Cassandra Matthews’ Abundance Manifestor Review

In this Abundance Manifestor review, I will be providing you in-depth information about this program that incorporates “Abundance X Formula” created by Cassandra Matthews which uses hemispheric synchronization technology to help you achieve your life goals, you will get my honest take on this product based on which you can decide whether it can be useful for you or not.

I felt this program is a scam when I was first introduced to it by a reader of my blog. The site created by them is not a professional one, the marketing is done based on video content alone and the site has not been secured which means they are using HTTP rather than HTTPS in their URL which is not at all a symptom of a website that intends to stay around for a long time.

Maybe they will work on the site soon, the only positive thing I hoped for when I explored their website for the first time was that the site might be in the development phase but the product could be legit.

This is a law of attraction based program that uses the concepts of hypnosis to change your thoughts and bring them in the frequency at which your desired reality is vibrating.

In simple words, listening to the tracks provided in this program will help your mind to reach the frequency from where effortless manifestation is possible. All our thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and when our mind is brought into the higher vibrational state, we begin to think abundant thoughts that helps us to achieve our desired life goals and that’s what the author is trying to do with the help of this program.

But is this program really worth your money? Does it actually contain materials that can be useful for you? How does this whole abundance manifestor system actually work? I will try to answer all your questions in this post based on my views but first, let’s take a look at who the maker of this program is.

About the Author

Before using this program I never heard the name of the author, Cassandra has not done anything noteworthy in the field of personal development so you will not find any book or established old blog created by her online.

She has created this program with the help of a hypnotherapist named Brennan Smith who is also a NLP  practitioner. Cassandra claims that she is a life coach and part of a group named the natural hypnosis team.

According to the author, she used to live a pretentious life and wanted to show off on social media in order to gain the approval of others.

For this, she used to drive a Porshe and live in an expensive apartment, she married a rich guy. Despite having all the luxuries, she used to feel shallow deep inside due to her unhealthy self-image which made her run after meaningless things, she says she used to work 100 hours a week. Soon she lost everything, she found that her husband had an affair with another woman and her expensive lifestyle made her go deep into debt.

One of her friends introduced her to the laws of the universe, but despite using the law of attraction based techniques the author was not able to solve her life issues.

Then she met Brennan, a hypnotherapist who shared some audio files with her that she claims rewired her brain in a way that she started to think abundantly, her life changed drastically after that and she manifested her dream life as she used hypnotherapy to build a success mindset.

Once she was able to do that, her knowledge about the universal laws started to reward her and with the help of her hypnotherapist she created this program so that she could share the system that worked for her with others.

About the Program

This program provides you with audios that are meant to be used every day, you will have to listen to each audio for thirty minutes daily for a whole week and then you move on to the next one.

The author has created these audios with the help of relaxing sounds of nature viz. ocean waves, wind, and river streams, etc. Apart from this she claims to have used a technology named hemisphere synchronization technology which rewires your brain so that you could manifest your dreamed life.

This hemisphere synchronization technology is nothing but brainwave entrainment audios that are meant to relax your mind and bring it to the alpha level so that you can lessen the thoughts that block your abundance.

When you will use the program regularly you will see a shift in your mind states, you will make better choices in life because you will be more relaxed and will use your creative part of the brain.

You can use these audios when you are not doing something that requires your intense focus but I will advise you to use this during your free time so that you could make the most use of this material.

Rewiring of the brain means that the hypnosis used in this audios will work on altering the old mindset by working on your subconscious mind which will lead into the changes in your behavior and due that you will make the right decisions which will help you to move in the direction of your desired life.

Your failure in life is caused by the limiting beliefs present in your inner mind and these audios will help you to clear those old beliefs so that you could do things differently.

Inside the Package

As I have mentioned earlier the main material of this program consists of 6 thirty-minute long audios that are created using brainwave entrainment, relaxing sounds and hypnosis.

These audios are created by Brennan Smith where he uses hypnotherapy to work on your inner mind, you will have to use each audio for first six days and then continue the program according to the ebook that comes with these audio downloads.

The name of the ebook you will get to download with the main material is the “Abundance X Formula” success guide using which you will be able to make maximum use of these materials, in this PDF ebook you will know exactly how to use these files.

Apart from this, they have included some welcome bonus videos and some bonus materials in the package. Although I wanted to mention the name of the bonus materials I received but then I got to know that they frequently update the bonuses, so you will have to contact the makers using the product website to know what they are offering right now.

At present they are also giving you free access to their limitless 360 premium membership for one whole month from the date you will buy this program.

Final Advice

I don’t like to use binaural beats due to some past experiences but every now and then I try products based on brainwave entrainment technology in order to write a review for my readers. This program is a lot similar to many programs that I have tried earlier, I know that when brainwave entrainment is used with positive suggestions a person can easily impress new empowering ideas into their subconscious mind.

This program can work for anyone who will use it regularly because these types of audios help you to release your old mindset but how much time it takes for a person to see some positive results may change from person to person.

If you are getting this product for less then 50$ then I think your money will not be wasted because the materials included in this program have that much value. However, I will not suggest it to someone who is looking for some major life change with a long term use of some powerful method, these audios can be used for your short term goals only in my opinion.

Also due to the unprofessional nature of the site and because I don’t have much information about the makers I can’t assure you about how long this product will be sold.

If you are someone who is looking for some quick manifestations within a month or two then this program might work for you, also if the audios suit you then you may see some significant changes in life with consistent use of these audios.

For more information, please visit the product website.



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