7 Activities That Helps to Fight Depression without Medication

In this post, we will look at a few activities that can very effectively help anyone to fight depression without medication.

It is best if you can get a professional help to treat depression, still there are ways using which you can see significant improvement in your emotional state.

Nowadays, a large part of the world population is suffering from this affliction and the use of anti-depression drugs has increased more than ever before.

We are treating the symptoms without caring about the cause.

What could be the cause of this illness that’s growing along with the progress of modern life?

Definitely, this problem has a lot to do with the lifestyle changes occurring with the speeding advancement of our world.

So, some of the methods I am going to suggest you here using which you can overcome depression are actually something which was a part of the common lifestyle of people belonging to the previous generations. They may appear very simple to you but, don’t judge their effectiveness without trying.

#1 Meditation

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Undoubtedly I had to put it on the top of this list, not just because this is a personal development blog but due to the great role it is playing in helping the modern day patients with various mind related issues.

You can find a great relief from depression by practicing meditation because it allows you to calm down the mental noise which is the major reason for a person’s disturbed mental state.

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Doctors are also now promoting meditation especially mindfulness to people suffering from emotional troubles.

Mindfulness allows a person to detach themselves from their mind talks, the ability to stop continues self-talk develops with practice. But, what makes mindfulness so popular is the fact that it could be practiced anytime, anywhere.
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#2 Day Outing

This is one of the lifestyle changes about which I was talking earlier in this post. We spend most of our time inside the walls of our homes and workplaces.

Going out not only gives you a natural advantage of rejuvenation but, exposure to sunlight is also helpful in overcoming depression.

Many research works have shown that serotonin levels in a person’s body can be raised by getting more sunlight.

Sunlight also is a good source of vitamin D, lack of which can increase the chances of depression.

Serotonin production of brain is the main focus of many antidepressant drugs so, this can be considered as a natural alternative for those drugs.

#3 Exercises

There are many studies which supports that exercises can improve a person’s emotional state.

Many people also consider daily exercise as something which can replace drugs because studies have proven that people who provide enough movement to their bodies have better mental state than those who don’t. It is said that exercises can help one to increase serotonin levels in their body.

Aerobics or exercises that cause a lot of body movement are most recommended but, you can also prefer doing yoga for this purpose along with jogging or brisk walking.

#4 Diets

It is a well known fact that our mind state is largely affected by the type of food we eat.

So, there are few things that you can keep in mind while selecting your diet if you are trying to overcome depression:-

-Diet rich in omega-3 fatty acid is considered to be helpful in improving emotional states.

-Eating fresh food items and the ones that gets digested easily is highly recommended.

-Keep control on eating sweets because eating more than enough sugar can result into insulin resistance which can cause depression.

-Be mindful while eating because people with emotional troubles tend to eat a lot more than usual.

#5 Have a Good Night Sleep

Depressed people find it hard to sleep but, a good sleep is very essential in improving one’s emotional health.

It is very wise to avoid distractions and make yourself to go to sleep early so that you can give your body a rest of more than 7 hours.

I am telling this to you from my own experience, there is nothing more essential than sleep for sanity of the mind so, please do whatever it takes to have a good sleep and if you can’t help it then please do seek a professional help.

#6 Keep Moving

A very common symptom of depression is lethargy and apathy. It is understandable that while in that condition a person finds it very difficult to move on but, if one wants to be liberated from depression they will have to make quick changes in their lifestyle in order to avoid staying stuck.

#7 Sharing Your Emotions

One of the biggest mistake a person facing emotional pain usually makes is to suppress their feelings, this not only makes it difficult for them to come out of that state but it also increases the probability of reoccurring of this illness in the future.

Find someone close to you who will not judge you when you will share your true feelings with that person. Expressing your emotions (even unreasonable) gives you a good chance to improve your mind state.

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Disclaimer: – I am not a therapist, doctor or certified person to give you a professional advice. This is a self-help post that I have written based on what I have learned from various sources and personal experiences.

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