearing this.

One last thing I would like to say about this sleep mask is that it is perfect if you move a lot while sleeping, I do, and unlike some other masks I have tried, it never falls off my eyes.

I have been using it for more than a year now, it still is as new as I bought it, so there are many reasons why I am recommending it to you.


Again, I want to be totally honest with you, use a good sleep mask instead of any lucid dream induction device. Just because you are very desperate to have lucid dreams, doesn’t mean any external aid is going to help you much.

And as I have mentioned earlier, from all the sleep masks I have tried before this one has proved out to be the best for me, and unlike ordering something from untrusted online stores, you can buy dream essentials on amazon.


If you are someone who is just trying to have their first lucid dream then you can read my post on how to induce a lucid dream tonight, but if you are serious about learning this skill to explore your inner world then I would highly recommend you to check out the review of the course that really took my lucid dreaming skill to the next level i.e. dream sculpting program.

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