10 Simple Activities for Opening Yourself to Receive Divine Love-Heal Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra, meaning the 4th chakra of our energy body is the center from where unconditional love arises.In this post, we will talk on how to heal the heart chakra so that you could fill your life with more love.

Traits like self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, inspiration etc are present in a person whose heart chakra is unblocked and open to allow the flow of energy freely through it.

On the other hand when Anahata(heart chakra) is blocked then a person feels a lot of lower emotions which makes it difficult for him to live happily.

It is important to heal heart chakra when it is unbalanced because it connects the lower chakras with the higher ones.

Few symptoms of an unbalanced heart chakra:-

-Having problems in relationships

-Fear of betrayal

-Finding it hard to forgive people

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-Fear of rejection


-Paranoid and doubtful

-Lack of love for others and self


When a person uses his mind too much (making logical decisions) and listens less to the voice of his heart (avoiding feelings and intuition) then his 4th chakra is not in balance.

10 Activities to Open Your Heart Chakra:-


They are very helpful in healing chakras, for anahata you can use the following affirmations:-

“I am filled with pure positive loving divine light”

“I love and accept myself as I am”

“I am open to the unconditional love of the universe”

2- Gratitude

Make a list of things for which you are grateful, doing this will change your focus to things that you love about your life which will allow more of the same.


Meditation is among the most effective methods to open yourself to feel the divine love that is ever present.

While meditating, feel your heart filled with loving light and see it radiating all around you.

Heart Center Opening Meditation

I use Christie’s heart centering meditation for this purpose; it’s a guided meditation audio that opens one’s heart for receiving love energy. It is available in her free energy toolkit download.

4- Green Color

Visualize the portion around your chest radiating green light or feel yourself surrounded by the color green.

5-Mindfulness Nature Walk

Give yourself a break to mindfully enjoy the beauty of nature, feel the breeze and be mindfully present whilst experiencing the feeling of peace.

6-Volunteer Work

Participate in volunteering activities and engage yourself in selfless deeds, do something to make others happy (who are not related to you in any way).

7-Kids and Pets

Playing with kids or pets is a very good way to allow love and joy in life, do not be resistant to open up and become a child while doing so.

8-Sending Blessing

Sending love and blessing to people we know can bring thoughts that can distract you, so try sending love and blessings to random people in the streets.


“B” note can stimulate heart chakra; you can also prefer to chant the mantra “Yam” repeatedly for doing this.


Yoga poses like the camel pose, cobra pose, cow face pose etc are very helpful for opening the heart chakra.

Kapalabhati pranayama is also a very good practice for anahata.


I have learned a lot about energy healing methods from Jeffrey Allen’s Duality program, he teaches proper techniques using which you can keep your energetic centers in balance so that your emotional state and life can improve, so I would highly recommend that product to you as well if you are willing to know more about your inner world.

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