Dream Yoga – Sleeping with Heightened Level of Awareness

It has been a very long time since I started to learn about lucid dreaming, but I don’t know why, I have never been so curious about dream yoga before.

All I ever wanted to do was to enjoy my dream world as a virtual reality and also to explore the dream world to find solutions to some real life issues using lucid dreaming. Even though I heard about dream yoga many a times, I never took time to learn about it in detail.

Due to lack of knowledge I considered it as some practice similar to lucid dreaming where one might be meditating or doing some spiritual stuff inside dreams. Then I stumbled upon a few of Andrew Holecek’s works that really made me very curious about dream yoga and that’s when I realized that dream yoga is a lot different than lucid dreaming.

Heightened Awareness While Sleeping

I am not talking about the awareness in the sense of a half asleep state, instead it implies complete awareness while your body is asleep.

It sounds crazy, but many Buddhist monks are said to have mastered this skill with the help of dream yoga.

Dream yoga is a Buddhist practice passed down by the masters to their pupils in order to awaken them using conscious dreaming initially and then increasing that dream awareness to a level that they can be totally aware while sleeping.

You might be wondering, what is the significance of such a practice? Well, dream yoga does two things, i.e. it brings one closer to enlightenment and it also prepares them for a conscious death, according to the ancient Buddhist teachings.

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I remember when I used to be associated with one of the spiritual organizations here in India, a yoga teacher told us about a Yogi she has known who had complete awareness of whatever happened around him while he was asleep. At that time I really had no idea how that could be possible, but now I think dream Yoga is the answer to it.

Continuation of Consciousness after Death

Yes, I am inclined towards spiritual wisdom and I love exploring metaphysical stuff, but I am not someone who believes in the concepts based on speculative theories neither do I discard any of them without trying to know the truth.

Despite of having many inexplicable spiritual experiences, I have always tried my best to know whether the claims that our consciousness is a brain phenomenon are true or not. Do we cease to exist in all dimensions without even an iota of “us” left when we die?

I have also had a past life regression session, but I know how powerful our subconscious mind is and it can create stories to make everything appear pretty much real.

There are some lucid dreaming experiences that gave me a glimpse of truth about how my “sense of being” is independent of all my identities and memories of the present life, and that’s why when Andrew Holecek talks about getting insights on consciousness continuing after death is possible in his book “Dream Yoga“, it really makes me to go deeper into the teachings of dream yoga.

If you are someone interested in lucid dreaming or dream yoga like me than I would highly recommend you to explore Andrew’s work, especially his new program “Dream Sculpting” where he takes conscious dreaming from the beginner to expert level.

Here’s a video where he talks about dream yoga and gives some tips on lucid dreaming: –


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