How to Cure Insomnia in 9 Simple Steps – Natural Remedies

Something very unforgettable happened in my life because of sleep deprivation, which is why I am going to write this post which will help you to cure your insomnia in 9 simple natural ways that I learned from various sources when I faced this problem.

Last year, I went through one of the hardest periods of my life because I ignored my insomnia. Consecutive sleepless nights for more than a week lead to a consequence that now seems like a past nightmare which I don’t like to get reminded of.

I want you to understand from this post that a good night’s sleep of more than 7 hours is as essential for our body’s healthy functioning as much food is.

Your busy life may demand you to compromise sleep, but if you will do that, then frankly speaking, get ready to pay the price by losing good health.

I just can’t find appropriate words to emphasize how much crucial deep night’s sleep is for a person who wishes to have a stress-free life.

Before getting into the remedies I would like to highlight the ill effects of sleep deprivation so that you can see of the seriousness of this issue.

Harmful Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Reduced Sleep Hours Can Cause:-

-Heart related diseases, increase in blood pressure, low stamina and immunity.

-Mind related afflictions like depression, anxiety, anger, stress, frustration, etc.

-Weak memory and difficulty in recalling the recent events quickly.

-Weight gain.

-Lower mental alertness.

Teenagers and kids should sleep for more than 9 hours as less amount of sleep may affect their IQ and concentration.

It is when we are asleep various organs in our body are repaired and brain releases growth hormones.

Since a good slumber allows our mind to take care of our emotional health, it helps us to be happy and also makes us smarter by recharging the mind to function better.

Alright, now I am going to provide you the steps that will help you to have a good slumber every night.

9 Steps to Have a Good Night Sleep

1- Have a Proper Sleep Timing

Fix a regular 8+ hour schedule to sleep and follow it regularly. There is a biological clock inside us that tells our body when to sleep and when to wake up based on our usual sleep hours.

Also known as circadian rhythms, these are patterns of biological processes happening inside us every day and by having a proper sleep time you will allow it to happen naturally and appropriately.

2- Avoid Caffeine Intake

You may be a coffee lover who cannot live without it, but if you are struggling to fall asleep, then the caffeine in your body might be responsible for that. Try to stay away from anything that contains caffeine for about at least 10 hours before sleeping.

3- Exercises and Yoga

Sometimes a bad slumber could be a result of low body movements. Doing a little exercise can solve this problem, Yoga is best for this purpose because it takes care of your mind along with your body.

4- Healthy Dinner

One of the very essential habits to be cultivated in order to feel totally relaxed when you go to bed is to have a small dinner.

If you could avoid acidic food and eat less before sleeping your digestive system will not be much active, otherwise, it can keep you awake.

Also, try to finish your dinner about 2 hours before sleeping. Whenever I am able to do this, I find it very easy to sleep early.

5- Peaceful Mind

For a calm mind, you need a good slumber and vice versa.

If you can do something to take care of your mind, you will automatically find it easy to fall asleep earlier than usual.

Meditation is a great tool for achieving that inner peace or you can also try mindfulness exercises for this purpose.

6- Making Your Bedroom Conducive for a Good Sleep

Our sleep has a lot to do with the atmosphere of our bedroom. Most important factor here is light, try to sleep in as much dark room as possible, brightness makes it difficult for our mind to relax.

Sound is another hindrance in our purpose, so make sure to sleep in silence because a minute sound of Television from a room in another corner of the house can affect the quality of your sleep.

You can also prefer to use a good sleep mask with earplug for this purpose.

7- Avoid Consuming of Too Much Alcohol

If you have no control over alcohol during nighttime or if you get indulged in frequent late-night parties then you will definitely cause a huge disturbance in your regular sleeping patterns.

Alcohol also keeps your digestive system busy which will make it difficult for your mind to calm down.

8- Medications

I also learned that a few medications can also cause insomnia, I was not taking any drugs so, that wasn’t applicable in my case but, few of my family members were suggested to take a few alternative drugs by the doctor in place of the ones that were causing them to stay awake for more hours than usual.

If you have been taking medicines then it would be a good idea to visit your doctor and find out if any drug that you are taking might be responsible for your sleep deprivation.

9- Stay Away from the Gadgets

I know how difficult it would be for you to switch off your T.V or Computer a couple of minutes earlier than bedtime. Yeah, that includes your cell phone too.

For more than half an hour prior to sleep try to do something that won’t engage your mind a lot. I prefer to read a book before sleeping, it works.

The bright light emitted from these gadgets makes it difficult for your eyes to relax and your mind being caught up in such stuff won’t be that prepared to sleep later on.


These were few methods that can help you to solve your problems, I am very sure that they can really help you to have good nights of sleep if you follow them regularly.

In case you find that you have chronic insomnia then please do visit a doctor before it gets too late.


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