Photo Reading vs Speed Reading-Which One Would You Prefer?

In truth, there could be no comparison between speed reading and photo reading because both are totally different processes when it comes to utilizing them.

Speed reading is like our conventional reading method where you put your attention on the written material in order to comprehend the message represented by those words; this is all about our conscious mind’s involvement.

The only difference between speed reading and regular way of reading is that in speed reading you learn to move your eye faster through the sentences with practice.

On the other hand, photo reading is a subconscious process. Using a special way to look at the pages of the book (taught by photo reading courses like zox pro) you register the whole picture of the page in your subconscious mind.

The memory that is used for photo-reading is called photographic memory.

Conscious Mind Effort

Speed reading process requires very high conscious mind effort since you are trying to make sense of the sentences while you are moving your visual focus rapidly through them.  The mentors of speed reading programs deliberately put pressure on the students so that they could improve their speed of moving their focus from sentence to sentence.

Photo reading requires no effort of conscious mind at all apart from the action of looking at the pages using a different kind of focus, in fact this process gets better depending on the person’s ability to relax his conscious mind.

Level of Comprehension

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While using speed reading your level of comprehension remains unchanged as your regular reading method since, you are consciously reading the sentences. With speed your ability to comprehend the words may decrease a little but you can improve it with practice.

On the other hand in using photo reading, you won’t be able to comprehend even a single word on the conscious level while looking at the written material. Once you have captured the image of the page in your mind using photo focus you will have to go through various processes to bring the information into your conscious mind from your subconscious mind.


Photo reading knocks out speed reading when it comes to speed. As you are capturing the whole page at once while using the photo reading method it is said that you can read 25000 words in a minute.

In speed reading, your speed depends how fast you can move your focus from one sentence to the other while maintaining your ability to comprehend.

Practical Usagephotrreading speedreading difference

Learning and implementing speed reading in practical life is as possible as the conventional way of reading once the individual has perfected the skill with practice.

Practical usage of photo reading however has been a controversial subject always because of its too good to be true claims.

This is a skill that could be perfected by building a strong rapport between a person’s conscious mind and his subconscious mind so; people who are committed in making full utilization of their higher potential by learning various methods are more successful than those who are oblivious to their subconscious power.

That’s why photo reading courses like Zox Pro receives mixed responses. I consider that a person’s progress with skills like photo reading depends on his own beliefs.

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