Function of the Reticular Activating System and Its Role in LOA

In this post I am going to talk with you about the function of the reticular activating system(RAS) which is a specific section of our brain that is claimed to be related with the law of attraction process by the new age believers.

If you are someone who is familiar with the law of attraction and applying various methods to achieve your desired goals using those LOA principles then you might have realized that you automatically start to notice all the things related to your goals in the external world.

New age beliefs say that it is the universe showing you the signs that your desire is under the process of manifestation whereas there is also a biological phenomenon behind it which is one of the function of a brain part called as the reticular activating system(RAS).

The goal related stuff flashes in front of your eyes as if some invisible force is trying to remind you what you have asked from the universe.

For example in my case, I have set a goal to buy a particular car and whenever I am walking in the street that car passes by flashing its logo in front of my eyes, what’s so amazing about this is-It happens every time!

I was astonished with this sudden appearance of my desired car everywhere I go then I came to know about the reticular activate system which answered my questions in a practical way, but still I would prefer to believe that this particular mechanism is an indication of LOA at work.

What Is RAS and How It Works?

RAS, is basically a part of the brain that consists a set of connected nuclei which takes care of various bodily operations and it also regulates the sleep/wake cycles.

However, RAS also plays an important role in causing increased alertness from relaxed wakefulness and what is more interesting thing about this brain section is that it acts as a doorway for the information that we receive using our senses.

This means that every bit of information that we receive from our environment is filtered by this brain system.

The Information Filtering Process

You might be wondering what decides this information filtering process?-The reticular activating system only allows the data to enter to our conscious attention that is relevant to us.

The relevancy of the data depends on our interests, beliefs and needs.

This means that we unconsciously reject so many sounds, visions and other forms of information from our environment; this is a much more complicated process than how it appears because we actually receive millions of bytes of data every second but, only the selected ones are brought into our conscious attention.

Let me use some examples to explain this…!!

A simple example would be your hearing of your name in a crowded noisy place, your mind filters up all the unwanted sounds and enables you to hear your name being called.

A visual example of this would be your spotting of your friend in a public place, his face lights up in the crowd and you are able to ignore all other people except this particular individual.

You might have experienced this while learning a new language or improving your vocabulary, you learn a new particular word and then it starts to appear in various ways in your world-In books, newspapers, songs, conversations etc whereas it was non-existing for you before.

By knowing about this function of the brain we get to see the truthfulness of the old saying “perception is reality” but only for “you” because someone else’s reality is different whereas in truth there is no one reality but numerous possibilities and that is what I have discussed in more detail in the post- Existence beyond Reality.

How Is All This Related to the Law of Attraction?

Now, from the above discussion we can infer that our senses depends on our mind and the world appears to us the way our mind has been programmed, we only get access to the information that is relevant to us in some way.

So, when you start to use the law of attraction tools like visualization, affirmation, intention setting etc, you are ordering your brain to work in the direction of the desire on which you have been focusing and this way you are programming your mind radar to catch the information that are essential for your success.

Once you clear the way for your goal related information, then you will receive the ideas that can lead you to the winning post!!


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