5 Amazing Benefits of Root Chakra Healing That You Must Know

Throughout ancient texts and spiritual wisdom, there’s this timeless advice about looking after your spiritual self. It’s like a universal truth, right? So, when you dive into the world of yoga, they really hammer home the importance and benefits of root chakra healing. Why, you ask? Well, let’s break it down. This thing called the root chakra, or as the yogis like to call it, “Muladhara,” is like the bridge between your spiritual self and your physical self. It’s where the two worlds collide in the most fascinating way.

The most impactful chakra on a person’s primary behavior is the Muladhara chakra located at the base of the spine and deep at the center point of that region. It is responsible for our primary needs in the physical world and in a way we can say that it is something that is behind the animalistic traits present in us which are also necessary up to an extent because our cravings for the objects of the physical world is driven by the root chakra, hence it is also important for our survival.

This is why the root chakra is also often said to be the chakra that lays the foundation for all the other chakras and it is what is closest to the earth element in your energy body so it also is the energy center that provides you with the stability in your life and any kind of imbalances in it may result into serious problems in your life.

In a way, people often underestimate the importance of this chakra since it is something that is related to our materialistic world but what they fail to understand is that working on any other chakra is worthless unless you have taken proper care of your base chakra because it is what keeps you grounded and connected to earth otherwise you will not be able to have the zest to do anything about your life.

A blocked root chakra may result in the manifestation of various problems in your life and below we will show you how base chakra healing can have some very powerful positive impact on your life.

#1 Trust Issues

A person with a blocked root chakra has a lot of insecurity and finds it very difficult to trust others because the root chakra is associated with how a person feels in the company of others.

Since Muladhara is often associated with the materialistic needs and survival instincts of human beings, if while growing up you were not properly fulfilled with the basic needs at the right time then it can result in a blocked base chakra which will cause insecurity in you and you will find it very difficult to bond with other people since you will be lacking the faith in the genuineness of relationships. So, a healthy root chakra is essential for a happy social life and it will provide you with feelings of security in any situation in order to help you face the challenges of life.

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By healing base chakra you will be able to trust people more and you will connect with them on a deeper level which will help you to form healthy relations with others whereas you will have fewer feelings that cause a bad state of mind which happens when you are insecure whereas this will also get reflected in your behavior and people will also start feeling more comfortable in your presence as you will not be carrying much heavy negative emotions.

#2 Indecisiveness

As we have already talked about, the base chakra is what is responsible for our survival instincts and you might already know that the primary emotion that is present in all beings when it comes to survival is fear.

Fear is what leads to the fight or flight response which enables one to perceive threats and act within a short period of time to deal with any potential danger. Although fear is essential to an extent so that you can safeguard yourself from getting hurt by failing to avoid any possible circumstances that can prove to be harmful when your root chakra is not functioning in a healthy manner then fear becomes your dominant emotion.

If you have a lot of fear inside you then it becomes very difficult for you to make the right decisions and take appropriate actions as you will always be concerned about the outcome of your choices which will make you very indecisive and you will find that even though you might be having a lot of creative solutions as well as good ideas to improve your life situations but yet you will never be able to work on them due to the inherent fear that stops you from taking any particular action that might result into a major change about which you are uncertain.

Hence, by taking proper care of your spiritual body by working on opening your base chakra, you will be able to be more quick and flexible with your decision-making capability, it will fill you with the confidence that you need to make a decision and stay with it so that you will not just spend your time on thinking about the solutions but will actually act on them by taking the right actions at the right time.

#3 Lethargy

Just like what we talked about in the above paragraph, when your root chakra is blocked you will lack the motivation to take action but this also leads to lethargy as you will not find the passion to do something meaningful with your life. So, lethargy is one of the common symptoms of a blocked root chakra and this also causes you to feel exhausted even without doing much of the work, you will stop trying to make progress in any area of life due to this lethargy which is caused due to various reasons which might have disturbed the natural flow of life force from your Muladhara.

By clearing the blockages in your root chakra you will feel more energized and this will help you to solve your problems quickly because you will be able to work hard without letting anything hold you back from moving at a great pace and fixing whatever you left untouched due to the lack of energy.

#4 Peace of Mind

Muladhara is the energy center that gives you the stability that is essential while facing difficult circumstances, otherwise, anything that happens in your life will have a deep impact on your peace of mind. This is why if you don’t have a healthily functioning root chakra then you will face emotional disturbances like anxiety and depression.

One of the basic symptoms of a blocked root chakra as we have already discussed is fearful thoughts and due to this, a person starts to overthink about petty little matters that put a shackle in their legs which does not allow them to do anything about the problem and instead they spend a lot of time just thinking about their problems which can lead to serious mind related issues like anxiety and depression.

People who have ignored their root chakra imbalance related problems for a long time also start to feel emotionally disconnected and they avoid getting into any trouble because they always find themselves unprepared to face the challenges of life with courage because they are always afraid of getting hurt. When the Muladhara is active you will find yourself in a very peaceful state of mind which will allow you to have the emotional freedom that is probably the most important thing in a person’s life. You will be a more joyful person if you have taken proper care of your root chakra and people will love your company because you will also be able to uplift their emotional state with your positive aura.

#5 Financial Issues and Materialistic Needs

This is the most important factor associated with the root chakra. As your basic needs and survival are what is most associated with this particular chakra, if you have a blocked root chakra then you will find it very difficult to properly manage your financial life and you will struggle with the materialistic problems badly.

You can not call yourself spiritual and ignore your materialistic life by making that an excuse because a person who does not have their worldly issues handled can never find the focus that is required for staying consistent with their spiritual journey. This is why the root chakra is the first chakra on which you should focus before working on the other chakras.

By using the methods and techniques that can heal your root chakra, you will not only be able to fulfill your materialistic needs but you will also thrive in the financial areas of your life. If you do not have much time to spend on spiritual activities then for healing your root chakra to manifest wealth in your life you can use a program like “The Wealth DNA Code” which is specifically focused on activating the root chakra to attract more wealth.


I hope you enjoyed this article. I would strongly suggest you work on all your energy centers to improve your life overall by taking into consideration all the factors that are essential for maintaining the balance between your spiritual and physical aspects of living. To learn some techniques to heal your root chakra you can also read our posts on the root chakra meditation and Gyan mudra.

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