Root Chakra Healing Meditation – Muladhara Balancing

If you want to have peace in all your worldly affairs, then you must have a balanced root chakra and that is why I will be discussing with you a root chakra healing meditation in this post using which you will be able to allow the proper flow of energy through this energy center.

When a person finds it difficult to fulfill his materialistic needs, it is one very obvious symptom of a blocked root chakra because this energy center is what connects our spiritual body with the external world.

Working on the other chakras before taking care of Muladhara is like building more storeys to a tower with a weak foundation, it may look good for a while but it won’t be able to stand for long.

I am saying this because I know how so many people try to stimulate their heart chakra and third eye chakra without even caring about the lower energy centers. For a while it may work well, but later it will backfire.

It is essential that you must take good care of your emotional health and spiritual growth, but if you don’t do anything about the mind, body and spirit connection then you will have to pay the price.

A tree that is supposed to grow taller has long, strong roots going deep under the ground, likewise if you too are growth oriented then make sure that your root chakra is healthy before you move forward.

There are many methods using which you can balance the root chakra among which some are very interesting, but if you don’t have much time for them, then you can use this simple meditation for this purpose: –

Muladhara Balancing Meditation

  • Sit in lotus posture or you can also prefer to sit in a chair, but do make sure to keep your spine and neck straight.
  • Close your eyes and take a few normal breaths and relax.
  • Now take deep long breaths. Observe the air going in and out as you breathe.
  • Once you feel very relaxed start imagining a red light around your root chakra area (Base of your spine).
  • Now imagine this light growing bigger and brighter. (Feel your first chakra getting stimulated while doing this)
  • Imagine this light flowing through your legs and feet going down to the earth.
  • After doing this, perform gyan mudra (touch the tip of your thumb with the index finger).
  • Take a few deep breaths and start chanting “LAM, LAM, LAM”.
  • Do it for a while and then stop whenever you want.

What Is Root Chakra Meditation?

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The above meditation we did will open your first chakra, but you might be a little confused with the procedure, so I would like to give a detailed explanation of this process.

After relaxing our body and mind, we first imagined a red light because red light represents root chakra, it can be used to activate it.

Then we imagined the light going down to the earth, this process is called grounding which connects you to the mother earth. This is one important part of this process because we are doing it to establish a connection between our spiritual and physical world.

Like we provide earthing to our home appliances so that any extra charge may get neutralized, similarly our body’s excessive energies are also absorbed by the earth when we do this.

Finally, we chanted “Lam, Lam, Lam” because this sound is associated with muladhara and doing it stimulates that energy center.


So, whenever you feel that your materialistic needs are not getting fulfilled or you feel that you have lost the connection with the world, there is a high probability that your root chakra might need a little balancing. Anger, guilt, shame, jealousy, loneliness are a few emotions that get dominant in us when this happens.

During all such times use this meditation to regain your power and control over your external world.

I highly recommend Jeffery Allen’s Duality program if you want to know more about your energy centers and how to keep them in balance.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you believe in chakra healing? What are the techniques you use to heal your chakras? Do you have any spiritual healing story to share? I would love to hear from you, so please do comment before leaving.

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