How to Lucid Dream Tonight Easily-5 Important Tips

In this post, we will see how to lucid dream tonight easily using a few simple techniques. These are some must to do methods if you are willing to be a conscious dreamer.

Many programs may try to trick you by offering one key method to induce lucid dream but I urge you understand the fact that nothing can make you to lucid dream except your own efforts and strong intentions.

Of course, there are supplements available that can help a person to have lucid dreams but, their effects also vary from person to person.

Below, I will share few tips using which you can highly increase the probability of having a lucid dream tonight.

Dream Journal

You know there is a very high probability that you might have had lucid dreams already in the past but, you are oblivious to it.

Within the first few minutes after you wake up you forget most of your dreams and this why many people think that they don’t dream at all.

The very fundamental and essential step to have lucid dreams is to keep a dream journal. By doing so, you are also setting a strong intention that you want to explore your dream world which might eventually induce lucid dreams.

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Make sure to keep a journal near you when you go to sleep tonight.


While lying in bed before you fall asleep repeat to yourself a few assertions that will be lingering in your mind when you drift off and thus it will help you to get lucid. This also acts like a command for your subconscious mind.

Here are few affirmations that you can use –

“Next scene would be a dream”

“Every time I dream, I know I am dreaming”

“I am conscious when I am dreaming”

Reality Checks

There is no good tool for becoming conscious inside your dreams than reality checks but, there is a very important point about it that almost every beginner misses – Dreams are equivalent to reality till you become aware of it.

If you will perform reality checks with a belief “I know it is reality” then that is what will happen in dreams also.

You must do frequent reality checks in waking state with a genuine curiosity, you would have to question the reality with an open mind to the probability that this moment could also be a dream – do a reality check RIGHT NOW.

Increase Your Awareness

If you would learn to be more aware in your waking life then you will also increase the chance to become aware in your dreams.

By practicing meditation or mindfulness exercises you can increase your ability to be more conscious.

To know more about mindfulness meditation read my post-Simple Mindfulness Exercises.

Lucid Dreaming Foods

There is a brain part called pineal gland that secretes a hormone called melatonin which regulates our sleep cycles.

It is said that by eating food or supplements that causes increase in the amount of melatonin, one can have lucid dreams.

I have discussed about such food items in my post – Lucid dreaming foods.

Movies and Books

If you will read a book on lucid dreaming or watch a dream related movie before sleeping then you are unconsciously setting an intention to have a lucid dream that night because your mind gets fascinated by that concept. Recently, when I was using dream sculpting program, I consistently had some very vivid real like dreams for weeks.

For this purpose, you can check out my post – 7 Lucid Dreaming Movies

Wake Up Early

Set your alarm clock an hour or 30 minutes before your usual waking time, write your dreams down and do something to become completely conscious.

Now, go to sleep again and try to be a little more alert. Even if you are not able to sleep just lay there for some time with eyes closed.

In those few minutes there is a very high probability that you will have a lucid dream since your conscious mind is very active.

This is a very effective method for inducing lucid dreams.

I have written about this in a little more detail in the post “What Is the Best Lucid Dreaming Technique?” which also discusses various other methods that has proven to be most effective for many lucid dreamers.

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