Fill all your works with love – Role of emotions in actions

To understand this we should watch our thoughts while we do something for others and find out if we are trying to impress them or trying to make them happy.

It does not matter if others think that you are “trying to impress anyone” or “trying to make anyone happy” what matters is what you think, for this let us understand this “Ego Mode” in more detail..

The Ego Mode of Mind

Your ego always wants something from outside in order to feel happy, it looks for appreciation and if it does not get what it wants, then it will make you feel bad about life.

When we do something for others without expecting anything in return then we do not need their praise or any favor to get happy because helping them was a pleasure in itself.

When we always try to get something out of what we are doing our mind gets into a continues turmoil,  this will add up to our sadness and the same cycle keeps on continuing.

A person, who always wants something in return for helping others(even if it is just a “thank you”), will find it hard to help others when he gets nothing, such thoughts will make his life miserable.


How to know when we are about to fall into the trap….

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Sometimes it is hard to know that we have slipped into the state in which are seeking other people’s opinions about us for being happy…

The very starting point when ego gets dominating is when we have the thoughts like “look at me, I am doing this for you”; that is where you have to catch it before it takes control of you.

While doing any work if you can just spot these thoughts in the initial stage itself then you can easily escape this trap.


Why should I not expect something for what I do?


People ask such things when they do not get something immediately in return for their efforts, we must realize that we are not dealing with the people but with the universal power and you may be paying for something that you have already received from life or your reward may be arriving in the near future…

Your emotions matter more than your actions.

Our mind has a habit of forgetting the good that it receives, but it holds on to something for which we got nothing in return, actually those calculations are beyond our understanding and we must enjoy whatever we do.

When you can always keep in mind that you are dealing with the universal power and not with the people then nobody will be able to hurt you in any manner because you know that according to the universal laws you will get what you give.


Do not do a favor to anyone for the sake of the relationship, if you are doing something that you do not love, with the fear of losing people then you are wasting your precious energy and this again is something in which your ego is dominating.

Do what you love and fill it with your good thoughts, pour vibrations of love in it so that it could go on spreading those good emotions and know that you will receive what you want!!!..


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