The Impact of Food on Thoughts : Yogic Diet

Clarity of mind and body depends upon the intake of diet that we all take in our day to day life.

According to Ayurveda and Yoga disciplines, the diets may be classified as Sattvic diet Diet, Rajasic Diet, and Tamasic Diet.

The Sattvic  Diet

This kind of diet supports yoga and meditation, it brings calmness and peace in the mind.
Diet effects the different compartments of our brains.

Pure and simple diets have a deep effect on the thoughts that arises in our mind; freshness is the hallmark of yoga diets.

The Sattvic diets are derived from observing ahimsa methods (without hurting any life). Nature gives them in a fresh way and it is taken with love and affection. Such diets bring positive vibrations which help us to go deeper in meditation with ease.

Yogic Diets for the Beginners

The Sattvic diet should be taken slowly and gradually, heavy food makes our mind restless and uncontrollable.

Yoga should not be practiced in empty stomach or after a heavy meal. Beginners should always go for a yogic diet which is acceptable to the body.

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A small quantity of milk and butter is a good diet to improve efficiency. Wheat, red rice, fresh milk, ghee, sugar, oats, is good for increasing prana(life force).

Herbal teas with lemon and water, turmeric, ginger, basil are also a part of these diets.

Rajasic Diets

These type diets increase passion and aggressiveness in human beings. However Rajasic foods are neither beneficial nor detrimental from the spiritual aspects.

Rajasic foods consist of stimulating food and drinks like coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate, spicy food etc.

These kinds of diets are said to cause restlessness which is not good for people practicing yoga and meditation.

Tamasic Food

This type of foods is a source of anger, fear, depression, apathy, etc. Tamasic foods find no mention in the yogic diet because of its nature and effects. They include fish, meat, egg, chilies, beef, garlic, onion, mushroom, stale food, etc.

Yoga discipline suggests that such food causes lethargy, laziness and a fertile land for emitting low energy vibrations which are detrimental to people practicing yoga and meditation.

Effects of Diets on Chakras

The three above mentioned diets have significant effects on the different chakras in our body.

Sattvic diet is good for our higher chakras whereas the tamasic and rajasic food has effects on our lower chakras, this becomes the reasons for the difference in behavioral patterns of people when they take a different type of diets.

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