The Millionaire’s Brain Review – Is Winter Vee’s Program a Scam?

First of all, I would like to say that I hate using the word “scam” for any personal development program; I still have to do it because my job is to help you with your buying decision.300x250

When it is about money making programs you can easily spot the scammers but that isn’t the case with the self help materials. Here, good and bad is decided by the type of buyers.

For someone like me who likes to devour everything under the sun that is made for self growth, a BS product will be the one that has nothing new to teach me.

Considering the type of hype used for this product which is usual for every Winter Vee program. I don’t find this product as something which could provide the buyers what they will be actually expecting after seeing the promos.

But, I would agree that I learned a lot from this program on building a money mindset and found a few methods to change my subconscious beliefs related to wealth so, buying this course is not a bad idea from my perspective, especially since it is available for such a low price. If they would have set the cost a little higher, I would have stopped you from buying it right away.

I won’t say that it will transform your life completely or that it can make you a millionaire overnight. All I can say is that the package do contain materials that can make a lot of positive changes in your life if you are willing to learn and apply the techniques taught by the author.

Like most personal development programs the millionaire’s brain also focuses on the one thing that keeps people stuck where they are financially – Their mind conditioning.

We all know what type of lifestyle we want for ourselves, yet we don’t do anything to get there because our subconscious mind is trained for something else .

Using various techniques to clear the limiting beliefs about money enables you to progress financially and in this course you will get some very effective tools to do that but, how you will utilize them will decide if this program will work for you or not.

About the Program in More Detail

This Winter Vee’s program is strategically arranged so that your mind could soak the information bit by bit.

As we have discussed earlier, this program’s goal is to train your mind in a way that you start to think like a millionaire. It may seem to you that thinking in a certain way is possible for you without the need of any special technique, but that’s not true.

Undoubtedly you can consciously choose better thoughts, but most of your thinking activity is unconscious and it is based on the type of beliefs that got ingrained in your subconscious mind depending on the type of conditions under which it got developed.

The content in this program gives you some good  information, methods and tools to alter this subconscious programming.

The author has provided exercises after every chapter so that the reader can put what he has learned into action right away.

I like this type of approach because we all make a mistake of reading a book without  taking any action. Not only that, you will also be following a ten minute daily routine to put the methods into practice.

The author has prepared the product with a personal touch by illustrating how he learned various stuff about building a millionaire mindset, I found that interesting.

A story in the book that tells how a man who was deaf for 50 years regained his listening ability is obviously something that will supercharge you with a lot of positive expectations about this material, but make sure to be consistent with the program to see some good results.

You will also find methods to train your intuition and receive the essential messages from your inner mind.

The product is meant for financial improvement however, you will also learn various things that you can apply to the other areas of your life.

Inside the Package

Main part of millionaire brain product is an eBook where the author provides all the important knowledge and action stuff to be like a millionaire before you actually get there.

For this you will be given the “7 Keys” to behave, act and think like a rich guy because when you learn to do this your inner mind’s wiring automatically starts changing in order to set your habitual patterns, intellect, confidence and attitude in a way that you become better at attracting wealth.

Apart from this, you will find a few bonus materials in the package like:-

The Money Code – A small eBook on how to deal with money so that you can attract more of it, this book is much like the main one however, it is completely based on the ways to build a good relationship with wealth.

The Brain Optimizer – This eBook is filled with exercises that claims to help your brain function better and faster. I liked the exercises, but they weren’t much surprising.

The Millionaire Mindset – Here you will get a few brainwave entrainment audios intended for optimizing your mind to think like wealthy people plus a few videos.

Yeah, you can say that those are some bonus materials to make it glittery.

Final Advice

As it is a very affordable product, I would not say that you should think a lot before buying it as it will definitely teach you a lot about building a millionaire’s mindset and if you will take proper actions persistently, you will definitely be able to make the maximum use of this program.

One thing I would like to warn you about is up-sells. You are definitely getting the product at a very low price, but a clever marketing strategy will be used to make you spend more.

This is what I don’t like much about Winter Vee’s strategies, he keeps on releasing new products and he will trick you into buying more (a part of me appreciates him as well for being so good in marketing).

There is a lot to learn from this guy but, just make sure that you will first look at the results you got from the previous product in case you decide to buy another.

You can visit the product website here.

To know about the methods that I use to clear my limiting beliefs read – 3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks –Allow Your Abundance

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you too have used this product or if you have any opinion about the makers then please share it so that others could know.

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