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3 Easy Steps to Overcome the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is called “Atychiphobia” in psychological language, but, this fear is present in everyone. Our success in any area of our lives highly depends upon our willingness to overcome this obstacle.

We all are afraid of losing, even the most successful people in the world are troubled by this fear. However, they have learned the lesson that facing the fear is better than running away from it; this difference in the perspective is what sets them apart from others.

Millions of dreams have been shattered because people are not willing to take the risks. Any successful person will tell you how important it is to take the risks in life if you want to be successful.

We are not totally responsible for the fact that the thoughts of failure terrify us, our society has trained our minds in a way that we look at “failure” as some kind of ruthless enemy, when in truth it is our best friend. Why? – Because they are the best teachers.

Whenever something doesn’t work out, you get aware of one path that is not to be taken next time. That’s how Edison found the right way to invent the electric bulb; you might have heard his famous quote “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.“.

Yeah I know such thoughts look good in philosophies. But, in reality, even though we might have forgotten, that is how we had all our proud accomplishments.

For example, do you think that any kid in the world would have learned to walk without falling down numerous times? Obviously NO, still no kid ever refuses to give another try just because they fear getting hurt. Yes, we are born winners.


Despite the fact you know when you are scared thinking about unfavorable outcomes, knowing these few common signs will help you to know that fear is controlling your actions:-

1-Physical symptoms may include nausea, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, shivering of hands/legs, perspiration etc., when you either think of doing something or take any decision.

2-Another symptom is holding oneself back from doing something because of the thoughts of getting embarrassed in front of others.

3-Procastination is a very common symptom as we often avoid doing things because we are actually afraid of the results of that particular action.

4-Fear of the Unknown- You might have heard this phrase before “known devil is better than an unknown angel”, if you buy into that then this is one very obvious symptom that you cannot stand failure since that’s why you always choose to play safely.

Root Causes

The fear of losing as I have already mentioned is something that is present in of all us, however the degree to which this fear affects us varies for everyone depending on a few factors which may become apparent from the causes that I am going to enlist below.

1-Fight or Flight Response

This is instinctual because it is one of the oldest brain mechanisms that has helped our species to survive during the early days, it is the animal part in us which either attacks or runs away whenever faced with a threat. Both “attacking” and “fleeing” are based on


Unfortunately, even after evolving to become the most powerful species on the planet, this trait is still present in us; this is one of the reasons why we are afraid of thinking out of the box.

2-Fear of Losing What One Has Currently

Here’s the thing that makes most of us to refrain from making a courageous decision to take the first step towards our dreams.

Thoughts that tell us that we will lose love, financial security, friends, family support etc. are responsible for keeping us stuck in the current life.

Such fears are based on the mindset that you will definitely fail. So, it is very important to think optimistically about your goals otherwise, these negative thought patterns will make your future look like a nightmare.

3-Desire to Be Perfect

We all want to be perfect in whatever we do, so we don’t like to take some decisions thinking that we are not capable of executing the plans perfectly right now.

That day will never come when we will become perfect to do something because there is no such thing as perfection.

You are perfect to do everything you want to do right now because we all are imperfectly perfect.

So one very bold thing you can do right now is to begin doing what you want and you will get better at what you do with experience.

4-Self Image

This is the most important point that I wanted to bring into your awareness because this particular thing controls all our behavioral patterns.

One can work hard to reach his goals, take bold decisions yet he will find himself in the state of fear that will ruin all his efforts, if he has a weak self image.

Self image is a set of ideas present in our subconscious mind that describes “who we are”; these ideas were planted in our inner mind as a result of many incidents that occurred when we were growing up.

For example- Family and society often judge a child’s potential on the basis of his academic performance, this causes the innocent child to accept that he is not “good enough” and that’s how his self image is formed.

It is so stupid for someone to think that he is not worthy, but internally we all have this limiting belief working to make us pessimistic, doubtful and indecisive.

If you are someone who fears to take actions that might change your life, then there is a great chance that you have a weak self image.

Deal with Your Fear of Failure Using These 3 Simple Methods

As promised, I am now going to provide a few methods that can help you in dealing with this kind of fear. Take these actions right away and be persistent with these methods and I am sure that you will succeed because they have had a great impact on my own life.

1-Have Someone to Motivate You

There is a reason why many successful people have mentors. We all need someone to encourage us when the fear takes over our lives.

If you are in a state from where you find it hard to proceed because you are uncertain about the future, someone who is there to support you can fill your energy with the much needed motivation.

A person who is in a good state of mind can pull you out of that downward spiral like a tow truck.

I understand that finding a mentor or a person who motivates during hard times is not possible for everyone as I too was not so lucky to have someone like that when I began my online business journey as a personal development blogger but, you know what? I got coached by the best mentors in the world. How? I supercharged my mind with positive ideas by reading books, opting for self help programs and watching the videos of personal development gurus on You Tube!

I also owe a lot to Bob Proctor’s 6 minutes to success program that gave me a daily dose of inspiration to stay focused, so I would recommend that to you as well.

2-Creative Visualization

We talked about the “self image” earlier and here is the method using which you can change your old self image.

Creative visualization is a process where you imagine the positive outcomes with good feelings, this way you communicate your intentions to your inner mind.

If you feel that it is not possible for you to visualize then this post will help you:-Don’t Say “I Don’t Know How to Use Creative Visualization”- You Are Already Good at It!

Another important thing is that you should act on the inspirations that you receive during this process. Even if you receive a small idea that will take you nearer to your goals, then do it.

We find it intimidating when we think of taking a huge leap towards our goals, but taking a few small steps is easy, one step at a time and you will slowly make the progress.

3-Feel the Fear

Our mind has the tendency to make our fears look like a giant monster that will destroy us, we run away from our fears because we believe in what our mind says.

The good news is “our fears are not really that horrendous as it appears to us”. In fact the state of dreadfulness brought by unpleasant thoughts that we get whenever we are about to make a decision to cause a change in life is more distressing than the actual action itself, in most cases you will find that your fears were totally unwarranted.

So, stop running away from what you fear, feel it, embrace it, accept it and then make your first move.

You should have the curiosity to unveil the truth despite of being terrified because if you won’t, that feeling will keep getting stronger, and it will keep petrifying you over and over again in various different forms.

Another kind of fear that often accompanies Atychiphobia is “Metathesiophobia” which the psychological term for the fear of change, you can read more about it here: – Do You Find Adapting to a New Life Difficult?-The Fear of Change,“Metathesiophobia”

We all have had moments when we have achieved something by winning the battle with our fears, the accomplishments could be big or small but they matter a lot because in those moments we believed in ourselves so, let’s relive those events, share your story by commenting in the box below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

I hope you enjoyed this post. You can mail me at, I will be very happy to help you.

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The Connection between Weight Loss and Mind Conditioning

In this post, we are going to see how weight loss and the mind conditioning of a person is related and the role of our subconscious beliefs in deciding our body shape.

Earlier people would have never accepted the idea that a person’s body weight could be a result of the ideas ingrained in his subconscious mind, but now it is becoming more and more evident that weight loss has a lot to do with a person’s mind and his relationship with food.

For some people it would be very difficult to accept that “weight loss is all in the mind” however, we know it very well that even stringent diet plans and rigorous exercises have failed to work for thousands of people, and many of those who have succeeded would find themselves gaining the weight back within a few months..Why?-It is all about the self-image which is what we are now going to discuss next.

The Self-Image and Body

Apart from genetic features it is said that everything about our body is a reflection of the ideas present in our subconscious mind just like the way the operating system on our computers are the result of some set of programming codes.

These “ideas” I am talking about is something which our mind has imbibed from the environment in which it got developed. So, the internal as well as the external conditions of our body is a direct result of the information received by our mind during childhood from people and events.

“Self Image” is what runs the whole show.

What Is the Self Image?

Self-image is a set of ideas in your subconscious mind that describes “who you are”, in other words it is how you see yourself.

When it comes to the subconscious mind’s mechanism, it is not that easy to know it on a conscious level about what is going on inside and often its working seems so insensible like a kid’s activities that we can’t understand it using our logical mind.

For example, one day when was going through a session from Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Course I came to know about one of my subconscious beliefs resulted from an incident that occurred in my childhood, which was one of the reasons for my current body shape- In school, I was tortured by a bully, he was fat and round so, my subconscious mind accepted the idea that being fat is necessary for self defense.

Like a thermostat, self image of a person works to bring his body back to the previous state once he does something to change his outside appearance.

So if you are willing to follow a diet plan or joining a gym, then first work on your self-image before you take actions.

It is a very complex phenomenon that has shaped specific aspects of your self-image but the good news is you can change it without taking the trouble to know it.

Affirmations, creative visualization, energy clearing, etc are all ways using which you can alter your mind programming.

Read my post “Allow your abundance” to know a few ways that will help you to change your subconscious beliefs.

Improve Your Relationship with Food

One of the simplest and most effective ways to lose body weight is to improve your eating habits and to build a good relationship with food.


We all don’t always eat food to satisfy hunger and those who are struggling to lose weight have totally forgotten the true hunger because they feed themselves for other reasons than body’s need.

What I am talking here is about emotional eating, which is the habit of seeking pleasure through food or eating due to psychological reasons. This too is related to the mind conditioning of a person that makes him to believe that food brings joy.

If you find yourself eating even after you are full, eating at night after dinner, having a sudden uncontrollable urge to eat, craving for sweets, eating absentmindedly etc then it might be the right time to make a few changes in your lifestyle.

One of the best ways to improve one’s relationship with food is “Mindfulness Eating” because all the unhealthy eating habits are born out of a person’s inattentiveness while eating.

By learning to enjoy eating food with complete presence focusing on the sensations like smell/taste of the food you can avoid the food cravings and you will also be able to distinguish between the emotional hunger and the true one.

Looking for an advanced solution for unhealthy eating habits and food cravings? I would suggest you to read the ebook by Kristin named End Binge Eating Now which has helped many people to overcome this problem.

You may also find something useful in my post on dealing with false hunger.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Photographic Memory or Eidetic Memory

In simple words photographic memory could be described as an ability to recall things in form of images with all details.

Actually we all think in images, on a conscious level we might not be able to discern that always but with a little awareness you can know that whenever we are thinking or recalling we are doing it in form of images.

If I say “fire” you will immediately see an image of fire in your mind that’s how our thinking mechanism works.

So, when we all try to recall things from past sometimes we get vivid pictures in mind and sometimes we see distorted images and that is what differentiates a person having a strong memory with the one who has weak memory. The reason behind this actually depends on many factors like a person’s attentiveness, his practice in recalling, confidence etc which is all related to only one thing and that is his conscious mind’s rapport with his subconscious mind.

Whether let it be confidence or attentiveness it all makes the process of bringing information from subconscious mind to conscious mind easier.

Your subconscious mind stores everything yes, absolutely everything that has happened in your life moment to moment with all details that your senses have registered with or without your conscious involvement.

However, we are only able to recall what is allowed through conscious mind-subconscious mind barrier.

People whom we consider as the ones with good memory are those who have improved their conscious mind-subconscious mind rapport with practice.

One the other hand we have another category of people who have the ability to bring the whole imagery of required memory to their conscious mind with all details and they are the ones whom we call individuals with photographic memory.

In a way we can say that the information that is coming from their unlimited inner mind experiences least resistance to reach their conscious mind.

Many big names like NiKola Tesla, Swami Vivekananda, Leonardo da Vinci are said to have had eidetic memory.

It is not that one will be able to remember everything but a person indeed becomes extraordinary by acquiring this skill.

Acquiring, that’s right I don’t consider such abilities to be gifted by nature to few individuals especially after a little success I had with photo-reading.

Some people consider that there is no such thing as eidetic memory and some say that it is an inborn skill possessed by few lucky ones but, I believe that anyone could acquire it because I know how powerful our subconscious mind is and that we all have equal potential.

Once we learn to use our subconscious mind to work in our favor then the possibilities are unlimited and I think that will be the next step in evolution.

One example I want to give here in order to explain this subconscious mind stuff will be this:-

Consider you are learning to play a new musical instrument let us take “piano” for example. You will have to practice and remember various things for a long time until your fingers just touch that instrument and you know how to move them in order to produce any music that you wish.

Now, you will say that it took time for you to learn because it needs practice to learn various notes, how to moves fingers in board quickly, remembering stuff etc etc.

If I asked you to never touch that instrument for 5 years I bet you will still be able to play it correctly, all the reasons that you gave above which were based on  “remembering” gets falsified because in 5 years a person will forget it.

A child’s ability to learn multiple languages that his family and society uses, the reflex action which enables a sportsperson to make moves in split seconds, people getting healed from placebos etc are some examples that makes me wonder about the power of our mind.

So, if like me you too believe that we can develop eidetic memory then do keep taking appropriate actions without getting discouraged.

Zox Pro is a good online program which I would recommend to anyone who is willing develop various mind skills like photo-reading.


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Train Your Photographic Memory-Retain More Information

This post will provide you a few tips that will help you to train your photographic memory so that you can remember things better than before.

First of all, let me answer a very common question-Is there really something  like photographic memory?

Yes there is and we can make use of it in various ways to improve ourselves in many areas of our lives.

Photographic memory is actually an ability to store and recall things in visual forms.

In fact we actually store information in form of images only but, since the process is very fast we are not able to consciously realize it.

For example-If we hear numbers “09675” our mind stores that as an image, it could be the whole picture “09675” or every number individual “0”,”9” etc etc in sequence.

So, once we understand the importance of remembering in images we can then practice and develop photographic memory.

Having the skill to consciously capture information in form of images enables a person to recall things in amazing ways.

Extraordinary skills like photo reading can be acquired when a person has improved this ability to advanced levels.

Yeah, I know it is hard to believe in stuff like that, I don’t know about you but I choose to believe in unlimited possibilities and with examples of people like Kim Peek, I don’t actually consider it as something impossible.

Okay now let us look at some ways that will help you to make use of your eidetic memory:-

1 Practice Your Imagination

At your free times exercise your imagination by looking at a thing carefully and then imagining it by closing your eyes, try to visualize as accurately as possible.

Once you start to get good at it crank it up a notch by visualizing multiple things at once and then practice visualizing the whole room, take forward steps gradually and keep getting better at it.

2 Remembering Names of People

This is a very fun activity-Try to associate names of people in your imagination with something you won’t easily forget.

What visual you will use to remember those names will entirely depend on you but I will advise you to use something which has very close resemblance to the name so that by recalling that image you will be easily reminded of the name and to choose an image that you won’t be able to forget easily.

For example- You met a person named “Tom” so you can here relate this person with the poster of the movie Mission Impossible in place of Tom Cruise..ha ha I betcha you won’t forget this name for years.

3 Become More Aware

More important than remembering is to be more conscious because your ability to recall anything depends on your alertness at the time when you perceived it. So, in order to have a good visual memory you will have to be more alert in every moment.

You can become a more conscious person by practicing mindfulness exercises. When you become more attentive you start to make use of your mind in more controlled manner which will improve your life in many ways.

4 Day Rewind

It is a good ritual to play the scenes of the whole day in your mind before sleeping.

To do this start from recent activity and reach to the early morning moment when you woke up, try to imagine every scene with as much detail as possible

This practice alone can help you to have a very good photographic memory, not only that this exercise has many other benefits since it makes your subconscious mind to find solutions for your various day to day problems.But,please avoid doing this when you have a bad day.


For more detailed methods please read my post- Develop Eidetic Memory

If you are looking for any course or program for improving your memory and learning various mind skills then I would recommend you to try Zox Pro program.


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6 Common Characteristics of Highly Intuitive People

Many people use their intuition in different ways but, there are few characteristics of highly intuitive people which separates them from the rest.We all use our intuition in various day to day decisions, some of us do it knowingly whereas some believe that their past experiences have trained them to make the right decisions based on something which is higher than logic.

Usually, people believe that the psychic abilities are meant only for some special people and no one else could acquire it, well that’s a lie anyone can develop his intuition with practice. However, there are people who are naturally good in using their sixth sense.

Since such people are little different from normal people they deliberately hide their true nature by pretending to be normal so that they don’t appear weird in front of others, this mostly happens in their childhood and gradually they forget their true nature completely.

The intuitive skill is never lost so, even when they don’t know about their gift they have it and these are few characteristics which can tell if someone belongs to that category.

It does not matter if you are trying to “fit in” or you are making use of your psychic ability. If you are highly intuitive then there are few qualities that you might be having and they are as follows:-

#1-Highly Sensitive

As I mentioned earlier, few natural characteristics of intuitive people makes them to appear “weird”, being too sensitive is often very humiliating and that is why sensitive people train themselves to hide their true emotions. If you are very sensitive then there are high chances that you also have a gifted ability to know more than what you could perceive with your five senses.

#2-Knowing the Emotional States of Others

People with more psychic awareness are easily affected by the emotional states of others; they can instantly detect how someone is actually feeling inside even when they pretend to be alright.

This is a very big disadvantage since such people find themselves depressed very frequently because their energy is very vulnerable to other people’s emotions unless they have learned to protect themselves using some methods or tools (you can find few such tools like “cutting chord meditation” in Christie Marie Sheldon’s love or above course).


From what we have discussed in the above two points we can see that it is pretty obvious that highly intuitive people are not very comfortable in front of others so they

prefer to be alone as much as possible.

#4-Imaginative Ability

Advanced perception can only be acquired by people who are very creative; every person who is highly intuitive is also very good in using his imagination.

#5-Special Love for Nature, Pets, and Babies

It is true that we all love babies and nature (at least most of us) but people with extra sensory perception have a deep love for them because they feel more connected to their higher self in their presence.

#6-Better Understanding of People and Situations

Just like they can sense the feelings of others they have a better knowledge of people and situations without being told.

Due to this particular characteristic people find it so easy to share their issues with such people because they understand them better.

So, these are few characteristics that are found in a highly intuitive person, the emotional problems faced by people gifted with psychic abilities can be resolved using various spiritual practices.

We all have the ability to make intuitive decision, all we have to do in order to be more psychic is to develop the habit of distinguishing the voice of our higher self from that of our ego with practice, to know more read my post-Differentiating the Voice of Intuition and the Voice of Ego

If you are looking for a course or program to develop your intuitive ability then I would strongly suggest you to opt for Sonia Choquette’s positive intuition program(you can find this program’s review in the suggested posts below).


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Photographic Memory Training Exercises-Develop Eidetic Memory

In this post I am going to share a few photographic memory training exercises that will enable you to tap into your subconscious mind’s ability to remember everything in form of detailed images.

Photographic memory (eidetic memory) is something which some people have claimed to have including very famous personalities like Nikola Testla but, still it is not completely validated by science.

I was recently reading a blog on photographic memory where the author emphasized too much that nobody can have photographic memory (like in photo reading where you can scan the pages of books) still he was promoting photographic memory methods in his own labeled “practical” way.

Well let me say one thing, when somebody is talking about a subject like this he must put his logic aside or he should not talk about it at all because logical way of thinking cannot help a person to understand such phenomena.

Few people also believe that eidetic memory is a god gifted ability for some special people and others cannot develop it.

I would like to negate that also- Like singing is a gift to some people whereas some master it with practice, you can develop photographic memory with your consistent efforts and that’s why I am going to enlist a few techniques here for people who believe that they too can have it.

Techniques for Developing Photographic Memory:-

1-Remembering Places

Choose any particular place like your room, office, gym, grocery store,etc for this exercise and then try to remember every minute detail of that place. But, do not put a lot of pressure on your mind.

Once you have visualized the place to the maximum you can recall, go there and take a close look then come back to repeat the process by adding whatever you have noticed this time.

By being consistent with this process you will see remarkable improvement in your mind’s ability to remember places vividly.

2-Be More Aware

Try to be more present in every moment, this way your mind will be able to function better since you are not allowing it to get engaged in unwanted thinking and by focusing on the present moment you also become more attentive to the information that your 5 senses are picking up.

Bringing your focus to the present moments enables you to consciously register the happenings of the moment in your memory so it becomes very easy for you to recall it later on.

3-Reliving Old Memories with Others

When you have a common memory to share with someone it allows you to have the best opportunity to get actively involved in recalling past events as vividly as possible.

If you can be a little more aware while you are talking about a past event with someone, you will be able observe that your mind flashes those old images. Try to be more attentive to the visuals you receive in such situations.

4-The Memory Peg Technique

Our mind loves to do activities that involve fun, same goes with its ability to remember things and the memory peg technique is a trick using which we make it fun a task for our mind to memorize anything.

This method involves your creativity; here you will associate any particular thing to be remembered with some interesting image.

Suppose you have to buy various stuff without making a list. In this case you can apply this technique, let us say one of the item is “pen”-Here you can imagine that a rocket shaped pen operated by scientists is ready to be launched!!.. trust me, you can’t forget things when you remember it this way.

5-The Military Technique

Here is a technique where you are actually trying to take a snapshot of something and store it in your mind.

To do this you will have to hold a paper with something written on it in front of you in a dark room with a light switch near you.

Now, you will have to keep switching the light on and off for while. While doing this you will have to notice the image that flashes in front of your eyes when the light goes off.

It is said that this particular technique enables you to remember things in form of images very quickly.

6-Mind Relaxation Techniques and Meditation

Remember, when we are talking of memory we are actually talking about a function of our subconscious mind.

The process of recalling things is actually a transfer of information from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind.

Thus to improve our ability to recall we will have to learn to relax our conscious mind.

If you can master the technique to achieve greater relaxation then you will be naturally able to recall things with ease.

Meditation is one of the best techniques to relax your conscious mind and it also enables you to become more aware.

You can also prefer mindfulness exercises for this purpose.

If you are looking for a course or program for improving your memory or to develop eidetic memory than I would like to recommend Zox Pro for this purpose.


I hope you enjoyed  this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Photo Reading vs Speed Reading-Which One Would You Prefer?

In truth, there could be no comparison between speed reading and photo reading because both are totally different processes when it comes to utilizing them.

Speed reading is like our conventional reading method where you put your attention on the written material in order to comprehend the message represented by those words; this is all about our conscious mind’s involvement.

The only difference between speed reading and regular way of reading is that in speed reading you learn to move your eye faster through the sentences with practice.

On the other hand, photo reading is a subconscious process. Using a special way to look at the pages of the book (taught by photo reading courses like zox pro) you register the whole picture of the page in your subconscious mind.

The memory that is used for photo-reading is called photographic memory.

Conscious Mind Effort

Speed reading process requires very high conscious mind effort since you are trying to make sense of the sentences while you are moving your visual focus rapidly through them.  The mentors of speed reading programs deliberately put pressure on the students so that they could improve their speed of moving their focus from sentence to sentence.

Photo reading requires no effort of conscious mind at all apart from the action of looking at the pages using a different kind of focus, in fact this process gets better depending on the person’s ability to relax his conscious mind.

Level of Comprehension

While using speed reading your level of comprehension remains unchanged as your regular reading method since, you are consciously reading the sentences. With speed your ability to comprehend the words may decrease a little but you can improve it with practice.

On the other hand in using photo reading, you won’t be able to comprehend even a single word on the conscious level while looking at the written material. Once you have captured the image of the page in your mind using photo focus you will have to go through various processes to bring the information into your conscious mind from your subconscious mind.


Photo reading knocks out speed reading when it comes to speed. As you are capturing the whole page at once while using the photo reading method it is said that you can read 25000 words in a minute.

In speed reading, your speed depends how fast you can move your focus from one sentence to the other while maintaining your ability to comprehend.

Practical Usagephotrreading speedreading difference

Learning and implementing speed reading in practical life is as possible as the conventional way of reading once the individual has perfected the skill with practice.

Practical usage of photo reading however has been a controversial subject always because of its too good to be true claims.

This is a skill that could be perfected by building a strong rapport between a person’s conscious mind and his subconscious mind so; people who are committed in making full utilization of their higher potential by learning various methods are more successful than those who are oblivious to their subconscious power.

That’s why photo reading courses like Zox Pro receives mixed responses. I consider that a person’s progress with skills like photo reading depends on his own beliefs.

To know more about photo-reading you can read my post – Photo Reading – What Is It and How Does It Work?

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Is Your Family’s Energy Blocking Your Abundance?-Reprogram Your Mind

Our perspective towards various aspects of our lives is formed due to the nature of energy of the atmosphere where our mind develops.

By the nature of energy I mean various emotional responses that arises as a direct result of the beliefs, concepts and ideas that were present in our family or society to which we were constantly exposed directly or indirectly when we were growing up.

Past Events Does Subconscious Mind Programming

In childhood our mind readily accepts any idea that is repeatedly introduced to us and sometimes we form various beliefs related to our emotional experiences.

Astoundingly, we still operate by these set of rules and our whole life is shaped by these deeply ingrained concepts.

By going through various personal development materials I was already aware of my few limiting beliefs and I was constantly working towards altering them using various methods. But, when I opted for Christie’s Unlimited Abundance program and tuned into the session named clearing family blocks, my whole life started to make complete sense and I truly realized how our mind gets programmed due to various past events, this is why I consider that particular unlimited abundance special session as the most important one in the whole package,.

In our life we often imitate our parent’s way of living or we play a rebel who unconsciously wants to prove their ways wrong.

Both the ways of living has its own advantages and disadvantages but, our true aim should be to rise above such unconscious motives and reprogram our mind with the beliefs that brings us joy.

Identifying Your Family’s Limiting Beliefs

In my unlimited abundance journey, I was lucky to have detected various events in my life that created many limiting beliefs in me which were blocking my progress.

Before implanting a new belief in our subconscious mind it is essential to identify the old ones because our efforts to install new ideas would be based on the nature of our old mind programming.

It is easy to find out our old conditioning, for that we will have to do a little self-analysis.

For example, let us suppose that you want to get out of debt:-

Sit down with a pen and paper. Ask yourself a few questions that will bring up your true beliefs about money.

Write how your family was doing in the area of wealth when you were growing up..

Write down the judgments you formed about money during your childhood..

Have you witnessed any financial dispute in your family or society?

Have you had any kind of judgments about wealthy people?

Did your parents used to fight over wealth issues?

Did you resent your parent’s way of making money because you were not getting much of his/her time?

Are you trying to unconsciously keep yourself less successful than your parents because you don’t want to become better than them?

Answering such questions with an honest self assessment will bring forth the subconscious beliefs you have that are blocking you from overcoming your current difficulties.

Remember we are trying to work with the deeper level of your mind here so; you should formulate your own questions that would make your mind to search through your past experiences and come up with proper answers.

Every person have their unique different reasons due to which they are creating their own obstacles in various areas of their lives but, there are few common energy blocks present in the energy field of most of the people.

Few examples of family beliefs that are usually found in the cases of people who find it hard to be financially successful are:-

-Money is the root of all evil..(that verse actually says that “love” of money is the root of all evil)

-Money doesn’t grow on trees (earning money is very difficult)

-Life is not a bed of roses (You have gotta struggle a lot in life!)

-Being wealthy is not spiritual…

Clearing the Limiting Family Beliefs

Whether let it be a belief which was imposed upon you by a family member or the one which you formed because of a specific event occurred in your family, you hold the power to replace it with a new better belief that will ensure your success in any area of your life.

Once you have identified your energy blocks then you can clear them using various methods like creative visualization, affirmations, meditations etc.

I have illustrated three such methods in the post “Allow Your Abundance”, read it to learn how to perform energy clearing on your own.


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Listening to the Inner Guiding Voice-Power of Intuition

Intuition is our inborn quality, and using it in daily life is necessary for developing, growing and becoming better than before.

Many of us have however forgotten to use this higher mental faculty which can help them to make better decisions in life whether it is big or small

There is a limit to our logical based mind’s ability to comprehend things. But the intuitive faculty that is available to us has no limit and can work in wondrous ways for betterment.

There is always something bigger inside us which is willing to help, by listening to the inner guiding voice, we can go in the right direction. Continue reading

Write a New Story This Year-Clearing Old Paradigms

Time is running and everything is changing so fast, we are in a continuous flux but we are often very much unaware of this fact because of the temporary appearance of our life.

Here is another year ahead and if we forget clearing old paradigms in our mind then we will get the same results as before and we will find ourselves lagging much behind than the world.

We all have experienced gain and loss in all aspects of our life in this year, for some it was a great year and for some it was not but what matters is what the next year is going to bring in our lives.

It would be an easy task to think and believe that everything happens without any cause or reason and not trying to improve anything, but on the other hand we can accept that we are responsible for what life brings to us and start making changes in order to make the next year better than before.

We must know that everything in this world is changing continuously, and whatever good or bad results we are getting now are temporary. So, holding on to past is not a very good idea. Continue reading