13 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Students

Our mind starts believing what we repeatedly think or say, that’s why I am going to write a few powerful positive affirmations for students here because when you are in the process of learning something, you want to make maximum use of your mind’s abilities for accomplishing your goals.


We all have a very powerful subconscious mind that controls every aspect of our lives and when we fail to achieve what we desire, it happens due to the limiting beliefs present in our subconscious mind.

There are many ways using which we can eliminate these limiting beliefs and use our subconscious mind power in our favor, and once it happens, all the impossible goals become possible.

Talking about goals, it is of most importance to the students because they have a new challenge on every level to which they advance.

Doesn’t matter if you are looking for affirmations for a school kid or someone learning a new skill, the list I am going to provide below will be equally useful for every person who’s a learner, but before that, I want to talk about a few things that people must consider while formulating their own affirmations: –

1 It Should Not Be about a Future State

Your affirmation should not contain words that represent something that you want to happen in the future.

When you use affirmations for a future event where you will have something that you don’t have right now, your inner mind will make sure that it will remain a thing of the future forever.

2 No Competition

I understand that most people want to use affirmations so that they could achieve the top rank in the race that they are in.

But unlike our ego, our subconscious mind doesn’t like competition because it is all about striving for something one doesn’t already have.

If you will formulate an affirmation that brings to you a competitive feeling, you will always stay behind so that you could keep competing.

3 No Negation and No Feelings of Lack

I know that I have already complicated it with the above two points, but this one will make it more difficult.

You cannot use a “negation” in the sentence because our subconscious mind cannot hear it, which means if I say “I am not a slow learner” it will be communicated as “I am a slow learner”.

And as I have mentioned in the last point, you cannot formulate a sentence which depicts something that you don’t already have.

It is tricky; you want to use affirmations to achieve something but you are not allowed to “want” things when you use affirmations. The next point is going to mess it up completely.

4 You Must Be Honest

Yes, you should not try to fool your subconscious mind using affirmations that do not invoke genuine feelings in you.

You might be thinking, so of what good this affirmation stuff might be then? Well, there are ways to play by the toughest rules and still win.

My following list of affirmations will help you to get better as a student. It has been prepared by keeping in mind all the above points, still, you will have to find out the one that suits you the most by watching how these affirmations make you feel.

The Affirmations

1 – My mind’s ability to learn and remember is increasing every day.

2 – I am very good at gaining knowledge and making proper use of it.

3 – I am a very quick learner.

4 – I have a sharp mind that makes me a very good student.

5 – I love gaining knowledge which helps me in growing to my full potential.

6 – My mind absorbs and processes new information with greater speed.

7 – I have a winner’s mindset and I love accomplishing my goals.

8 – It is possible for me to achieve all my goals because my true potential is limitless.

9 – My ability to focus is increasing which is making me a peak performer.

10 – I believe in myself and I am capable of becoming a great student.

11 – I am advancing to new levels by learning more each day.

12 – I am ready and prepared to face new challenges.

13 – I am on the journey of becoming a very successful student.


I want you to try saying all these affirmations and find out the one that invokes some strong positive emotions in you because we can only alter our subconscious programming using the language of feelings.

Sometimes when you are not in a good mind state or when you have lost the hope, you should prefer not using affirmations, because positive words lose power during such times, so try to find some other method first to become more positive when that happens.

I find energy healing much more powerful than normal affirmations, so you may like to check out the methods I use to clear my energy blocks and another post that you may find helpful is one where I have discussed some methods for making students more self-aware, so that they could perform better.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Which affirmation did you like from the above list? What affirmation do you use the most? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below, I would love to hear your views on this.

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