Form an Attitude of Non Resistance-Whatever You Resist Will Persist!

Contrary to most of the traditional philosophies, the universal law of nonresistance says that when you fight against a problem it keeps getting stronger.

We like to wrestle with the obstacles in our path and that is the only way we have ever known fight..fight..fight.. The result? Your problems become insurmountable and you lose all the energy.

I am not saying that you should stop pursuing your goals but what I am saying is to stop thinking about the problem and shift your focus towards the solution.

Breaking the door is not always the solution sometimes you have to stop and take a look at all the other possibilities, who knows? there is a chance that you might be trying to break a door that wasn’t actually locked.

Your mind is a powerful thing and it creates your reality based on the thoughts you think. So, worrying about a problem leads to a bigger problem and when you fight against your problems you kind of get into a never ending trouble that’s why C.G Jung said, “what you resist persists”.

You Create Your Problems

It is said that every problem in our lives is nothing but an illusion, now that statement seems to be very hypothetical but I am sure that every person reading this would agree that when they look back at the biggest problems of their past, they appear totally insignificant in the present moment and you may also wonder why you took so much pressure to overcome them.You know why? It is because now you have become capable enough to easily cope up with such circumstances.

Hurdles are simply things that block your path but it is you who labels them as “problems” and it is also you who decides how much difficult it would be to clear them.

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Even “Homework” and “Teachers” were nightmares when we were kids.. Isn’t it..? But, now we wish to go back to those good old school days.

The problem is in our “head” and hindrances can never stop us if we could learn to stop seeing them as “problems” which means we should stop feeling despondent by thinking negatively.

This way we get bigger than our problems, winning is all about changing your perspective in a way that you are able to see the path of least resistance to reach your goals.

Four Essential Steps to Develop an Attitude of Non-Resistance:-

Stop Fighting with the World

I have seen so many people who are very good at their hearts and they also do good to others but, still they live in misery believing that the world is unfair to them.

This is because in every moment of their lives they are dealing with a mind made false “evil world” and they will do anything to defend such notions.

Ever heard some people say “this world is a difficult place to live”?, That is their reality and this is why they are getting the results that are not favorable.

You can always choose to believe that “this world is a beautiful place” and by having faith in the power of universe that will become your truth but, stop fighting with the world to prove yourself right because what we call “the world” in context to such opinions is a “personal world” not the actual one.

Stop Fighting with Your Thoughts

As I have discussed in the post “the Law of Orderly Thinking“, your mind is like a wild horse which can cause total destruction if not controlled but, when you tame it you have the best servant in the world by your side.


Now, this is a common mistake we always make, whenever a negative thought comes in our minds we regret of having such bad thoughts and we will then fight with it, however, it keeps coming back.

The key is to “let go” without putting a lot of effort, think something like “okay it is just a thought, it will come and go.. so what?

Building a positive mindset is not about having only good thoughts in your can’t, because thoughts are never in your control but what is in your control is your “focus”..You have the power to discard a negative thought and turn towards the positive ones.

Learn to Deal with Negative People

We all have to deal with negative people in our lives and some of them are energy vampires who will change your emotions, drain your energy and leave you in a bad mind state.

The reason why we get influenced from such negative people is because we make a huge mistake of defending our beliefs by arguing with them, this is what enables them to win the battle.

An easy way by which we can deal with those people is to think of them as little kids who are just speaking something that does not make any sense at all.

Trust me, such people don’t want to accept “empowering beliefs” because they love playing a victim and you should be okay with the path that they have chosen.
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Accept Negative Situations

Ups and downs are just part of life so whenever such situations arise do not fight with them just accept it and try to find the way out.

This is a very tough task because when our life is perfectly okay and all of a sudden we have to face something undesired we are never able to accept it and we want things to be different, this worrisome thought of wanting things to be different is what makes such situations worse.


Whenever things are not going right in your life you have two options-You can either worry and fret over why it has happened or you can do something about it.Choosing the latter way is what it means to be in harmony with the law of non-resistance.


I know you like being a fighter, we all do but, we should not fight with people, world, thoughts and circumstances we should fight with the part inside us that does not allow us to take the path of least resistance because getting into the state of flow is what makes you a winner.


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