Psycho Cybernetics-Why We Get Addicted to Things That Never Makes Us Happy?

Addiction is not doing things that we love to do, it is doing things that we don’t like from an inner level but still, we do it regularly. It’s a total loss of freedom and the here irony is – we think that we are independent when we do things to which we are addicted, but a person is a prisoner of his own mind when he is doing things that he knows won’t give him joy.

I have always wondered about this – why we get addicted to things that never make us happy?

Kids will go on playing video games without knowing why they are doing it, chain smokers will keep on smoking without knowing why are they actually doing that, we often keep ourselves engaged in activities that never yield us good results- the worst part here is that we know that these things don’t make us happy yet we do them anyhow.

The truth here is that our mind gets programmed to do certain things and we unconsciously get drawn to do those tasks – all the addictions are the ways that our mind uses to escape the present moment.

There is an illusion in all the things that makes us addicted, our mind deceives us by assuring that doing it will bring us joy, and for those few minutes our conscious mind escapes the present moment, which means that one does not have to experience any pain or worry during those few time gaps but, all addictions leave us back to the previous state of mind and since we avoid the true emotions, they get magnified.

Role of Psycho-Cybernetics in Addictions

In his amazing book named Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz gave the concept by which we can get an idea of why our mind makes us do things that we don’t want to do.

According to the concept given in that book which the author has illustrated giving an example of a guided missile, there are beliefs and ideas rooted in our subconscious mind called Paradigms that controls us in the same way as the guided-missile is controlled by using cybernetics.

Paradigms control all our behaviors and a person cannot alter his behavioral patterns without changing these deep-rooted thought-forms.

So, when a person tries to change his habits and adopt a new way of thinking or living, his subconscious mind will immediately detect the changes and will alter the thought patterns of that person to bring him back to the previous lifestyle, this is the reason behind all the failures that a person faces when he is in the path of overcoming his addictive behavior.

How to Alter These Old Paradigms?

The thoughts fixed in the subconscious mind of a person can be altered using the repetition of new thoughts and beliefs. So, this means that before trying hard to change the actions one has to work with his inner mind i.e subconscious mind.

This is like, you won’t perspire to manually rotate the wheel of your car when it’s not working instead you will get the defective part replaced or when the computers don’t work, we do not press the start button harder instead we will work with the operating system.

In the same way, one has to alter his paradigms using tools like creative visualization, positive affirmations and by being more aware of his thought patterns.

So, next time before adopting a new habit or to overcome any addiction, first work with your inner mind instead of trying hard to fight with your own thoughts.


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