Using Music to Control Thoughts – Effect of Music on Meditation

Music works wonders when it is combined with meditation especially for beginners, it deepens the meditation, relaxes our mind, focuses for longer periods. One of the easy ways to practice meditation is to seek the help of music.


Using music to control thoughts is advised for beginners, slowly and gradually one should learn to do that on their own but the effect of music on meditation is very significant.


Nature and Music


In order to survive in an unfriendly modern sound era, we should enjoy the natural sounds generated by ocean, river, rain, breeze etc.

As the sound of birds in the early morning gives us joy; likewise the music for the morning meditation should contain joy giving rhythm, freshness and tenderness.

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The music used for meditation during the evening hours must be capable of releasing stress of the whole day.

Music combined with meditation is capable of bringing solace and tranquility to the mind because of the rhythmic pattern of the music has its effect on brain.

Concentration is the essential element in meditation and music enhances it.

Positive vibrations are generated with the help of musical instruments and so meditation becomes easy when we practice it with music.


Mind and Music

Human mind is always a wanderer and only music and meditation has the power to control mind.

People have experienced that a divine music has made them to sit in silence and practice meditation by clearing off the unwanted thoughts.

It is a well known fact that music has got the ability to alter the human mood and emotions, it can bring happiness, well being and similar feelings.

The requirement of meditations involves focus, peace, calm mind, etc. Music supports these for deep meditation.

Mental Chatter and Outer Noise

If people think silence is very essential for meditation then how Lord Buddha and other great saints could have meditated in the open places? It is true that meditation cannot be done neither with a lot of outer noise nor with mental chatter.

Music of the nature supported Buddha and others to go into deep meditation when the same was carried out in open areas. Music has the power to eliminate distractions and bring the mind into a central point of focus.

Clarity of mind could be affected highly by using music in meditation.



We have seen the better side of music in meditation so far. Neuroscientists are still baffled with the question of right type of music for meditation since the taste of music lovers differs.


Mind controlling training with the help of music is good for beginners but at the same time it should not become an addiction or a must for meditation.


Rhythmic and smoothing low music like chanting of “OM” is most recommended for meditation.


Ultimately, it is great to begin meditation with the help of music but everyone should learn to control the mind without any external support.

Usually, I prefer to do some simple meditation like the insight meditation but sometimes, I use om harmonics for meditation and relaxation because it just helps me to go into deep meditation easily.


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