Psychological Effects of Reading Books-Cultivate a Life Transforming Habit

Earlier when I used to hear many popular figures on T.V and magazines saying that a book changed their life I used to think “How the hell can a book change someone’s life?”

Bob Proctor, who is my inspiration and one of the well-known figures in the success coaching industries today, has always mentioned in his seminars that the book “Think and Grow Rich” transformed his life.

I knew that there are some psychological effects of reading books but I never trusted that their impact in our life could be so strong that it can transform us.

Now, I have realized that they were speaking the truth and that’s why I am writing this post so that I can share what I have understood about the impact that books can cause in one’s personality.

Books Can Really Change Our Lives!!

In the post, existence beyond reality I have discussed that we actually don’t see our world with our eyes but with our minds, which means that every information that our senses provide us is filtered by our subconscious beliefs, these beliefs are the set of ideas are so very deeply ingrained in our whole system that it runs the show of our life by manipulating our actions and thoughts.

When a person chooses a book, video session, mentor or any medium through which he/she receives new positive set of ideas and completely immerses himself into that knowledge; there could be a sudden shift in his behavioral patterns which can train his/her subconscious mind to attract success.

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Books can cause a higher impact in a person’s life than any other medium of information because reading involves an individual’s imagination more than videos or audios.

Biological Effects

Apart from what we have discussed above that how books can cause significant psychological changes, there is a research proof that books have the tendency to influence brain activity that persists longer reading.

This type of impression caused by the emotional involvement of the reader that lingers for a long time after one has finished reading could be either positive or negative depending on the type of the contents.

The study which backs up this phenomenon is a popular one, in this experiment, a group of students was asked to read to read Robert Harris’s Pompeii and then their brain states were observed using fMRI scans.

In this study, it was revealed that a person who reads any book often gets mentally teleported in the story and he mostly puts himself in the role of the protagonist which causes the biological changes in his brain as if he is experiencing the happenings of the story.

From this, we can infer that we should wisely choose the books that will affect us in a good manner. I have also seen this in the case of my sister, she used to a book worm and it was her common pattern to get depressed after reading tragic stories but, I was amazed when I saw her depression taking the form of sickness.

Few Bunch of Papers Cannot Change My Life..

I have met people who hold such narrow-minded opinions about the possibility that books can transform lives; they don’t understand that books are not a few just bunch of papers containing information instead they are doorways through which new ideas are introduced to our minds which can broaden our horizons.

By repetition of the knowledge, a person can change his behavioral patterns. So, it does not matter which book or video you choose – what is important is that you get involved in it so deeply that you have soaked the essence of that material.

It is a very boring task to read the same book over and over again. But, I know this from experience that the result that it brings is astonishing.

Something inside You Will Gradually Change

When you will read a book repeatedly, you will soon feel on the conscious level that you have grasped its contents completely and it is the time to stop reading it anymore, but do not make that mistake.

Read it over and over again for about 2-3 months, the more you continue with it the more you will gain benefits. Just like you brush your teeth every day, develop a habit of reading few pages of a particular inspirational book every day.

If you could cultivate the habit of reading like this without failure, then within few months you will start to see that your thinking patterns and lifestyle has been altered significantly.

Allow Me to Get a Bit New-Agey Now

Inspirational books emanate positive vibrations that can change your mood instantly. Many times when I am not in a good emotional state I pick up my favorite book and some texts flashes out of those pages that lift me up! This is why I prefer hard copies of my favorite books.

Even in the past few days, I have been reading Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits and it has helped me a lot to deal with various problems.


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