Personal Development of Kids -Teach Them How to Be a Winner

I believe that personal development of kids is more important than anything else in the growth mindset for kidsworld because that is all about beginning a new world where people don’t have to give up their dreams and passion because of the limiting beliefs imposed upon the raw minds by the society.

Many people believe that sending kids to school is what is necessary for helping them to develop the skills that will make them successful in life, but education has nothing to do with success.

Education is necessary for making them literate, that is it. I have discussed this in the post named the habits of successful people, winners and losers are created by the type of beliefs that were planted in their minds when they were little kids.

Paradigms – How It Make Us Who We Are

Paradigms are basically the set of beliefs that confines what people can do and these paradigms are created by their past experiences.

Psychologically speaking, no one can ever do anything extraordinary unless he is willing to challenge these beliefs and take the pain to go against his own limits.

These paradigms exist in various layers i.e. family paradigms, social paradigms and even collective world paradigms.

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Suppose, if anyone in a family has never owned a successful business they are going to pass this information to their children that “it is difficult to be a successful businessman”.

This is why people face so many difficulties if what they pursue is unfamiliar or against their family’s and society’s beliefs.genius for kids

Talking about the world paradigm, why do you think dreaming of climbing Mount Everest used to be an impossible stupid fantasy once upon a time?

After Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay altered this paradigm, over 4000 people have done it, it is getting easier each day.

Difficult than climbing the Mountain is to unlearn the false things that have been directly or indirectly taught to us.

People say being successful is all about learning, but my personal development journey has revealed me that it is all about unlearning.

Unlearning all the ideologies that tell us that our goals are impossible, impractical and unrealistic.

That might seem very straight and obvious, but it is much more than that because to be a winner we will have to eliminate all our deep subconscious beliefs and mind programming.

Mind Programming

Our mind is not very different from the computer that runs complicated big machines; our subconscious mind makes us who we are based on how it was conditioned when we were kids.

Children’s minds are wide open to receive suggestion and whatever gets into their system becomes their truth.

A child starts building up his conscious mind that is able to do the reasoning after a certain age, but till then whatever they learn through experiences stays in their subconscious mind and results into what they become as an adult.child genius winner

So a person may seem gifted and naturally talented at whatever they do, but this is just a result of some empowering beliefs they formed in their childhood whereas others fail due to the same reason.

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing and you will have to make use of your subconscious power if you wish to achieve any of your big goals.

For that, you will have to eliminate old beliefs present in your subconscious mind so that new positive ones can take its place. I have written a post on how to eliminate these energy blocks (inner beliefs) which you may find helpful for this purpose.

What about the next generation? Can we make this easy for them? Of course, we can, and that’s why I am so interested in the personal development of kids.

Building Winner Mindset for Kids

The process is not that difficult, any person can do this as a teacher or parent, all they have to do is – Plant seeds of success in these fresh minds.

Kids learn what you repeatedly tell them directly or indirectly, like saying “you are the creator of your life” is a powerful positive direct suggestion whereas keeping yourself in a scarcity mindset lifestyle that’s based on fear is an indirect negative suggestion you can pass on to them by being an example.

I would especially advise you to be careful when you handle money-related things in front of kids.

So, teaching them the success principles and living according to those principles are equally important.

If you will feed their minds with empowering ideas and introduce them to the knowledge that teaches them about their true potential that alone can make a huge difference.

Kids naturally know how to use visualization which is a very powerful tool for self-improvement, if you will encourage them they will learn to make proper use of it.

There are many books available for teaching such principles to kids as well as for conscious parenting.

But I believe we should teach kids about the law of attraction even if you don’t believe in the universal laws or new age concepts because bringing that type of information to their awareness makes a very strong positive impact on their inner mind.

Materials based on the law of attraction emphasizes on various tools that are helpful in altering the subconscious beliefs whereas it also makes them believe that they are the creators of their lives which in turn builds an abundance mindset.

millionaire mind kids

It doesn’t matter if you believe in metaphysical stuff or not, but any psychologist will tell you that if a person’s subconscious mind accepts something to be true, it makes it possible by altering his behavioral patterns, so just imagine how life changing it could be for kids if we tell them “everything is possible for you”.

That’s why I am suggesting to use the law of attraction based materials, one program that I recommend for this purpose is “the law of attraction for kids” where they use interesting books using which big kids can learn by themselves and parent guides for small kids, it is a very good way of telling them about their creative power.

There are some psychological factors that play a big role in all the decisions we make, the confidence we have in our own abilities and our ability to making things happen. So why should we not give kids the gift of powerful positive beliefs that will decide the type of person they will grow up to become.


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