What Is Hypnosis – Does It Actually Work?

Most people have no idea about what hypnosis actually is, ergo, there are so many misconceptions that are present in our world which makes people doubt whether hypnosis actually works or not.why does hypnosis work

One very important reason why hypnosis has a false image in people’s mind is due to the tendency of people to confuse hypnosis with hypnotism.

Hypnotism and hypnosis have a technical difference, hypnotism is a term that is used for the methodology “especially” popularized by stage shows and TV shows where a person is able to control other people’s behavior.

We are going to talk about hypnosis here which is a mental state where a person’s conscious activity is very less, which means their subconscious mind can be given direct suggestions in this state so that it becomes possible to work on their psychology in such a way that their behavioral patterns could change.

Hypnosis is backed up by science, this mind state it is used in hypnotherapy where a person’s subconscious mind beliefs and ideologies are changed to help them improve their lives in various ways.

Three Brain States

Based on the levels of our conscious awareness there are three main brain states which you need to know in order to understand hypnosis.

Beta State – Right now most probably you are in the beta state because your conscious mind is highly active.

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Beta state is when a person is totally awake.

Alpha State – In this state, we are conscious but our mind is less active. This happens in those few moments when we are about to fall asleep or a few minutes before we are fully awake.

Whenever you feel relaxed and you are not making much use of your mind, you are experiencing the Alpha state.

Theta State – In the theta state your conscious mind gives up the control to your subconscious mind. This happens when you are asleep or altered your consciousness using some method.

Hypnosis can happen when you are either in the alpha state or theta state, though theta state is adequate for hypnosis it is also necessary that you have an iota of awareness present otherwise you will be deep asleep.

Two Parts of the Same Minddoes positive changes hypnosis work

Our mind has dual nature, one is our conscious mind and the other is our subconscious mind.

This other part of our mind is what controls all our behavior, in fact, everything we are is a result of the beliefs, thoughts, and concepts present in this inner mind.

The reason why people fail to change their habits despite using their willpower is that their inner mind does not see things as they see it on the conscious level.

For example, people who are addicted to smoking may try very hard to quit smoking but they fail because their inner mind sees “smoking” as a pleasurable habit.

Likewise, people who try to lose weight find it as an impossible thing to do because they have some psychological issues associated with it. While using one of the energy clearing techniques, I found that my inner mind associates being overweight with strength because all my school bullies were fat.

Everything about us is related to the beliefs we hold in our subconscious, we are not even aware of these beliefs, but our subconscious mind is so powerful that it can make impossible tasks possible for us and the same can also make simple things difficult.

Most of the psychological things due to which we behave in a certain way comes from our childhood because during our childhood our subconscious mind was wide open to receive suggestions.

After a certain age, we start to develop our conscious mind. Once our conscious mind is developed, it acts as a gate keeper to the information that is brought to our attention, all the thoughts that we consciously think does not reach our subconscious mind because of this filter.

So How Does Hypnosis Actually Work?

If we find a way to make our conscious mind less active, we can send suggestions to our subconscious mind so that these inner beliefs could be altered.

That’s where hypnosis helps us, as I have discussed earlier in this post, in this state our conscious mind is less active.does hypnosis work pain

You can see it as giving a sedative to the gatekeeper, though, the gatekeeper and the palace owner is the same guy.. shh.. they don’t know it.. wait a minute..it is all YOU!

Using hypnotherapy is not a sprint but a marathon because every problem that is difficult to be solved consciously has deep layers of subconscious beliefs that makes it persistent.

When you use any powerful hypnotherapy session, one layer of these beliefs is peeled off but there are multiple layers on which you will have to work.

Sometimes you get the desired result in less time but there are things that take more time to get solved.

However, hypnotherapy has been proved to be a great tool for helping people in various ways.

Immediate effects of hypnosis can be seen in some clinical uses like the reduced pain without the use of any drug. People have successfully used hypnosis in childbirth where the mother feels less pain compared to the usual cases.


I have found Marisa Peer’s uncompromised course very helpful to see some real positive effect of hypnotherapy, this course taught me some real life uses of hypnosis which otherwise I was failing to properly implement after trying various different programs and books.

It works, I am saying that from experience because I cured my allergy using hypnotherapy, it was something that troubled me for a very long time but now it is completely gone.

So all you need is a good method and be consistent with it, and you can also see it working.


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