Winter Vee’s Secret Brain System Review and Buying Advice

In this secret brain system review I will be giving you detailed information about Winter Vee’s another program that has gained a lot of attention in the past few months.

I have tried Winter Vee’s programs earlier and I know that this guy is very good at selling things to people, but that doesn’t mean that his products are not good, some of them really had a lot to teach to me.

When it comes to money mindset building and the subconscious mind reprogramming, Winter definitely has a lot of useful things to offer. So, let us take a closer look into this product.

What Is the Secret Brain System?

It is the name given to a course that is based on the concept that we can set our brain’s working to achieve what we want by altering the brain wave frequency using external aids.

This program consists of brainwave entrainment audios that are designed to change one’s brain activity to bring it into an optimized state.

The whole system is about binaural frequency which can be used to activate different parts of one’s brain depending upon what the individual is willing to achieve using his brain power.

These audios are said to make you smarter by accelerating your learning ability and the maker says that these methods are scientifically proven.

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You may have heard the theory that we use only 10% of our brain and we can use 100% of it to unleash the hidden powers present inside us, this product’s promotion also uses that particular conjecture, but don’t buy into that since it is a myth, we use 100% of our brain.I am telling you this so that you don’t expect anything like that from this material.

Inside the Package

Even though, I said earlier that you cannot become a genius using the 100% brain usage concept, but one thing is true that your whole life can change when you alter your old subconscious mind programming, that is your true hidden power.

You will be getting a lot of brainwave entrainment audios along with a pdf manual in this product that will help you to flourish in all areas of your life, I am going to highlight a few ones here that I found interesting: –

Learning Accelerator – As the name suggests, this particular track will help you to become a fast learner. Your mind will get prepared to process the information at a higher speed than before enabling you to acquire new skills quickly.

Ultimate Stress Buster – This audio is said to have to ability to produce chemicals that cause relaxation, this can help you to get rid of stress whenever you want by just listening to this track.

Intense Focus – Who doesn’t want to have a better control of his mind? If we could just learn to focus on what we want, most of our problems will disappear because our mind is a powerful tool that works based on our focus, we create our problems by thinking about them.

You can use this audio that’s prepared with gamma, theta and alpha waves to increase your ability to focus on whatever you want.

Power Workout – An audio track prepared for a very interesting purpose, Workout! This will give you the motivation that is required for sticking to a regular workout schedule.

Super Creativity – This audio track will produce a brainwave frequency that is most appropriate for creativity, it will help you to receive solutions for the problems in your life and most importantly, you will be getting inspirations that can to change your current life.

Life Time Happiness – Apparently, happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved by introducing an individual to the brainwave frequency of that particular state, this track can also cause brain to produce the specific chemicals that can relax one’s mind and make him joyful.

I have only mentioned the ones that I liked here, but there are many more brainwave entrainment audio tracks for different purposes included in this package.

The program comes with three bones modules viz. behavioral transformation, revitalizing sleep and boundless energy. (the bonus materials may change with time, please check the product website to know what they are offering now)

Is Secret Brain System a Scam?

Force the universe to give you what you want and get everything you want in just six seconds. I wouldn’t have thought twice before declaring this system as a cheap trick played to earn a lot of money, from looking at how they promote it.

Adding to that I am not a big fan of binaural beats so, I don’t prefer to promote brainwave entrainment as I have had some unpleasant experiences with them.

Hence, I had a lot of reason to call this program a scam, but after using the program I found that these tracks are good.

They were safe and they definitely had some positive effects on me, like I was able to achieve deeper relaxation and I was able to discern the subtle change in my mind state as promised by the modules.

This material will definitely prove to be a waste of money if your exceptions are based on their promotions, however if you wish to use them for long term benefits then it is worth buying.

Bottom Line

Trust me, thousands of people now are making binaural beats tracks and selling it, in comparison to those audios this product is definitely a good quality one.

If you are interested in optimizing your brainwaves using brainwave entrainment technology, then I would suggest that this product is very appropriate for you.

Looking at the price, I don’t think that this is a bad investment since Winter has included a lot of things generously in the course material.

Best way to know what works is to try it out, so if you are excited about it, I won’t stop you. Just be aware that you may come across many up-sells after buying it.

You can visit the product website here.


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