Humor Can Change Your Life – Mental Benefits of Laughter

You underestimate the power of laughter, don’t you? We all have heard about the mental benefits of laughter like it can heal people, reduce stress, clear mind, etc but actually it is much more than that what we think.

When we laugh we actually use suppressed negative energy in a positive way, this saves us from many mental as well as physical issues (suppressed energy can express itself as a disease or physical discomfort).


Whenever we meet or have a conversation with people, we are also dealing with them on a spiritual level.

People with positive vibrations bring others into the same vibration level and the opposite happens as well. (This is why we feel so good after meeting some people whereas some leaves us with an undesirable feeling; our feelings are actually a tool to analyze the vibrations of people and places)

A person with a good sense of humor leaves every person whom he meets with a feeling of relief and joy, and as we know whatever we give come back to us, so such people attract more situations and people who keep them happy.


You would have met such people who always get something to laugh about while talking to people, they are surrounded by people always and they attract everybody.

Company of such people is a gift truly; they know that spending our precious time in criticizing people, talking about miseries, negative approaches, worrying about the past and future is actually dishonoring the present moment. Life brings to us what we think in our mind mostly.

Few minutes of laughter makes a strong connection with people, it improves relationships, it sends a vibration of joy to the universe and this assures the success in all areas of life.


We have heard this before that laughter can cure diseases and heal people, but hearing alone never makes us aware of the truth and practice is essential.

Whenever we go to meet patients, we always try our best to be sympathetic to them as much as we could, we are trained and programmed to keep away any good emotion that could bring the sufferer to a better emotional level.

Can you imagine what we actually do in negative situations? We stand there and make it worse by joining with so many people who are sending lower vibrations.

I do not mean that we should behave oddly when somebody is in trauma, but if you cannot do something to make a situation better than you must not even add negativity there anymore.

Laughter can actually fill everybody’s life with love, so spend your time with people who make you laugh daily and realize their importance in your life and in the world, moreover you should also learn it from them.


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8 thoughts on “Humor Can Change Your Life – Mental Benefits of Laughter

  1. Matt

    Great article! I fully believe what you are saying there and understand that my thoughts bring into creation everything I think about. I have had some funny looks when I am not crying and whining about something that everyone else is… thanks!

  2. James W D

    I am a firm believer that Humor can help your life. Heck even when I find myself in a more negative mindset, I force myself to smile for a minute and I feel 10 times better.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Good to see that you are becoming more aware about your thoughts and emotions..Even watching the comedy shows and being with fun loving people can help a lot..

  3. Old Codger

    Well done, Hari – a valuable post to remind us to lighten up a bit now and then.
    Humour is a personal thing, as you may find when you watch a so – called comedy show and hear the canned laughter being turned on and off in decidedly unfunny situations, to me, at least. For me, one of the most important aspects of humour has been the ability to laugh at myself, looking at some of the situations I’ve found myself in. I enjoy laughing with others, rather than at others. It really is the best medicine!
    🙂 george

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      First of all, I am so happy to get a comment from you after a long time Sir George, I agree with every word of yours. Humor indeed is a personal thing but when we make up our mind to make our self and others laugh..we find numerous like events. Yes, laughing at oneself is a gift.. thank you so much for visiting 🙂


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