What Is the 8th Chakra? – Location, Significance, and Activation

I have been studying about the chakras from a very long time but I always used to think that there are only 7 chakras but there is an eight chakra and today I am going to tell you what this 8th chakra is and how you can activate it.what is the intuitive chakra

The eighth chakra is something that is not present in our body, it is located above the crown chakra and it is said to be the energetic center that is a link between us and our higher selves, I learned that there are dozens of chakras on the spiritual level apart from the 7 chakras we know.

This chakra is also referred as the soul star chakra, it is considered as a doorway from where divine love flows to our physical bodies. If you have done any meditation where you imagine a light entering our body from above like in the heart center meditation, then you are actually working on your eighth chakra.

This chakra, unlike the other ones, doesn’t have a color, it is said to be ultraviolet but since we cannot see ultraviolet, we cannot specifically assign a visual to it.

The Seat of Your Soul

In some energy healing practices the eight chakra is also referred as the seat of your soul because our higher self communicates to us from this energetic centre, if you have a blocked the eighth chakra then you will be getting far away from your life purpose because in that case, you are not able to listen to your guidance.

Disconnecting with your true nature also makes your energy very chaotic because you start feeling incomplete without the divine love being not able to flow freely from above. You can definitely have a lot of success and get spiritually advanced by bringing balance in all other chakras but still, if energy is not able to flow properly from the eighth chakra then you are like a lost ship in the deep ocean.chakras beyond 7

Our higher self or our soul knows why we came here for, it has all the information needed for our life to be a peaceful and love-filled experience, so it keeps guiding us, but when the energy in our eighth chakra is not balanced we cannot receive the messages and we get involved in things that may appear right from the perspective that we have formed based on our beliefs but it never is fulfilling.

I have also heard that letting the energy to flow freely to your 7 chakras from your eighth chakra will allow your karmic debts and bonds to be cleared so that you can be free of the cycle of reincarnation, I don’t get caught up in such things, but yes I find that the process of activating the eighth chakra helps me to feel more loved.

If you establish the connection with your soul, you need to work on this eighth chakra and now we will see how it can be done.

Eighth Spiritual Chakra Activation

I learned a lot about the energy centers that are present in the spiritual plane apart from the 7 chakras which are usually known by the spiritual seekers like me from a program called “Be a modern master” created by an amazing energy healer named Deborah King.

She helps you to open your eight chakras using an exercise where you use your imagination to slowly activate each centers moving upwards and finally you allow this light from about 2 feet above your head to enter your body.

It is a very interesting exercise that I have been doing from past few days and it feels really good.

First I was about to write down the steps to open your eighth chakra here so that you could perform it on your own but then I thought it would be better if I would post a video demonstration of the steps done by Deborah herself.

She has this beautiful simple way of teaching the methods, so it would be simple for you to do this exercise at home.

So here’s the video where Deborah King will guide you on how to activate your eighth chakra, she also shares some insights about this chakra which you might want to know:-


Did you like the above exercise from here? If you did then I am sure you will also love her work that I am currently exploring. In her be a modern master program she teaches the ancient sutras in a way that we can understand and implement it to experience our connection with the divinity.

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