Carol Tuttle’s Chakra Healing Review – Know If It Is for You or Not

In this Carol Tuttle’s chakra healing review, I am going to provide you all the details about the product that will help you to know what exactly this program is all about.

I just got to know that this product is not available anymore, but I have a latest and more advanced recommendation for you – Check out my review and personal experience of Jeffery Allen’s Duality program where he teaches how you can heal your energy and keep your chakras in a healthy state. This is one of the best energy healing programs I have ever come across.

Researching a few blogs led me to the conclusion that the results were not that accurate and in my case I answered like an “enlightened master” to check it and astonishingly the “enlightened master” had a closed root chakra.

I was pretty sure that the test is nothing more than a glittery promotional tool, but I still decided to buy the product because I have been highly benefited from some of the Mindvalley products like the unlimited abundance home training course and I have heard a lot about Carol Tuttle before.

I am writing this review based on my experience with the chakra healing program and I hope that this post will help you to make a well thought buying decision.

Who Is Carol Tuttle?

Carrol Tuttle is a well known name in the field of energy healing and she has transformed thousands of lives using her knowledge of Reiki, EFT and many other methods that help one to become energetically healthy.

Apart from this, Carol has also succeeded as an entrepreneur, fashion advisor, speaker and author. She has been working on her clients as an energy therapist for more than 20 years.

Her initiative to help people to build a healthy spiritual connection with their kids has been very helpful for parents from all around the world.

Since energy healing is something that works on the root cause of the problems, Carol has gained a special reputation by helping people to eliminate the generational issues from their energy.

Generational issues means the beliefs passed down to people from their ancestors, which affects a whole generation by limiting their abilities, so getting rid of such beliefs results in drastic changes in one’s life, you can do it using what you will get to learn in this program.

One can believe in what Carol teaches because she has used the same knowledge to overcome various physical, financial and emotional problems in her own life, she chose to believe in energy healing over practices that work on the symptoms and she made it work. Now, she is dedicated to help others using what she has learned in her journey.

What Is Chakra Healing?

We all have an energy body present around our physical body, it is also referred as the aura. And this energy (life force) flows through seven energy centers that are present around various parts of our physical body, these energy centers are called as the chakras.

Now, each of these energy centers is related to various parts of our lives in following ways: –

Root Chakra – This chakra is what establishes your connection with the physical world, every materialistic aspect of your life like career, finance, possessions, physical appearance etc. depends on the flow of life force through this chakra. Any type of materialistic struggle is a symptom of a blocked root chakra and healing this energy center will fix those things for you.

Sacral Chakra -This energy center is what decides your sexual state. People having trouble attracting good lovers usually have a imbalanced sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Your self-esteem, confidence and power depends on how well the energy is flowing through this particular chakra.

Heart Chakra – Probably a common imbalanced chakra for most people in today’s world because it causes all the emotional troubles. Your ability to give and receive love entirely depend on the state of your heart chakra, that’s why healing the heart chakra is very important.

Throat Chakra – When energy flows freely through your throat chakra you feel no trouble in expressing yourself to the world, it gives you the power to influence others with your words and you feel independent to speak the truth, but when it is blocked you become helpless and incapable to make your opinions get heard.

Third Eye Chakra – Most of the spiritual people aim to open this chakra through various practices because it gives them access to their intuitive ability. Your third eye chakra state can be identified by observing whether your decisions are intuition or reasoning based.

Crown Chakra – This is the ultimate goal of spiritual people because an open crown chakra makes one to feel the oneness with everything, it brings them close to their higher self. When energy flows freely through your crown chakra you get awakened to the higher truth and all your desires starts to get manifested effortlessly.

About the Program

Carol has created the chakra healing process by using all her knowledge of holistic healing in a way that it helps you to thrive in all the areas of your life and most importantly, it will allow you to experience the true inner peace which results from the proper flow of energy through all your chakras.

The training is formulated in a way that you will learn about each of your chakras one by one properly with the help of the information provided and then work on it using the methods suggested in the modules.

This step by step program, if followed properly will become a part of your everyday life. There are many techniques using which chakra healing could be done, so rather than selecting one the author has incorporated 7 of those modalities viz. EFT (emotional freedom technique), meditation,  yoga, visualization, RET (rapid eye technology), reframing, breathing exercises and affirmations.

Out of these 7 modalities (each being capable of healing all your chakras) you can choose one according to your preference. I was really happy to know this since I am well familiar with meditation and visualization.

The package consists of video training that will give you all the essential information on chakras and you will get to learn the healing techniques through visual demonstrations. You will also get the written manuals if you learn better through reading.

Final Advice

Undoubtedly, Carol’s chakra healing program is a high quality, knowledge rich material that can prove out to be life changing for people who are looking for these types of information, but it is not something that will be of much use to those who can’t take time to properly go through the whole course.

See, nobody can master the art of energy healing overnight, it requires dedication and persistent efforts.

I was extremely benefited from this program and using what I learned from this course I was also able to help others, but I am a personal development blogger and this is what I do. So, I think you might have understood what I am trying to say by now, opt for this program only if you are ready to follow it regularly.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You may also want to check out some techniques that I use to clear my energy blocks.

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