20 Signs to Know If the Law of Attraction Will Work in Your Favor

Often when we get started to become more aware of the way in which this universe operates and we try to obey the laws that govern all the happenings, we get confused if we are heading towards the right direction for manifesting our desires or not?

Here are a few signs to know if the law of attraction will work in your favor in the long run.

You are going to achieve your goals if:-signs law attraction working

1-You are trying to get closer to your higher self by getting involved in deeper knowledge and meditation.

2-You have realized the power of your imagination and you are dedicating a few minutes daily to utilize it.

3- You are becoming more aware of your thoughts, whenever your mind drifts off and you start thinking negative thoughts, you are able to discern it.

4- You have become more conscious of your emotions and you now deliberately uplift yourself whenever you feel low.

5- You are now involved in exploring personal development blogs, books, and self-help materials.

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6- You are investing your time and money in personal development materials and programs.

7- You acknowledge the power of words in both written and verbal forms, and now you try your best to be more positive while using them.

8- You have started to focus more towards the solutions rather than the problems.

9- You take full responsibility of whatever life brings to you.

10-You know that everything is vibration based and all you need for living a happy life is to be in harmony with the universal laws.

11- You have decided to be a learner and now you have a broader perspective to improve yourself every day.

12-You have accepted that the key to your happiness lies in your own hands.

13- You have strong faith in the greater power and you do not allow your present circumstances to shatter your dreams.

14-You have started to focus towards positive aspects of your life and you are filled with gratefulness.

15-You have learned to deal with negative people without getting influenced by their thoughts.

16-You have started to enjoy your own company and you now know the importance of self-love.

17- You hold a better image of yourself in your mind than what you are now.

18-You are in the state of flow– Happy + Focused towards goals.

19-You have improved your perspective which means you are not blindfolding yourself from seeing the good anymore.

20- You see the signs everywhere..call it the law of attraction or reticular activating system in your brain.

What you have asked will start showing up everywhere..it will flash in front of you, sometimes it is very uncanny.Just know that this confirms your momentum but remember to be happy about it, unlike most people who get feelings of hopelessness or jealousy.

So these were few indications using which you can know where you are in the journey of manifesting your desires.I would love to hear what points from this list holds true for your current life situation and I am also excited to know about your manifestation story so, please do comment below before leaving.

And ya, do you know that sometimes you struggle to manifest because of your limiting subconscious beliefs? some also call it the energy blocks, I have discussed a few ways to clear them in my post “3 Ways to Clear Your Abundance Blocks“.

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