Everything You Need to Know About Root Chakra

There are 7 main chakras that are the energy centers or the focal points in the body which regulate the flow of energy throughout a person’s subtle spiritual body that is believed to be present around our physical body, among these chakras is the first chakra that is also known as the root chakra, base chakra or Muladhara and we will be giving you an insight on everything you need to know about root chakra. The term Muladhara is derived from ancient Sanskrit texts where the early information about the chakras is present, in Sanskrit, Mula means root and Adhara means base or foundation whereas chakra means wheel, so we can deduce that Muladhara is a wheel-shaped energy center present at the base of our energy body.

The root chakra’s primary function is to maintain our materialistic aspects of living and it is what provides us with the power to survive in the physical world. It is what connects our spiritual world to our external world and that is why it provides us with stability in life. Also, this particular energy center is responsible for the animalistic nature present in us which is also essential for our survival.

Muladhara Details

The location of this chakra is at the base of the spine and it is present in the central region around the coccyx or you can also say it is somewhere around the perineum.

The color associated with this chakra is red, which is why various visualization and meditation methods used for unblocking this energy center involve the process of imagining the color red around the location of the root chakra. The sound that is related to the root chakra is LAM, this is also the mantra that is used in many practices when it comes to the root chakra healing. The symbolic picture of this chakra is a lotus with 4 petals where the 4 petals represent various aspects of our existence like mind, intellect, ego, and consciousness.

The Foundation

The Muladhara chakra is also considered the foundation of both the physical structure and energy body. If you won’t have a healthily functioning root chakra then it will be affecting all the other chakras causing problems in various areas of your life. This is also the energy center that connects us with mother earth and the element that is associated with this chakra is also earth which means your ability to stay rooted and connected with the external world highly depends on the first chakra.

It is also believed that the root chakra is what connects us with the energies of our ancestors and it is responsible for storing the memories and transferring them from generation to generation in order to continue the karmas or unconscious patterns throughout a particular lineage, so whatever life situation you are facing today could be something which is a result of what has been happening since a very long time even before you were born!! So, working on these energy patterns can also free you from the past. This also means that your identity has been created by the impressions that are stored in your root chakra, so your overall psyche also stands in the foundation created by this particular energy center. This is why chakra healing can improve your life in so many ways because it helps you to clear the impressions created by the past that are present in your subtle body which greatly influences the shape of your present life.

Root Chakra Imbalances

The basic problems that arise due to the imbalance of the root chakra are always associated with insecurity and fear, so the mental effects of a blocked root chakra could be problems like lethargy, loss of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, and most dominant among these emotions is the feeling of fear which results into destructive actions.

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There are also many physical problems associated with the root chakra which often occur in the lower body region like lower back problems, pain in the legs or foot-related issues, problems in the colon, and in men, it may also cause prostate-related issues.

Techniques to Heal Root Chakra

There are a plethora of methods and ways to open your root chakra. The most commonly used methods involve visualization techniques or root chakra healing meditation methods that are focused on the process that can be effective to heal one’s Muladhara like mantra meditation, grounding techniques, etc.

Many exercises and yogas are also believed to be very helpful for opening this energy center and most of these exercises and yoga postures are designed in a way that gives proper movement to your lower body portion to which root chakra is related and using some specific yoga techniques you can escalate the process of unblocking your base chakra. Apart from yogic exercises, some yoga asanas like the lotus posture(also known as the padmasana) or the head-to-knee pose(also known as the sheersh asana) are some good yogic postures that are targeted to work on your Muladhara. If you have heard of hatha yoga which is a kind of yogic practice which is done using some simple hand gestures then there are some very good hatha yoga methods also that you can use for this purpose, like the chin mudra which is also known as Gyan mudra.

Not only meditation or yoga, but some simple activities that bring you closer to nature or refresh your mind can also help to activate the base chakra. You can use some mindfulness walking exercises, dancing, gardening, swimming, hiking, etc. are some activities that are also very effective to fulfill this objective. People also use essential oils, affirmations, and gemstone healing for improving their chakra balances.

Materialistic Needs

As we have already discussed, the root chakra is something that has a great impact on our basic survival needs or physical necessities. This is why often this particular chakra is said to be the energy center responsible for the cravings that we have for the objects of the physical world.

Although one may judge having the desires related to the materialistic needs to be a trait of lower nature but in truth, it would be nothing but hypocrisy for one to completely ignore their attachment to the materialistic world unless they are actually free of any such desires. For a person living in modern society, it is next to impossible to have no attachments to the objects of the physical world. Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you want on the physical level but it is more about the journey of being at peace with your own natural desires without letting them to affect your peace of mind.

If you have a blocked root chakra then it will be very difficult for you to find a balance in your physical world because you will always be struggling with your materialistic needs and the area that is the most affected by this chakra is your financial situation. A person with an unhealed Muladhara always has money-related troubles, this does not essentially mean that they are poor but the problem may manifest itself as the stress that is associated with managing finance-related issues whereas in many cases the problem is as simple as struggling to make money. The last program that we reviewed named “The Wealth DNA Code” was based on working on the root chakra to manifest money.


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