Heart Chakra Healing Meditation – Feel More Loved

It becomes impossible for a person with an imbalanced heart chakra to feel loved, and that’s why I am going to share a heart chakra healing meditation in this post using which you will be able to heal your 4th chakra.

A closed heart chakra will always make you feel incomplete even if you have accomplished everything on the physical plane that you desire, because this energy center connects your lower chakras with the higher ones which means it connects your spiritual world with your physical world.

After basic survival needs, love is what we all need the most whether we accept it or not, however that doesn’t mean that the love must come from somewhere outside. When we feel loved by someone else we are actually opening ourselves to the feel the higher emotions that were already present inside us.

If your Anahata (4th chakra) is blocked, it becomes difficult for you to feel the higher emotions, you will find it hard to believe in love and you will not be able to reciprocate other people’s love for you. One very obvious symptom of this is the difficulty to accept people and situations as they are; this is the reason why some people are very controlling and manipulative.

There is a child within us that needs attention and love. When we try to act too strong by ignoring this inner child, it starts creating big troubles in our lives especially by making us weak, insecure and mentally unstable.

On the other hand, a person with a healthy Anahata is open to receive love, adored by a lot of people and they also spread love to others. It is said that when the 4th chakra is completely in balance one gets the power to heal other people’s energy.

You must first aim to become emotionally healthy before anything else because love is the fuel that keeps us alive and energized.

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There are many ways using which you can heal your heart chakra which includes many activities that are essential and effective, but here I am going to share a simple meditation that you can use for this purpose.

Anahata Balancing Meditation

  • Sit in lotus posture or you can also prefer to sit in a chair, but make sure to keep your neck and spine straight.
  • Close your eyes and take a few normal breaths.
  • Slowly, start to take deep, long breaths and observe the sensations in your body while doing this. Feel yourself getting filled with love every time you inhale and relax yourself every time you exhale.
  • When you feel completely relaxed, start imagining a green light (like a bubble) around your chest area.
  • Imagine this green light getting brighter and brighter every moment.
  • Now chant “YAM, YAM, YAM” for a while.
  • After this, repeat an affirmation that will stimulate your heart chakra like “I am now open to receive and share the unconditional love of the universe”.

Green is the color of the heart chakra and “YAM” is the sound that activates it. That is it, you can open your eyes whenever you want. This small meditation, when done regularly can bring balance to your Anahata.


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