Implementing the Law of Attraction in Real Life-Make Things Happen!

Reading about metaphysics, watching movies that excites you with these concepts and hearing the stories of other people undoubtedly strengthens the faith you have on your creative ability and motivates you to chase your dreams, but still implementing the law of attraction in real life is much different from the magical “fantasy world” that such movies conjures up in your mind.

My intention here is not at all to discourage you, life being magical or not does not depend on what one has gained from the outer world instead it is a matter of his/her outlook towards the world. Yes, it depends on your perception about the world and life.

Manifesting something into your life is much more practical and simple than how most people look at this process.

Unfortunately, a lot of people enthusiastically try to apply what they have learned from various personal development programs, and then they fail and become skeptics.

Why do they fail? Why manifestation of desires becomes difficult for some people? Why it starts so beautifully and ends up being a mess?

Here is the answer- People tend to mistake this process with some new “out of the world” recipe to create a better life when it is something which they have always been using unknowingly.

If you will use these principles with a better understanding then you will realize that it is a skill to be perfected with practice like any other.

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Here I am going to share with you 3 simple things that you must keep in mind in order to see positive results while using the law of attraction:-

#1- Set Your Goals Properly

In order to achieve the desired results you must select your goals with proper self analysis.

Application of LOA tools like creative visualization and affirmations requires persistence, and you can only be persistent with the goals for which you are truly passionate.

Be sure to set your goals a little higher (just a little) than the limit which you consider to be reachable!

Don’t set goals to which you are too much attached!

#2-Make a Daily Habit to Do the Inner Work Required

More than any other thing what matters the most is the “Inner Work”.

Whatever you are attracting in your life is a direct result of what is going on in your inner world. The beliefs that are present in your subconscious mind decide what you can attain in your physical world.

In order to see the change in the external world you will have to make changes in your inner world.

So, the inner work is most important for you to manifest any desire which is higher than your current reach.

Creative visualization, meditation, positive affirmations etc are few practices using which you can alter your subconscious mind’s programming. So, make sure to set aside few hours daily for these processes and be consistent with it.

#3-Practice Detachment

This is the most essential yet least understood step in the journey of manifesting your desires. You can only have that in your life which you are not blocking from showing up “unconsciously” by worrying about its arrival.

Detachment doesn’t mean that you should take your focus away from something; instead it represents your unwavering faith that you will receive what you have asked for.

In order to practice detachment you will have to stop worrying about the end results and experience it in your imagination as if it has already happened.

I will advise you to take away your attention completely off your desires when you are too much worried about the results.


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