Change Your Limiting Beliefs about Weight Loss-Using LOA to Lose Weight

When it comes to using the law of attraction, the common purpose of people for which they want to apply the LOA tools is either wealth or relationships.

We can use these laws for numerous purposes which include our external appearances as well. Our looks are a direct reflection of the thoughts which we hold about ourselves on a deeper level of mind.

Undoubtedly, we inherit a lot of features from our parents and ancestors, but a lot of our looks are the result of our beliefs about ourselves.

When we talk about external appearances what we find as the major cause of worry amongst most people is their weight.

People who are too concerned about losing weight try everything to become fit from rigorous physical activities to extreme diet plans and still they fail to shed those pounds.

Apart from few lucky individuals most of the crowd craving for a fit body fails miserably, Yeah I have been there!

I still have a lot of pounds to lose, but unlike earlier I have found the reason why nothing worked for me whether let it be a diet plan or daily workout.

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In one of the energy clearing sessions of Christie’s energy clearing course, I came to realize that I have held a lot of negative beliefs about myself which was not allowing me to get into a better shape. Unconsciously, my own mind was working against me to stay with below average looks, why? I had few limiting beliefs about “looking good” which were causing me to be overweight, after understanding and clearing those beliefs using Christie’s program I am now able to see great results.

I will discuss with you here how our limiting beliefs about weight loss causes us to stay stuck when it comes to fitness and I will also be sharing the method to clear those beliefs.

What Are These Limiting Beliefs?

Whatever we are in our life is a reflection of the thoughts and concepts which we hold deeply in our subconscious mind. Unlike the ideas of our conscious mind which are temporary and random these deep root concepts are quite firm and long-lasting, these are the beliefs which we have picked up in our childhood and they act like a set of information according to which our mind shapes our life.

So, in other words, our own mind works against our conscious desire and keeps us stuck where we are.

The reason and cause of the formation of such beliefs varies from person to person, you may have subconsciously decided to stay with below average looks because you feared of getting special attention, you didn’t want to be envied by your siblings, you saw your mother struggling with losing weight and you accepted the idea that it was hard to lose weight etc..all such subconscious impressions which were the result of your feelings as a child are the reason for your current body state, but our concern here is not about why or how those beliefs were formed, what we are focusing here is on how to change them.

Fastest Way to Alter Your Limiting Beliefs

I would like to share that listening to Christie’s energy block clearing sessions is what I find as the most effective and the quickest way to clear the limiting beliefs formed in our subconscious mind about anything, but what I am going to talk about here is a tool which we all have readily available within ourselves and that is creative visualization.

Yes, creative visualization is one of the most powerful practices using which we can give instructions to our subconscious mind.

So, take a few minutes off from your daily routine and visualize yourself as fit and slender, see people appreciating you, see yourself in clothes which you were not able to wear earlier, see yourself in your new body and enjoy how it feels to be fit.

Keep in mind to only visualize the end results and not the process, and when you get any insight act on it!

Be sure to be regular and persistent with this process. Most importantly, use your creative visualization to experience what you want rather than to achieve it.

“Self Image” is what decides our body state, to know more on this read my post:- The Connection between Weight Loss and Mind Conditioning

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