The Tao of Rich Review – Scam Advice

In this review, I will be giving you detailed information about the tao of rich program and I will share my personal opinion with you on this money manifestation product so that you can make your decision on whether you should buy this program or not with a proper understanding of what you will be getting in this digital product by Charlie Gates. The author has created this program and marketed it based on one particular principle that he believes is a crucial factor that affects a person’s financial situation.

The program talks about the communication between the heart and the mind and the author also claims that research works have proven that the heart’s electrical field is 60 times greater than that of the brain, so what he goes on to point out is that this electromagnetic energy that is generated from the heart area of the body extends to the space around us and it affects our lives in various ways. So, this program is created based on this energy field and it aligns this field between the heart and the mind so that you can manifest more money and live out the life of your dream, this particular process is called “The Heart Sync” by the makers of this program.

About the Program

The program is basically a guided meditation that uses brainwave entrainment to relax your mind and help you to meditate. The author uses some very fancy terms for the mechanism used by this program like he refers to the brainwave entrainment tracks as the neurological healing frequencies and he goes on to portray the guided meditation as the heart sync process to bring alignment to the electromagnetic fields of your energy but if you really want to understand what it does then I will explain it to you in a better way. So, from what I have understood from researching this program is that it contains simple suggestions that are combined with the brainwave audios so that you can experience the alpha state of the mind while meditating so that these suggestions can reach your subconscious mind and clear your limiting beliefs.

The main material of this program is a single audio track that you have to listen to every day within the first 45-minutes of waking up. The audio that you will receive in this program is just 9-minutes long and it will be available to you through their custom app which works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

So when you will enroll in this tao of rich program, you will be given access to their members-only application where you will find this heart sync audio that you will have to use every day.

Bonus Material

Apart from the heart sync audio track, you will also get 4 additional bonus materials in this package which will add to your efforts of trying to manifest wealth with the use of this program.

Bonus #1:  The Delete It Program – In this program, you will get a tool to clear your limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful positive ones that will change your negative life patterns into positive ones. The author has used neurolinguistics programming methods with his HeartSync technology to come up with this particular program that will help you to break free from disempowering habits.

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Bonus #2: The Millionaire Myths Repost – In this e-book, the author points out 11 myths that are popular about millionaires and according to him the wealthy people want you to believe these myths to protect their kingdom. The author has busted these 11 myths in this particular e-book and he goes on to show how banks and government institutions are involved in the conspiracy to stop people from becoming wealthy. With the help of this report, you will learn how to create massive wealth.

Bonus #3: The Complete Tao of Rich Mind Map – This is a simple digital mind map that will help you to go through each step of the heart sync process with the help of a very easy-to-understand and highly demonstrative graphical representation.

Bonus #4: The Platinum Membership App – This bonus is a premium application where you will find all the materials of this program including the bonuses. You can directly access all the audios, reports, e-books, and videos of the tao of rich program with the help of this application which you can download on your phone or computer.

Final Advice

Honestly, I was very disappointed with the way this product is marketed and I was not in even a little mood to write a review on this product because half of the product website is filled with crazy stories which anybody can tell are fake and this kind of promotion is something that really makes me very annoyed, although I know that this kind of marketing works a lot in the promotions of self-help materials, I prefer to favor the programs that do not cross the line with their promotional methods and this particular program is marketed using unrealistic stories, fictional concepts, and fairy tales. If you will dig a little deeper into spiritual growth, you will realize that this story about the letter that the author has used in the promotional materials of this program is nothing but a script for guided meditation and this HeartSync process is basically heart chakra healing.

Even though I am a little displeased with the change of terms and use of self-invented concepts by the makers of this product. Still, I understand that the audio offered in this program and bonus materials can definitely be helpful for people because they aim to clear the limiting beliefs present in the subconscious mind that stops us from being able to make some significant progress in any area of our life.

I believe this program can be useful for anyone who is willing to follow it regularly because by listening to this audio after waking up and making it a routine, one will be able to work on the dense layers of beliefs present in their inner mind which acts as a barrier between them and their dream life.

This program comes with a 365-days moneyback guarantee, which is far more than enough for one to be able to understand whether this material is working for them or not. It is really unbelievable that the makers are offering such a long time period for a refund. This really impressed me and that is why I believe that you can give it a try if you have a hunch that this program can work for you.

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