What Are Paraliminals – Do They Really Work?

One very good tool that is often used by many self-improvement programs nowadays are Paraliminals and it has gained a lot of popularity recently.

Since every day marketers come up with a new concept and technique, you may be confused whether Paraliminals really work or if it is just another over hyped technique. That’s why in this post I will be talking about these audio tracks in detail which will clear all the doubts that you may be having in your mind about it.

When I first tried an audio of this type, I felt very relaxed and positive, even though I was not able to comprehend what was being said, I enjoyed it and knew that those positive words were sinking deep into my subconscious mind.

I don’t know whether it was the music, the story being narrated in the audio or the positive affirmations in it, I felt energized after listening to that module. I have often used these types of audios from that day onwards because from my experience, I know it is effective.

Paraliminals vs. Subliminal Messages

There are a lot of differences between paraliminals and subliminal messages but many people are confused between these two, so I would clarify that before proceeding.

Main goal of these two tools is the same, they help you to send positive suggestions deep into your subconscious mind so that it could work accordingly and change your behavioral patterns in a way that you can achieve what you desire. But both the processes are entirely different.

Subliminal messages are passed in a hidden manner when a person’s conscious mind is engaged in something else, whereas paraliminals are the audios that takes the messages deep into one’s subconscious mind since the conscious mind allows it due to the appropriate conditions created by the audio.

Paraliminals in Detail

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Here’s what it is all about – Two different voice suggestions are passed through two channels of a headphone, the same procedure is used to create binuaral beats, but here the aim is to communicate with your subconscious mind efficiently.

Yes, you will need a headphone for this since you are supposed to hear two different audios from each ear.

You may be thinking, how you will be able to understand what’s being said when you hear two voices simultaneously. Well, that’s what paraliminals are, you don’t need to understand the message consciously, all you have to do is to relax and let the audio do its work.

Two different audios here are aimed for your brain’s left and right hemisphere individually.

One audio is for your mind’s creative part which is usually a story that represents the message and the affirmation audio is for your logical brain hemisphere.

You will be able to hear what’s being said, there is nothing hidden here, but since you will hear two voices at once, you will naturally let go the need to understand after a while because the audios are very relaxing.

Both the voices won’t be there from the beginning, you will be guided using a relaxation exercise first, gradually you will hear a voice through one channel of the earphone and the other voice will be alternatively heard.. after a while both the voices will start appearing together.

Bottom Line

You can make use of the paraliminals in a plethora of ways, many people are now using these audios for various purposes like for motivation, deep relaxation, eliminating limiting beliefs, gaining confidence, overcoming addictions etc.

I too have found them very useful, whenever I listen to a particular paraliminal, I know that some sort of inner work is being done.
Paul R. Scheele was the person who popularized this tool, many sites are offering it nowadays, but I will suggest you to get the ones created by Paul, you can begin with his “Belief: Strengthen Belief in Your Abilities to Achieve Your Desires” paraliminal.


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