Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous? – A Lucid Dreaming Problem

In this post I will be answering a very basic lucid dreaming question i.e “Is sleep paralysis dangerous?” because it is something that often worries a lot of people when they begin their lucid dreaming journey.

What will you do if you wake up and you find that your body is not moving, you can’t open your eyes, but you can move your eyeballs, you feel it hard to breathe and to make such a dreadful situation worse, you also feel a ghostly presence near you?

Sleep paralysis is the state when the body is asleep whereas mind is partially awake, this results into a dream where a person finds himself paralyzed at the same place where he is actually sleeping.

This may seem as something very dangerous and it can really scare the hell out of you when it happens. But sleep paralysis can cause no harm to you because it is a natural phenomenon.

It happens due to the biological mechanism that prevents people from acting out in dreams, so when you are partially awake you become aware of this and feel like you have lost the control over your body.

What Causes  Sleep Paralysis?

Unfortunately, it has not been possible yet to predict when one may have to face sleep paralysis.

However, the probability of sleep paralysis increases when a person: –

-Is sleep deprived

-Consuming excess of caffeine or alcohol before sleeping

-Has irregular sleep cycles

-Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment

-Trying to induce lucid dreams

Is Sleep Paralysis a Lucid Dreaming State?

Sleep paralysis is a dream state because we are not physically awake when it occurs.

It could be related to lucid dreams because in both the cases we become conscious that we are actually sleeping.

But unlike lucid dreams, when sleep paralysis happens it becomes a bit difficult for one to accept that it is a dream because he can feel his real environment.

Just becoming conscious when you are asleep cannot wake you up every time, so our subconscious mind creates a real world like conditions during this state.

Hence, the truth is that sleep paralysis is nothing but a lucid dream. That’s why it is not a very scary thing for experienced lucid dreamers and they use this opportunity for inducing a lucid dream.

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis?

First of all, knowing about this state alone makes it much easier for you to deal with it.

Sleep paralysis is considered as a demon attack or near death experience by some people due to lack of knowledge, so having a proper awareness makes it a less frightening experience.

These 3 simple steps can break sleep paralysis: –

1-      Relax, and convince yourself that it is just a dream.

2-      Imagine that you are able to move while trying to move your fingers.

3-      Concentrate on your breath and try to take deep long breaths.

They key here is to calm your mind, when you will stop making a big deal out of sleep paralysis it won’t bother you much.

My First Sleep Paralysis Experience

Sleep paralysis has become a tool for inducing lucid dreams for me now, but when I first experienced this state, I had no idea what was happening to me.

I became conscious and I knew where I am, so I tried to call my roommate, but I was not able to speak or move, I felt a strong presence near me and I thought it is my last day on this

I tried my best to move, but I was not even able to blink.

I started to pray and luckily my friend woke me up to show his new mobile phone that he just bought. It sounds funny now, but that day I was so scared thinking that I was having some supernatural experience.

Since you are now aware of this dream condition, I am sure that you are prepared to deal with it if it ever happens to you in the future.


I hope your enjoyed reading this post. I have also provided some more tips on how to lucid dream without having to face sleep paralysis, which you may like to read.

If you are struggling to induce lucid dreams then the meditation I use for lucid dreaming might help you.

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10 thoughts on “Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous? – A Lucid Dreaming Problem

      1. cathy

        Thankyou for the info. Its always good to hear of other peoples experiences. I have had SP for years. What i thought were night terrors, nightmares and ghostly figures leaning over me as a child, I now know it was SP. I go into SP as I am falling asleep. I have never had a pleasant experience and they terrify me just as much now as they did when they began. I talk myself through them, concentrate on my breathing etc, but the hallucinations are always very dark, very frightening and very very real. I wish i was able to control them to make them a positive experience, but try as i may, i just can’t turn them around.

        1. HARI S NAIR Post author

          You can Cathy, all you have to do is to make yourself believe strongly that it is a very natural mechanism of body.. Become a lucid dreamer and use SP for lucid dreaming.. I know it is terrifying and mind makes it to appear very much real, but once you convince your mind then you can face it in a very easy way, slowly you will start to find it as an opportunity to convert SP into lucid dreams..

      2. carl

        hi! at first i did not know about lucid dreaming, not after i read an article on the net.
        I could say that i perfect doing this stuff but not after i over come all the nightmares and learnt to fight in my dreams when seems i was in trouble…
        lucid dreaming come naturally, I guess…because like me ;no one teach me on how to do it,.and i learned to control the situation when i was at the stage of l.dreaming.
        I now i experiencing different kind or rather stage of lucid dreaming, and this is the first time it happened to me, let me share this wonderful experienced of mine and i hope somebody reply
        if they experience the same things;

        just this afternoon, before i sleep, i thought of my mother who passed away for about five years from now, where not able to see her alive or speak to her before she die,and i feel sorry about it…
        i knew it was my fault of not seeing her, then i thought of seeing her in my dream and i gave a shot,,, i lied down my bed and i thought about her,later i felt cold wind blew over my body…
        and seems someone pulling my feet,then at a glance, i was in a gathering full of people, they dress like 50’s-60’s.. then, i look for my mother,i called her name,shouting, .then i found her, she was serving food to the guest…i ran and hugged her,i cry and i tell her “I’m sorry for what i’ve done, then she looked at me, she said ” you look familiar…”she’s at her 20’s ,then i noticed my surrounding getting foggy; a sign that i need to leave the scenario but before that i asked my mother ,what year is it?” she said 1952.
        after that i woke up- thirsty and had a little chest pain…
        year 1952 the year my father proposed to her, and after seven years she born a child and it was me..
        now, I m confused, should i do the same thing I meet any deceased relatives or friends, or i can travel in the future to see what gonna happen soon,,,is this sort of astral projection?
        if anyone from the readers experienced the same please,advise me what to do.

        1. HARI S NAIR Post author

          Hello Carl, I agree with you that lucid dreaming comes naturally, but efforts matters equally.

          The experience you had is intriguing, congrats that you had such an amazing experience.. wow traveling in time, its my favorite subject really…from childhood I have wondered about this possibility.

          See, when you are lucid dreaming you are in a non physical world.. and in the non physical world there is no “time”.. for example- everyone (even those who don’t lucid dream)often dream their childhood places and friends etc.. so,there is no “time barrier” for our subconscious mind.

          We cannot deny the possibility that our spiritual body can travel through time and different dimensions.

          You can read this post- “Dreaming a Dead Friend (My unforgettable lucid dreaming experience)”.. where I experienced something unusual like you, but I would advice you to not make a mistake to overthink about it. Do not try to judge if it was “real” or not.. just let go. You had a great experience and be happy with that.

          See, what our subconscious mind does is often far beyond what our conscious mind can make sense of, so to try finding a logical explanation for such an event, will not only make you to doubt your sanity but it will also lock the doors for any such possible future dream experiences.

          Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

  1. David Hoyt

    Very interesting! Has expained an experience I had and never understood. I’m sure now that this is what happened to me- altho’ it was very sudden and I hadn’t slept. I was preparing to sleep and was in bed when it occured.Anyway, thanks a lot!

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Glad to hear that it was helpful to you but Sleep Paralysis happens when we are asleep, its more a dream. In rare cases it can also happen few minutes after we go to bed, the only way to know if it was sleep paralysis or not, is to try to remember if you were fully awake before it happened.. in case you were awake, then I don’t think it was sleep paralysis.

  2. Shane Liebich

    Thanks for this. I will be back to see if you can tell me why I have a ‘real life’ event and I know exactly what is going to be said next and what is going to occur … and I say ‘ I have dreamt that this would happen!’ Not a story it’s happened a few times and people think I’m weird (I am a little haha).
    You’re in my favourites list and I’ll be back
    Shane Liebich

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      You are not at all weird Shawn, in fact you are perfectly normal.. I find those people weird who deny to accept that they posses higher powers.. We all are travelling in past and future with our non physical bodies but we just are not aware of it… the purpose of developing higher consciousness is for this only.. it is said that when a person expands his awareness to far greater than normal, he can read other’s thoughts and predict future..

      Actually many events in life are like that, you are not alone many people find “I have seen this before” very often.. we just tap into our higher potential at times..

      Thanks for reading and commenting…


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