My Honest Wealth DNA Code Program Review – Scam or Legit?

In this review, I’m going to dive into Alex Maxwell’s program, which is all about unlocking your spiritual chakra responsible for the flow of wealth. He has named the system that he created for this purpose, the ‘Wealth DNA Code.’ According to him, this particular chakra that he is referring to is like the boss of your financial life, and once you get it buzzing, your money problems might just fly out the window.

Now, we’ve all heard about chakras, right? Usually, there are seven of them that people mainly talk about, I have even heard of an 8th chakra. But hold on to your seats because Alex is saying there are a whopping 12 primary chakras in our bodies. And this root chakra is responsible when it comes to cash flow. Ancient spiritual gurus and yogis apparently believed this one’s the big deal, where all your money mojo hangs out.

So, Alex says there are two types of DNA – the regular physical one we know and this so-called “spiritual DNA.” And when he talks about activating the wealth DNA, he’s talking about this spiritual DNA thing.

Now, what’s Alex’s game plan? He’s built this program that’s all about unblocking your root chakra. He’s pretty convinced that doing this will open doors to opportunities and turn your life into a cash-filled wonderland. But how much truth is there to it? Is this program legit or it is just another scam? If you’re itching to know all the nitty-gritty details, stick around. But if you’re just here for the “should I buy it or not” verdict, hang tight till the end.

About the Program

The root chakra, which is also known as Muladhara is the energy center of our body that acts as the bridge between our spiritual body with the external world, I have explained it in more detail in the post named “Root Chara Healing Meditation“. The ancient methods that were used to activate these energy centers involved various activities like meditation or yoga but these days a to of other methods are being used for this purpose which involves the usage of brainwave entrainment technology.

In this wealth DNA code program, what you will be getting is an audiotrack  based on brainwave entrainment technology or binaural beats which is a method using which 2 audios of different frequencies are played in each ear to create a special frequency that is specifically aimed at helping your brain to reach a certain state which can be highly helpful to help you to attain the vibrational state to activate the root chakra.

All you have to do while using this program is to put on your headphones and listen to the tracks for 7 minutes daily to bring your brainwave state to the frequency(the alpha level) that is most suitable for attracting financial abundance. The morning time is most preferred for listening to the audio track as your mind is at the desired phase during the early morning hours where you can train it to manifest money using this track.

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You don’t need any prior experience of meditating or any other spiritual activity to be able to use this program as it is very suitable for newbies and you can start using it right away without any prior requirement of some knowledge related to chakras or money manifestation.

In a way, you can also consider that this audio is working on your subconscious mind to help you reach the higher vibrations which will work in accordance with the law of attraction to attract money-making opportunities for you.

After using this program, you can expect the money to show up in some unexpected ways but you should also prepare yourself to receive the abundance of wealth that the universe is willing to offer you, this involves taking action when an opportunity shows up or keeping your mind open for any potential financially profitable life situation. Also, another important factor that I would like to suggest when you are using this program is to not get too seriously involved or highly obsessed about the results, instead just make it a routine to listen to this audio consistently and allow it to do its work while letting your life to take its own shape by naturally moving through it.

Bonus Material

Apart from the audio track, you will be getting 3 free bonuses with this program that are as follows:

Bonus #1: Wealth Activator Code 30-Day Planner – This is a workbook kind of material that the author is offering with this program which contains the planning instructions and a workbook-like format that is useful for helping you to make the most out of the first 30 days of your experience.

Bonus #2: Millionaires Seed Money – This is a report that contains various ideas about how you can use the activation of your wealth DNA better by thinking like the millionaires and investing in the opportunities that will help you to grow your wealth faster when you are using this program.

Bonus #3: 17 Traits of Wealth Titans – There are a few things that separate wealthy people from others and if you aspire to be a wealthy person, you need to understand the mindset and traits of rich people so that you can develop the similar habits and create the lifestyle changes that will make you empowered to operate like a wealthy person. The author has interviewed many rich folks and discovered the common factors that differentiate them from others. So, in this report, you will find the 17 traits that are common in wealthy people and you can use this information to reverse engineer these traits to amplify the results that you will be getting when you will be using this program.

Final Advice

Basically, this program is just based on binaural beats to activate your root chakra and there is not any other material that you will find in the package apart from that which will help you to make any progress in the financial area of your life. So the question is whether this material is enough to give you some significant results? I will answer this after telling you a little about the shortcomings I have found after reviewing this product.

First of all, the way this product is marketed is way too unrealistic and fairytale-like which I strictly would suggest you not fall into. The story about how the author stumbled upon the secret NASA experiment and what he narrates about learning from a former NASA scientist who revealed the secret information to him is simply something that you should not believe at all and also you just can’t trust his stories about scientists researching about the activation of anything like wealth DNA.

What I can deduce is that he is using his own label for something that is very obvious in most of the spiritual knowledge about the chakras and also in no way his terminology has anything to do with the actual DNA. Although, the author has made clear that he is referring to spiritual DNA , I still want you to have a clear idea about what he is implying with these fancy terms.

Now, let’s come back to our main question, is this program a scam? Is the program material enough to help you in any way? For the first question, the answer is NO, I don’t think that you can call this program a scam because the audio that you will be receiving can be useful to you for working on your energy center that is related to the financial aspect of your life but for the second question, I would say that the material is incomplete from what I have learned about this subject. The thing is, when you are in the process of working on your spiritual body, you need to take care of all the chakras to maintain the balance of the energy and to allow the proper flow of the life force through these chakras.

Although, working on a particular chakra can be beneficial and using a program like this may provide you with some initial results, but when we talk about long-term spiritual growth, this is not the right way one should move forward. Despite this, I believe that this program may be useful for someone who is looking for a quick solution that can provide some short-term financial gains in their life. Also, I don’t like to use brainwave entrainment technology personally due to my own experience with them which you can read in the post on “Harmful Effects of Binaural Beats” but I am also aware that most people find them very safe to use and I have seen a lot of people advocating the use of these audios. My experience with the brainwave entrainment audios was also not a serious one, so I will not speak against it much, the best thing to do will be to try it yourself and see if it is suitable for you. If you are worried about the usage of brainwave entrainment technology then you can read my post on the safety measures to use binaural beats.

The best thing about this program is the 365-day money-back guarantee, so this is something you can try for a very long time before making your decision and the refund period they are offering is more than enough for someone to make complete use of the product and understand whether it is having any kind of impact on their life or not.

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